15 Jun

I want to talk about philosophical matters – the paradox, the shifting sense of power and control, why D/s is different from abuse, why it’s similar to religion.  There’s so much to talk about, so much to think about.  But the intensity of sensation is on my mind first.

Sir said, “You’ll learn to crave the belt.  You’ll get so, it won’t feel right unless you’ve felt the belt that day.”

I thought that was unlikely, at best.

I was wrong.

I think about it now.  Remember the sounds of the belt.  Remember the feeling of – dread?  Anticipation?  Excitement?  What is that feeling?

“Go lie down on the bed.  Pull your panties down and lie on your stomach.”

O, my heart races, huge adreniline rushes pumping through my body – i should be running, or fighting.  Instead, i obediantly go lie down.  Why do those words make me hot?  And they did long before i met Sir, even though i rarely admitted it.

Naked, exposed, vulnerable… 

The sting of the belt across my ass.  The welt, slightly raised.  

The heat spreading through my body, his fingers pressing between my legs.  “You’re wet,” He says.

“Yes, Sir.” 

He was right.   i crave it.  


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