More Sensations

16 Jun

“What are you doing?” He says.   He is not pleased.   “Did I tell you to lean forward?” 

“No, Sir,” i say, but i giggle just a little as i say it, and immediately, i regret it.  He releases my nipples – he had been holding them, each one between a thumb and forefinger – but now He drops them as if He’s completely lost interest, as if He can’t imagine ever having any interest in them again.  

“i’m sorry -” i start, and  “Do you think this is funny?”  He says.

“No, Sir – no, Sir, i don’t, really i don’t.”

“Well, you laughed.”

“It was – i didn’t mean to – it was nervous laughter, Sir,” i insist.   “i’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”   At least i’m hoping it won’t.  i am kneeling in front of Him.  He had taken my nipples firmly in hand, so to speak, and pulled.  i had leaned forward, easing the tension.   It still makes me want to giggle, don’t ask me why, but i’m not going to.

So He reaches out and takes my nipples again, holding them firmly, but not so tightly it hurts.  i’m watching His hands, waiting for Him to pull again, but instead He says, “Lean back.” 

i do.  About a quarter of an inch.  Barely enough to impact the tug on my nipples.  And i still feel like giggling.

“More,” He says sternly, and i move another quarter inch.  But i’m feeling a little less giggly now, i know i’m pushing it.  i don’t know what’s going to happen next.

“Mmmmpf,” i gasp as the pressure on my nipples increases about ten times.  He’s pinching them so tightly i’m thinking that Mr. Hanger might be a relief.

“Do I have your attention?” He says.

“Yes, Sir, o, yes Sir,” i can’t say it quickly enough. 

After a moment, he eases the pressure a little.  “Listen .  Carefully,” He says, and i do, all my attention is focused on His words. 

He speaks a little bit slower than usual, and distinctly, each word is clear.   “When I say ‘lean back,’ I expect you to lean back, slowly but smoothly, and keep leaning back until I tell you to stop.   Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,  i say earnestly.

“Tell me.  When i say, ‘lean back,’ what are you going to do?”

i’m nervous now, but i say, “i’m going to lean back, Sir, slowly but smoothly, and keep leaning back ’til you say, ‘stop,’ Sir.”

“Good.  Now.  Lean back.”

And i do, leaning back slowly and smoothly, feeling my nipples being stretched, and stretched, and just when i think i can’t stand it another second, He says, “Stop.”  And i do, gratefully.  The urge to giggle is gone.

“Relax,” He says, and there’s a lilt to His voice that warns me not to get too comfortable.   But i sit up; He’s still holding my nipples, but it feels good now.  “Good,” He says.   i feel a rush of pleasure flood through my body, a shiver.   I’ve pleased Him.

“Again,” He says, “Lean back,” and i do.  This time i’m trying to look graceful, trying to be more pleasing, as the tug on my nipple increases, increases – ahhhhhh – “Stop,” he says. 

Thank goodness.

“Good,” He says, and again, satisfaction fills me, i feel my pussy quiver and tingle.

i think about my behavior earlier, my giggling and trying not to obey, and i feel bad.  “i’m sorry, Sir,” i say.

“For what?” He says, and He just sounds curious.  

“You know,” i reply, “For not leaning back before , for laughing.”

 He nods.  “That’s ok,” He says, so calmly and evenly that i know it is ok.  “You didn’t know what i wanted.  Now you do.”

“Yes,” i smile, “i do.”  i am still kneeling at His feet.  “Sir?” i say.


“May i suck Your cock, Sir?”

“Would you like that?” He says, and He’s looking at me consideringly, as if He’s really not sure if He wants me to or not, and for a minute i’m afraid He’s going to say No.

“i would like that,” i say, “Very much, Sir.”  And i wait.

“Then you may,” He says.  “When I tell you to.  Open.  That’s it.  Just leave your mouth right there  for now.”


i want to talk about the power exchange, to  figure out how i so easily become someone who wants only to please Him, when in my real life i’m not like that.  But i’m still too taken with the sensations and what they do to me.  The intensity of being touched by Him, the discomfort, and my willingness to serve are all wrapped up in one mysterious package.  

And just as i am pleasing Him, He is pleasing me, so how does that work?  Where’s the power exchange?  He’s working as hard as i am, putting as much energy into it. He may not experience pain, but i think He’s missing half the fun.   

Sigh.  Someday, i’ll untangle all that, but not tonight.  Tonight, i’ll just take my hot, tingly self to bed.  Sigh.

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