19 Jun


“I’ve always wanted to see if it would work somewhere other than on your tongue,” he said.  “You know, the battery thing.  You take a 9 volt battery, the rectangular ones, and hold it to your tongue to see if it’s live, it there’s any juice in it.”

“Ohhh!” i say.  “You mean…?”

“Yes.  i’d like to see if it works on other – delicate tissue, shall we say?”

“O, my.  i don’t know.  i don’t think i’d like that.”

His eyebrows go up, “Do you have to like it?”

“O.  No, i guess not.  Um, no, Sir, of course not.”

It’s a few night later – i’d pretty much forgotten the battery conversation.  He is coming over for playtime, running a few minutes late, which he seldom does, so i’m at the window when he pulls in.  i watch him upack his van – the red toolbox, a black plastic box, and a clear plastic toolbox.  And a bag.  O, my.

“You may end up wishing I hadn’t come over,” He says, setting His supplies on the dining room table.  Then, He settles into His chair, “Bring me the clear toolbox, please.  Don’t try to see what’s in it.”

So i carefully look away from the box as i present it to him.  Seconds later i know that it’s full of rope.  Fairly thin rope, but strong. 

                    Only it wasn’t rolled up, it’s in long, loose pieces


And the ends look like this:

i don't know if it was plastic or what...

   i’d never been tied with rope before; chained, but not tied.  It’s  fascinating watching Him tie me.  “Hold this,” He says once.   And i hold a piece of rope so He can pull it tighter, or knot it again, and pretty soon it runs from my neck down my middle, through my legs, through that delicate flesh, between my ass cheeks, and back up and around my breasts.  and then He pulls it tighter and i can feel it, o, all the time, i can’t move without feeling it more. 

i don’t think anything could distract me til He decides to wrap my breasts in rope, and that’s a whole different sensation.  Then He ties my hands behind my back too and i’m so distracted, so focused on the ropes binding me, i can barely respond when He says, “Kneel.” 

But i do kneel.  Feeling the rope between my legs, my breasts extended and swollen, i still want my mouth on His cock.    i lean forward, try to lean forward to take Him in my mouth, but i’m off balance.  i fall forward, face down beside His cock, on His leg instead, and i guess it could have seemed funny, but it doesn’t.  i can’t get back up, the rope is cutting into me, making me so wet and hot, and i can’t get back up.

He lifts my head and steers me so my mouth is in the right place.  He’s holding my head between His hands, controlling my movements.  i try to focus on Him, but the rope still has my attention.  i manage to wiggle a little to ease the pressure, but then He moves my head, or i shift the wrong way, and the rope tightens again and fills my mind.   i manage to suck His cock, trying to focus, to please Him, but i don’t think i’m doing very well.

He makes me straighten up, takes His cock away from me.  He lifts my head so i can sit straight.  He gets out the nipple clamps.  i’m rocked back on my heels a little, my hands are tied behind my back, and He shows me the nipple clamps.  i whimper a little.

“What?” He says.

i shake my head, “Nothing, Sir.”

They are the clamps i showed you a picture of before, the adjustable ones.  He puts the first one on, and it hurt sooooo bad, i squeel a little  and squirm.  Which made the rope tighter.   

“Too tight?” He says, meaning the clamp, and i nod. o, ouch.  “What do you say?” He asks.

But i can’t think, i don’t know what He means.  He has to prompt me, til i say, “Mercy, Sir? Please, Sir?”  And then He loosens the clamp a little, and i’m grateful. 

After a while he takes the clamps back off – oh, ouch! – and unties my hands.  “Turn around,” He says, “Bend over.” 

I offer my ass so He can use His belt on it,  And all this time i’m getting wetter and more turned on.  i know the rope is going to be soooo wet when he takes it off.  i squirm as the belt comes down on my ass, the rope is always there.

And then there’s a flexi-pleaser in His hand.

It vibrates

 And that between my legs, on my nipples, and the rope, and the pleasure and the pain all mixed up together… and just when i think i can’t take any more, He stops.   He even loosens the rope a little bit.   i am more relaxed.  Then –

“Sit on the couch,” He says.  “Lean back.”  So i sit on the couch, recline really, with my legs stretched out down the length of the couch.  “Open,” He says. 

So my legs are spread wide, the rope still pressing against my clit, when i see what He has in His hand.

I had really forgotten our conversation

But i’m not actually worried about it til He hands it to me and tells me to press it to my tongue.  Yikes!  It tingles and burns!  i jerk it off as quickly as i can.  He laughs.

“Give it here,” He says.  He holds it to His tongue – just holds it there for a few seconds. He takes it off and does it again, a couple of times.  “See,” He says.  “If I can do it…”

“Yes, Sir,” i sigh, “Then i can too.”   So i do it.  But it stings!!  So i do it quickly, and jump when it touches my tongue, every time.  He laughs again.

“If you hold it on  there, it actually hurts less,” He says.  And i’m sure He’s right, but try as i can, i can’t bring myself to hold it on my tongue for more than a split second. 

Then – you know what’s coming next right?    Yes.  There i am, all open and exposed anyhow, and He takes the battery back, and “Open yourself,” He says.

i don’t understand – “i am open,” – “Open your pussy lips,” He says, “i want your clit exposed.”

“Mmmpf,” i say. 


“Nothing, Sir.”  i open myself with one hand.  i am even more exposed.  He leans over me, battery in hand.

Nothing – nothing – then “Mmmmpf!” and i jump.  It burns!!

“Oh,” He says, “So it does work on other – delicate tissue.” 

“Yes, Sir, apparently it does!’

“Close your eyes,” He says, “and hold still.” 

Eyes closed, i can feel it touch me, it doesn’t hurt, he moves it a little, doesn’t hurt, moves it – “MMMMMPF!”   My eyes pop open and i jerk away from it.

“Do I have to restrain you?” He asks.

“No, Sir, no, sir, You don’t.”

“You really don’t like it do you?’  just curious.

“No, Sir, i really don’t”

“That’s good to know.  Maybe this will be how i make you beg.” 

“Yes, Sir,” i say uncertainly.  i’m pretty sure i’m not going to beg. 

When He bring the battery toward me again – yes, i’m still open, my legs spread, my clit available for this torture, i kind of try to beg.  “Please don’t, Sir, o, Sir, no, please, Sir, don’t.”

“You really don’t want me to?” He says.

“No, Sir,” i say, but then i ruin the begging moment by adding, “You know, unless You really want to.  Then of course You can.”  So of course He does.

Ouch.  Yikes.  “O, no, Sir, please don’t do it anymore, Sir.  Well, unless You really want to, Sir.”

Does He know how confusing this is for me?  i don’t know if He wants me to beg, or wants me to want to do what He wants, or what.  i don’t know what i want.

Well, i don’t want the battery.  i know it can’t hurt that much, i just can’t help jumping when it stings.  But i don’t want to beg either.  Not for real.

Finally, He looks at the battery affectionately, and puts it away.  He unties the rope that has been tormenting me.  He holds it out to me, the part that was running between my legs.  “Feel that,” He says.

I take it from Him, run it between my fingers.  It is soaked.  i knew it would be.   

“What do you feel?” He asks.

“It’s wet,” i whisper.

“Yes, it is wet.  What is that you’re feeling?  What makes it wet?”

“It’s me,” i’m still whispering, taken down another notch or two.  

“You?  Tell me what it is.”

“It’s my – my – juices.  My pussy.  It’s wet from my pussy juices.”  i make myself say it distinctly.   My pussy is throbbing, longing to be touched.

“Yes,” He says.  He takes the rope back, he’s folding it, putting it away. 

“Bend over the couch,” He says.  He takes one of the pieces of rope and slaps me across the ass with it.  “O!” i gasp.  “O!  That stings!”

“Oh, you should see this,” He says.  “I bet it does sting.”  He does it again – Ohhhh!  It really stings.  “You’ll wear these marks with pride,” He says.

Twice more He brings the rope across my ass.  He’s barely touching me with it, but oh!  It’s intense.  But i take it, i don’t jerk away.  When He’s done, “Go look in the mirror,” He says.  He’s smiling, He follows me into the bedroom.

The marks are bright red, slashes across my ass.  “O, my,” i say.  “O, look at that.”  They don’t hurt anymore, but i can feel them if i touch them.  “Wow.”

He looks pleased.  “Come on,” He says, “Put some clothes on, we’ll go get some ice cream before it gets too late.”

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