After the Wait

22 Jul

 i don’t know where to start.  Sated with pleasure, my nipples sore and tender, memories of last night drift through my mind.  i’ll try to pin them down here, but each one connects to another and another…  

Sir D opens his bag of toys and tools.  Floggers, canes, a crop, a paddle – lightly tapping me with each one as i lean over the table watching Him unpack.   “Or I can use my hand,” He says, “Hands are good,” and they are, with my skirt raised, my panties pooled at my feet. 

And the paddle, stinging, each lick followed by a caress, alternating pleasure and pain til it is all pleasure.  I wriggle my ass, wanting more, but He stops.

Nipple clamps, evil looking clamps, and clothespins, but He doesn’t need them, His fingers twist and pinch til i gasp.  “Talk to me,” He says, loosening His grip ever so slightly, “Talk to me.”

“It hurts,” i say.

“Too much?”

“No, no, it’s ok.”  And it is, i’m so wet there should be puddles beneath me.

Like a potpourri of treats, we move on, sampling, testing – until The Rope.  Hemp rope, He says, as He caresses me with it, draping it around my neck, wrapping and tucking and knotting, til quite suddenly He gives a tug and it all tightens – “Oh, my!” i say, surprised.  

And i am bound.  Just my breasts, my upper body, my back.  Bound, not painfully.  Firmly though.   O, it feels like – no, not quite like anything else.  O.

And was it before or after that i tasted Him?  licking and sucking til He moaned, til i knew He was pleased…  Before or after that i knelt?

And then, while i am still bound, He brings out His array of vibrators, small ones, “These are for external use,” He says, displaying each one.  “This one is called a pocket rocket,” He says,  A pocket rocket.  And if you put it here,” tucking it between the ropes around my breasts, “And turn it on, like this,” He smiles, “the ropes will start to vibrate too.”  

And they do, they’re vibrating and i’m tingling, lying on the bed, legs dangling off the side, open, exposing myself to his eyes and touch.  “And,” He holds up another small vibrator, ” If we put this one right here,”  as he places it right there,  “And turn it on…”

The sensation is so intense, i’m whimpering in moments, heat spreading through my legs – i swear my toes begin to curl, i’m not just saying that… and i bite my finger, squirming –

“Don’t!” he says, “Don’t swallow that orgasm!” Then, gently, “Let it go, don’t hold back,” and i realize i am…

…so i begin to let go, and the heat continues to build until i can’t take it anymore…

…and it explodes inside me, shaking me, a true, rock-my-world orgasm – aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. 

Nice.  Very, very nice.  Mmmm. 

So content…

But wait – what’s this – He’s pulling out another one – “This one is for external use too,” He says and – o, my – He’s doing it again – and this time i don’t even hold back……

O. My.  Whew.  Ok.

And only then, He begins to remove the rope.  Slowly.   Deliberately.  Watching me while He does.  i watch the rope snake over my body,  feel it chafe my nipples, caress my belly.  O.  O, my.

He takes a long time unwinding, the rope leaving a trail of marks encircling me.  And when He is done, the last piece of rope removed, we sigh.  i feel –

i don’t know how i feel.  i lie beside Him on the bed, pressed close, feeling His warmth.  i drift a little, fading out and back again,  floating a little.  i sigh.  My skin feels – i don’t know.  i don’t have the words for what i feel.

And maybe i don’t need the words, although i always think i do.  Maybe it’s enough this time to lie still,  floating, drifting, feeling…

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