My Own Path

24 Jul

Memories of sensations linger from my evening with Sir D.   i shiver, the deep shiver that runs through my spine, and makes my pussy clench, leaves me wet.  Sigh.  Things i’d never known existed.

This is a vampire glove. 

Into intense sensation? These gloves contain nearly 100 1/8 tacks that create a indescribable sensation over the part of your body that is being touched. These gloves will not puncture the skin unless they are used out of context (ex. slapping, grabbing, excessive force, etc..). These gloves are made from lambskin leather and contain a button snap at the wrist for a nice snug fit.

 i had no idea what He was touching me with.   It felt good; He was being really gentle.  But there was a hint of warning in the touch that left no doubt:  this could be dangerous. 

Then there was the more familiar:

He had something that looked like this. I didn't find it under BDSM toys though; it's a common household duster.

 Of course the soft, fluffy duster feels incredibly good, and safe, after the glove.  Purely sensual pleasure.  Ahhhh.

i revel in the memory of new sensations,  and in the relationship. 

And then, o, goody, High-School Aisha pipes up.   She chides me – “It wasn’t very long ago you were writing about some other ‘Sir,’ now was it?  Don’t you think you should have waited a little longer before rushing into some new thing?  And I notice he – this new dominant man – hasn’t called you today, now has he?  How are you going to feel if he doesn’t call you?  Hmmm?”  I expect her to add, “Slut,” but she just shakes her head in dismay. 

There was a time that i might have let High-School Aisha torture me for a while.  Now, i just give her a mental hug.  “Don’t worry,” i say.  “Believe it or not, i know what i’m doing.”  And i try to explain it to her.

“Some people,” i say, “seem to think that a relationship has to last forever or it was wrong.  That ended relationships are terrible failures.   And maybe that’s true for them.  Maybe i even felt that way when i was married the first time.  But now i know that the path i’m on calls me to be who i am.”  High-School Aisha is listening, a little pouty, but listening. 

“It’s not like i keep making the same mistakes over and over,” Older and Wiser me goes on.  “It’s that i keep learning new things; things that i couldn’t have learned if i’d given up being who i am to keep a relationship.”  i sigh.  “Really.  i wouldn’t be who i am if i hadn’t experienced the things i have.  Come on, you know that, don’t you?”

High-School Aisha sighs too.  “Ok,” she says, “I know you’re right.  But really, what if He doesn’t call?”

i shrug, “What if that mark He left on my breast never goes away?  i think you’d be better off worrying about that.”  Which distracts her nicely,  at least for now. 

i smile.  There’s affection in my heart for the man i first called Sir in this blog.  But our relationship had reached a dead end; there was no where for it to go.

Beyond that – even if it sounds corny and stupid – i believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will come.  And i believe that Sir D and i have – mmm, lessons to share.  🙂

2 Responses to “My Own Path”

  1. sin July 24, 2010 at 12:53 pm #

    Interesting discussion between you and high school Aisha. Don’t let her work you up. I think you are right, you are on the path you are on now because of the people you have met, and the experiences you have had. And you’ll meet new people on this path.

  2. aisha48 July 25, 2010 at 6:41 am #

    Thanks, Sin! Yeah, I don’t let High School Aisha work me up these days. Besides, you know, of course he called. She’s just insecure…

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