Getting ready…

7 Aug

Sir D will be here today.  It’s like standing in line for the roller coaster.

The prepping is part of the fun – not the laundry, although that has to be done too, but the bathing, and shaving, deciding what to wear…  

i want to e-mail Him, ask Him what time He thinks He’ll get here.   i want to call Him just to hear His voice.  And get angry at myself for being silly.  It’s 6:17 a.m. on Saturday morning.  There’s no hurry, i have some restraint.  Have i mentioned that i hate feeling needy?

And yet – typing those words sends a shiver down my spine.  A shiver that connects with my pussy, i feel myself getting wet, feel myself opening, as if just saying the words helps prepare me for His touch.

Squirming now.

How can it take so little to make me so hot?  He hasn’t told me not to touch myself this time, and i’m tempted, but – once again – i’m going to show some restraint.  i’ll stay on simmer for now.

So now that my body’s tingling, nipples halfway hard, now that i can feel my pussy throbbing and my breathing quicken – it’s time to go find clean towels and wash the kitchen sink.  And wonder.  Wonder what toys He’ll bring, what we’ll talk about.  What we’ll do. 

Memories dance in my mind…  Fantasies slip in and out…  mouths and cocks, spankings and nipple clamps, orgasms and moans…

Ok – towels, sink, laundry, shave… 

 <smiles>  Later.  

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