The Ride Begins

8 Aug

As another rush of pleasure runs through my body i cry out again – ahhhhh – ohhhhhh – ohhhhmigod… 

Sir D keeps leading me into new experiences of orgasm – i would have thought at this point i would know them all, but no.  Last night He started with a nipple, twisting and pulling til i whimper.   And whimper some more.  Then both nipples, and i’m gasping and trembling, and hot – o, sooooo hot – and He just keeps doing it til:

“Can you cum like this?” He asks.  Conversationally.

He’s taken my breath away, i can’t quite answer.  i think i shake my head.   But i’m not sure.  Maybe i could, but maybe not.   

“Not right now, anyhow?” He says, and i nod in agreement.  He’s still doing it, a nipple between each thumb and forefinger, squeezing casually – while i moan.    O, i don’t think i can take it, and i don’t want Him to stop. 

Then He does stop, and, “Here, open your legs,” He says and His hand is between my legs, on my pussy, which is so hot and wet, i know i’m lying in puddles.  And for a minute His fingers are inside me and i’m pushing against his hand, rubbing on Him, trying to satisfy this burning urge – O, yes – and He pulls them out again.  Mmmphf.  O, no, but i don’t say it.

And the hand that had been pleasuring me – it smacks me, He smacks me, between the legs, on my sensitive, already swollen pussy, smacking me right there over and over.  O – more O’s – Ohhhhhhh.

And once, i almost start to pull my legs together, as if to protect my poor exposed pussy, but He lays a hand on my inner thigh, just a hand but i get the message. i open my legs wider for Him.  

Then He stops.  And my poor exposed pussy, my hot, dripping wet cunt feels bereft.  The aching space between my thighs wants His touch back.  But –

“I think I have something here,” He says, turning His back on me.  His travel bag of toys is nearby, but i can’t see it, can’t see what He’s taking out.  It could be anything, and i wait, with my legs spread wide, nipples still hard and swollen, pussy wet and dripping, it could be anything and i’m ok with that.

“I think you’ve seen this before,” He says.

It looked a lot like this - i don't think it was this, but i don't know what it was exactly, and this picture is the closest i could find.

And the next thing i know, my legs are open wider, He’s holding that, the litte black vibrator, right there – o, right there on that spot.  And i squirm and push my hips up, i moan and feel myself climbing higher, legs tingling from deep inside.  i think i might die of pleasure and then O – O, yes, over the top, o, yes and starting to tumble down….

…but not so far.  Cause then i’m climbing up again – O, o, my, climbing right up – mmmmm – and He’s still pressing it on me, only He’s playing with my nipples with His other hand and – ahhhhhh – o, yes, again – ahhhhh – tumbling, tumbling….

….still not so far down.  O My God.  O, again?  Really?  And i am – i’m going up again, my hips pushing, rising off the bed, legs all tingly, feeling it build from somewhere deep in my core – and this time He catches my wrists in one hand, pins them above my head.  O, His hand with the vibrator pinning me down, His other hand holding me firmly, holding me caught riding a building wave, i’m captured by the sensations – and then, feeling it begin to surge –  – O – here i go again – up and up, and over the top, and this time, o, yes, i come tumbling and shaking down and down, waves of pleasure spending themselves through my body…

O.  O.  and ahhhhhhhh.  Whew.  O, Sir.  Mmmmmmm.  Purring now…  O, Sir.


3 Responses to “The Ride Begins”

  1. Mick August 9, 2010 at 7:43 am #

    Ah…those are clever little machines. Mick.

  2. vanillamom August 9, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    panting…whew! that …whoa…yeah.


  3. aisha48 August 9, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    @mick & @nilla – Thanks! 🙂

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