Three and still counting…

19 Aug

Three more days!  Til Sir D’s visit, that is, and i have no idea what to expect.   Yikes.  Well, something might happen with the yardstick…  (shiver)  but maybe not.  Ropes, whips, nipple clamps, violet wands – who knows?   Ok, not whips, probably not whips.  We’re not even close to whip territory.  i don’t think.  Really.

Ok, i’m going to stop thinking about whips right now.  Now.

Hitachis, that’s what i’m gonna think about.  <smiles>

Besides, that’s not even what’s on my mind today.  

Sir and i were talking last night about the blog, which He likes (thank goodness.  Can you imagine if He didn’t?)  He said He wished there was someone He could show it to, but there wasn’t anyone.  So – give me a problem and i’ll look for a solution – i say, “What about S?”

S is a friend of His – a “like family” kind of friend.  i haven’t met her.  Saw a picture of her, and, of course, she’s gorgeous.  Which is nice.  Really.  i rarely do ‘jealous,’ and i’m certainly not going to with someone who matters to Him, and who was in His life long before i came along.   So that’s all good.

And really, it’s perfectly logical that if He wants to share the blog with someone, she’s a reasonable choice.   But –

It occurs to me after we get through chatting – omigod – what was i thinking????   i’ve never met this woman, and i’m encouraging Him to suggest she read my blog?  When i’m probably, maybe, actually going to meet her someday.  O.  My.  And her first impresson of me will already have been formed.  Based on my blog.  Yikes.

Ok.  Breathe. 

i’m breathing.   

This is not a big deal.  Right? 

O.  Except of course, um, she could be reading this too.   Um, will be reading this, probably.

Hi, S.  (waves… smiles…)

Yes, nice to meet you too.  i’ve heard a lot about you – all good, of course.   Just a little nervous, cause, you know, what if you really hate me?  Or just don’t like me at all?  Or – i don’t know.   It just didn’t occur to me, when I suggested to Sir that He show you the blog – it just didn’t occur to me that you would know me, but i wouldn’t know you.  i was just thinking it would be nice for Him to have someone to show it to.

But it’s ok.  i’m not really worried about it –  it was just a momentary ‘omigod.’ 

So,  welcome to this part of my world, S.     Feel free to leave comments – i love comments.  Or e-mail me or friend me on FB or something.  You know, if you want to.  If Sir D really does show you my blog.  If you don’t decide you hate me…  <smiles>

5 Responses to “Three and still counting…”

  1. Mick August 19, 2010 at 6:10 am #

    Yes, the strange dynamic of having someone know you who also knows this secret side of you has both angst and appeal.

    M met Molly though the blog, so he knows both the side of us the world knows, plus the dark side.

    But we have not opened the window to anyone else out there we know in real life.

    You do facebook?

    • aisha48 August 19, 2010 at 6:30 am #

      Yep, definitely angst and appeal. Thanks, Mick, you have a nice way of putting your finger on the heart of it.

      Yes,I do facebook -doesn’t everyone? LOL But in my vanilla persona. Do youall?


  2. nilla August 19, 2010 at 9:55 am #

    i’m on fb but totally vanilla, and really, i never never never check it. People would have thunk i’d died, but my wife is on there chatting all the time so they know i haven’t. My time online is spent on my blog(s)…

    and having someone know you this way can be very….hm…opening? it lets them see to the heart of you without all the polite and social stuff that prohibits that IRL. Well, not prohibits, but certainly makes it a slower process. We are open in our blogs that, i, for one, would never be upon just meeting someone.

    can you imagine me just showing up to meet someone dressed in that HNT dress from today?? OMG~~~ (laughing, just to think of it!!) So yes, the blog does cut to the heart of who we are.

    and i find great joy reading you.


    • Aisha August 19, 2010 at 6:08 pm #

      @nilla – Thank you!!

      Yes, for sure you’re right about the blog being a more open way to get to know someone!! I mean, like you with the dress, I’d hardly meet S in person for the first time and say, “O, btw, I really like being spanked.” LOL So I”m curious to see what this will be like…

      I’m so glad youall started talking to me! Thanks!


  3. Mick August 19, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    Molly and I are both on facebook. but of course it’s all very vanilla. lots of family pics and stuff. ( E us privately if you want me to help you find us).

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