Two To Go

20 Aug

Two more days til Sir D’s visit.  One more day til the big trip to The Fair, where i’ll acquire a yardstick.  For Him.  To use, um, on me.  O, my. 

 i wonder how and where.  On the bed, lying on my stomach?  Over the arm of the couch?  Over his knee would, i think, be awkward with a yardstick.   But not impossible, i suppose.  And if it sounds like i’m thinking about it quite emotionlessly – O, think again.

But i have other things to think about today, about the yardstick.  You see, i did a preview visit to The Fair today.   But let me start at the beginning.

You remember P, the man i was involved with before Sir D?  And you remember that we parted on friendly terms, and still talk from time to time?   Ok.  Because he knows that i love The Fair, and because he has connections through his work, he was able to get me a book of extremely discounted tickets for admission and parking at The Fair.  So, in addition to getting my family in free, there were enough tickets for me to go a couple of extra times.

Today was the opening day of The Fair, and i was off work all afternoon.  What better way to spend it than at The Fair? 

It was a lovely afternoon.  Weather wasn’t too hot, and i spent time doing all the things my family isn’t interested in.   Listening to bands.  Wandering aimlessly.   Visiting a whole wing that we never bother to go to.  It was lovely.

Just one problem.  About every third person i saw was carrying a yardstick.  Seriously.  i’ve never seen so darn many yardsticks in my life.  What are they all going to do with them?  They can’t all be into spanking, can they?   


It really made me realize that i was actually going to have to find the booth where they give them away, get one, and carry it around with me too.  And i was tempted to do it today and get it over with.  BUT-

– i know that’s not how Sir wanted me to do it.  He specifically talked about me doing it when i was with my family, and carrying it around with me all day.   And really, it’s not about getting a yardstick, even if it is for Him to use, um, on me.   (I keep saying that because it turns me on, you know.  Makes my pussy tingle, all hot and wet.  Gives me little rushes…)

But anyhow,  He could just buy a yardstick if that were the whole point, right?

i know the point is that i’ll have to come up with a rationale for getting a yardstick.  i’ve been practicing in my head.  Casual.  To my sister, “O, you know what?  i want to make sure and get a yardstick this year.  Yes, a yardstick.  i just thought it’d be a good idea.  They come in handy, you know.  When?  Ummmm, when Sir wants to use it on me?”

O, dear.  That won’t work will it?   Fortunately, in my family i’m allowed to have whims and be vague about why.  As long as they don’t figure out i’m trying to hide something.  If they do, i’ll need a back-up confession of some sort.   

Which is another part of the point of the assignment, right?  Look how much energy i’m putting into thinking about this.   Squirming the whole time.

Good grief, if you could have read my mind at The Fair today!  All those couples with yardsticks – i’d look at them and think, “Really?  That’s just for measuring stuff?  You don’t have a fancy tape measure at home?”  And then i’d flash on me, and Sir, and the yardstick and…

And it makes me nervous and excited and... i don't even know what else. O, and hot, yes, it makes me incredibly hot.

So that’s the point of the assignment, i think, and when i’m carrying the darn yardstick around with me, feeling the wood in my hand, having to remember it – well.  You know what i’ll be thinking about. 

And as i write that, i shiver, my pussy clenches…  how easy i am…  It makes me feel

– it makes me feel submissive.  You know, kicks in that whole “just want to please Him” thing.  That’s why i didn’t just run grab a yardstick today.

i want to be a good girl.

Just two more days.

5 Responses to “Two To Go”

  1. Akule August 20, 2010 at 6:43 am #

    Yardsticks come SOOOO in handy at Christmas time and when you’re wrapping presents for birthdays, etc. They provide a nice straight edge against which you can tear the paper.

    There’s one backup!

    And … a yardstick provides a hand “extension” for reaching up to get rid of cobwebs, or get a frisbee down from a tree limb.

    • aisha48 August 20, 2010 at 6:48 am #

      O, thank you sooo much! Brilliant. I had actually thought about the “reaching stuff” one, cause I’m kind of short anyhow, but the Xmas wrapping one is also great. That way I can do a “o, there’s lots of things they’re handy for,” and actually have 2 examples if i need them!

      Thanks again!!


      • brandon September 21, 2010 at 8:20 pm #

        you are SEXEY BABE CALL ME AT 3474984765

  2. Mick August 20, 2010 at 8:39 am #

    maybe you’re finally realized that the whole metric conversion thing is not going to happen after all, so the “meter Sticks” around your house need to be replaced.

    So they really give these away at your State Fair? I guess I’ve been missing stuff.


    • Aisha August 20, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

      Thanks, Mick, that’s a good one too – except the state i live in is so backwards that we never got “meter” sticks in the first place… LOL

      Yes, they really do give them away at The Fair! For as long as I can remember! But I’m not sure you’ve been missing anything, if you know what I mean.


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