Just One More Day…

21 Aug

When i see that’s He’s online – not even by His picture, just the little yellowish-orange circle filled in – it turns me on.  My pussy sits up and pays attention, so to speak.  Just a little throb, a little warmth, as if to say, “Get ready… here He comes.” 

And that’s just for IM’s.  Whew.

Not today, but tomorrow, He’ll be here.  So of course, i’m half turned on all the time at this point.   And not allowed to make myself cum.   Sir is clear about that – no orgasms two days before.  Which is not unreasonable, it keeps me nicely on edge.  But you already know it makes me squirm too.

And it spirals, the more i write about it, think about it, the worse it gets.  And then there’s the yardstick thing, which is today, and…  STOP!  i need to stop this now.

Ok.  Maybe  a fantasy will help get my mind off it.

He said He would have me kneel. 

He said He would make me beg.  

i don’t think i’ve ever really begged.  i don’t even much like to ask.  i’m pretty sure asking for anything means i’m weak.  Which is way too scary.   i want to give, not to need.  

O, that’s not a fantasy.  Let me back up and try again.

i am kneeling.  He is in front of me, His cock in His hand, watching me.   i watch His hand, watch Him grow harder.   Lick my lips just the teeniest bit.  i don’t want to look impatient; i will wait.   

“What do you want?”  He says.  “Tell me.”

i hesitate, it’s hard to say the words.  He waits.

“i want to taste You, Sir,” i finally say.  He waits.  i shift a little, rocking back on my knees, lick my lips.

“Open your legs,” He says, “Wider.” 

i adjust my posture, spread my knees wider so He can see my pussy, freshly shaven, glistening wet.   It throbs, responding to His command.  i pull my shoulders back a little, the black lace half-bra lifts my breasts, offers them, exposes the nipples.  My nipples are hard.  Longing to be touched.

i wait.

“You want to ‘taste me?'” He says, as if considering. 

“Yes, Sir.  Please.”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” He says.  “Explain that a little more clearly, please.”

i shiver, a wave of heat rushes through me, i am ashamed and thrilled and aching – i need his touch, need to touch Him.  He watches me.

“i want – i want…” i want the words to come easily, like they do sometimes when i’m writing.  i want them to flow.  Instead, they stick at the edge of my lips.  i bite my lower lip, as if that will loosen them, set them free. 

He waits.

Finally, “i want to take You in my mouth,”  i say, and then, all in a rush, “i want to lick You, and suck You, and feel You grow hard in my mouth, Sir, i want You to cum in my mouth.  Please. Sir.”  And then i’ve run out of words.  i wait.  Pussy hot and  throbbing.  Nipples tingling.

He’s smiling.  “Me?” He says, teasing now.  “you want to take ‘me’ in your mouth – what do you mean?”

i force the words out – why is this so hard?  “Your cock, Sir.”  And feel better now that i’ve said it.  “i want to take Your cock in my mouth, Sir,” and gaining confidence, “And kiss it.  And lick it.  And suck it.”  He is still stroking His cock, but i think it gets harder as i’m talking.  It – He – the cock – can hear me.  i’m talking to Him now, watching Him, i say:

“i want to gently slide my teeth along You, not to hurt You, just so You can feel it – i want to lick You all the way from the base, up to the top, up to that tiny space, You know, right there…  i want to take the head in my mouth and lick around it, right under the rim.  i want to feel your vein throbbing, kiss and lick my way up and down it.  i want to take you all the way in my mouth…”

And the cock has gotten very hard –   now He is paying attention.   My pussy is throbbing, dripping, i can smell sex throughout the room, mine, his, the scents mingling.  There is a drop of precum on the cock, i lick my lips with purpose now, with promise.   And look up at Sir.

i smile, just a half smile.  “i’d like to taste Your cock, Sir.  Please.  If i may.” 

His cock is talking to Him now, i know it is.  “Come on,” it says, “Let her do it.  You’ve made her wait long enough.”  


And i’ll leave us there.  Whew.  i feel much better.  Ok, more turned on.  Dreadfully wet.  Would really, really like to touch myself til i cum. 

But at least i’m not obsessed with the yardstick anymore.  <smiles.> 

And tomorrow, He’ll be here.


3 Responses to “Just One More Day…”

  1. Mick August 21, 2010 at 6:01 am #

    wow. two days. that is quite a long “quarantine” period. Mistress is lucky that she has not been forced to hold off for more than a few hours by M.

    AS for me, Mistress rarely imposes an Abstinence Day these days, tho as it turns out, Friday came up dry for me as I will point out in today’s blog.

    Which makes me wonder why I tortured myself by reading your blog.

    Better go to the NY Times and read about the hidden dangers of building a mosque in an old Burlington Coat Factory.

    Hope you get that yard stick and it gets to do a lot of “Measuring”.


    • aisha48 August 21, 2010 at 8:54 am #

      @mick – I guess two days is a long time. By the time He gets here, i’ll be like a cat in heat. But any more than a couple of days and my libido starts to shut down, just in self-protection. lol

      Haven’t read your blog yet today – getting ready to do it right now. Although that will probably be a mistake too… then i’m off to The Fair.

      I don’t think i’ve read The NY Times since i started blogging… Priorities, you know.

      And i’m not thinking about the YS yet. Thanks for reminding me. Not. lol

      @sin – Thank you!


  2. sin August 21, 2010 at 7:26 am #

    Mmm, this is very sensual.

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