How To Use a Yardstick (Part I)

23 Aug

My body has been saturated with pleasure; touched and stroked, twisted and pulled, carried away in waves of orgasms.   The taste of His cock, the feel of Him still in my mouth reminds me of those pleasures too.    

He was pleased with the yardstick.  i present it to Him, on my knees of course, and He is pleased.

Which pleases me, and makes me hot.  As if i’m not already hot enough  – already wet and needy, panties soaked, pussy swollen.   i can’t seem to keep my hips from moving in little circles.    He notices.

“You’re not trying to rub yourself, are you?” He asks, looking slightly appalled.

“Um, no, well, maybe,” i say, too hot and over-eager to even be embarrassed.

“Well, don’t!”  He says, “NO.”

“O, ok – yes, Sir.”

And i don’t, though i’m about ready to start rubbing against the furniture, but i don’t.  And He calms me, makes me breath, “Back it down,” He says, and i do, but o, i’m just simmering, right there on the edge of boil.

i pleasure Him first.  Undress Him, which feeds my submissive heart, makes me  feel like a harem girl, only the veils are missing.  Serving feels good.

And then, yes, my mouth on His cock, doing what i love to do.  Getting more aroused by the kneeling, Him filling my mouth, His hands in my hair directing.  Giving Him the control, bringing Him pleasure…  it makes me hot writing about it.   i’ll be sitting in a puddle soon.   

And only then, when His need has been satisfied, does He turn His attention to me.  He tortures my nipples with one hand.  Pulling and twisting til i’m whimpering, doing hip circles again, i can’t help it. 

The yardstick – remember the yardstick?  It had come to the bedroom with us.   He picks it up.

i bite my lip.

“Open your legs,” He says.  i gasp.  He says, with a smile, “Hadn’t thought of that, had you?”  i shake my head, no.

“Open, come on,” He says again, and of course i do.

The yardstick stings – well of course it does.  i knew it would, but i hadn’t imagined it stinging my poor swollen pussy.  Yikes.  i squirm and whimper, but i keep my legs open wide.

He stops for a minute, goes to his bag of tools.  Emerges with a crop.  And the Hitachi.  Oooh. 

“Pleasure.  Pain.”  He says, looking from one hand to the other.  i nod, eyes wide, legs still open.  “Or -” He pauses, reverses the order, “Pain.  Pleasure.”  Shrugs, “We’ll see.”

Mmmmpf, this is going to be interesting.

He starts with the crop.  Touches, caresses with the leather tip, ahhh, nice, and – whoosh.  whoosh, again and again.  O, it is pain, but not more than i can take.  Just as it starts to maybe be too much, the Hitachi roars into life.  O, yes!

“Just remember,” He says, “You need permission to cum.  Don’t cum without asking me.  Clear?”

i nod, yesss, of course, i know, o, please the Hitachi, Sir, please?  But i don’t say it.

And then He does, and i’m grinding against it, o, yes, yes, yes, yes – and then it’s gone and the crop is back, and o, maybe that’s yes too.  Raising my hips – o, o – and the Hitachi – o – and the crop – and then both – omigod – omigod – and

“You’re not cumming, are you?”  He says.

“O!  Yes – no – i mean…” 

“Did you forget?”  The rhythm of the crop gets a little faster, a little harder.

“O – yes, almost – O – can i??  May i cum, please?” Desperate, i don’t know what i’ll do if He says no.

But He smiles, indulgent, “Yes, you may.”

And i do, o, i do,  quickly finding that space that takes me up – up – and over the top – ahhh – tumbling down – and back up – yes, again – as the Hitachi does its thing between my legs – o, yes.  Mmmmm.  Mmmmm.

Life is soooo good.

(to be continued)

7 Responses to “How To Use a Yardstick (Part I)”

  1. Mick August 23, 2010 at 6:49 am #

    The requirement of permission is a very important rule, isn’t it?

  2. aisha48 August 23, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    @ Mick, Omigosh, it certainly is! And a tough one to remember, for me anyhow. I guess I’ll get used to it though and it’ll get to be a habit…

  3. vanillamom August 23, 2010 at 1:06 pm #

    The last few entries have been soooooo hawt! Great writing, and great stories. I love that you had to get a yardstick. I love that you had to carry it with you all day. What a reminder that you are owned!

    Beautful, and i’ve missed reading here this last week! have a love/hate thang when wife is on vacation!


    • aisha48 August 23, 2010 at 8:35 pm #

      Thanks, Nilla! I’m so glad you liked it!

      Yeah, He and I both did good with the yardstick, didn’t we????

      Hope you’re back to reading now. What kind of love/hate thang? (love the “thang” btw) Enquring minds want to know…


      • nilla August 24, 2010 at 8:17 am #

        life moves at a slower pace when wife is home on vacation…don’t have to get up at 5, (i slept until 730 one morning! ) and we get to do fun things. Took the kids into Boston for the day, and had a great time. But…i get zero computer access. She is a computer hawg. Plus, with my …um…proclivitiy for sexual writing/reading, not something i’d be doing with her around anyway!

        Despite being outed on one blog, things between us are actually better than they’ve been in so long. She’s joking about my needs, but not in a hurtful way. We tease each other with it. It’s so amazing.

        Lilfe isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty damn good!


  4. Akule August 23, 2010 at 6:21 pm #

    Oh, my … when will 2 and 3 and … 4 come out?

    • aisha48 August 23, 2010 at 8:32 pm #

      Lol – Hi, and thanks for reading my blog, and thanks even more for commenting!! I’m glad you liked it. I’m hoping to post 2 tomorrow – maybe the next day…


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