Play Party (Part III)

1 Sep

And then we are there.  At the play party.  It looks like any bar – well, if any bar has a spanking post.  And a St. Andrews cross. 

O, my.

Many people are wearing clothes.  Some people are not.  A couple of naked men appear quite comfortable, seated at their table chatting with some other folks.  A woman is cuffed to the spanking post.

 i ’m excited and nervous, thrilled and anxious.  Awkward of course, following Sir around like a shadow.  He introduces me to some people.

Finally, we sit down at a table.  i watch a scene playing out in front of me – in front of everyone – on a raised platform.  The man twrls his floggers like – i  don’t know like what.  A performer?  A cowboy?  i  don’t know.  She submits, struggles, and submits again.  It’s incredibly sensuous.

i am aroused. 

Other things happen around me.  People kneel.  People offer and serve. They laugh and talk and sip drinks. i listen and watch.

Sir talks to some people.  i listen and watch.

 i want to play.  Sir has told me that we probably won’t play tonight, and i  accept that.  But i want to.  

Excitement is all around me.  The air tingles.   i vibrate and tingle in response. 

Such beautiful scenes – i  can’t describe them.  Not today.  Men in chains.  A woman i  had met earlier with her Sir; she is naked now, her body gracefully curled on the floor, her head on His knee.  He strokes her head with one hand.

Then – then – He, my Sir, says… 

“I want to do some rope.  Do you want to?  I want to do a rope dress.” 

Thrilled, i nod.  O, yes, i do want to. 

He says, “We can do it over your clothes.  Or – what are you comfortable taking off?”

i smile.  “Well.  My jacket  thingy.  i’m comfortable taking that off.”  He nods. 

“And – my chemise.  i ’m ok with taking my chemise off.”  i pause.  “And – my jeans.  i’m ok with taking my jeans off.”  Pause again.  “I don’t know about anything else.” 

“That’s fine,” He says.  “But you have to put the shoes back on!”  

“Of course,” I nod.  “O, yes.  Definitely, the shoes go back on.”

 In the small suitcase on wheels, the one i’d pulled in, is Sir’s rope.  Have I mentioned that my Sir is an expert in Shibari,  Japanese rope bondage?   

“Bring me the suitcase, please,” He says.   

Self-conscious, i walk to the corner where we’d left the rope and the bag of toys.  i pull the suitcase back with me.  Awkward, anxious, thrilled. 

He begins unpacking the rope.  i am watching Him, but He looks up – “Go on,” He says with a nod, “Clothes off.”

 Time stops…  but i begin.  My top first.  i fold it carefully and lay it on a chair.  Then – o, what next?   My heart is pounding. 

My jeans next.  But i have to take the shoes off first.  They slip off easily, then i’m standing again.  There is a mirror on the wall behind me.  i can see my face as i unbotton, unzip, and tug the jeans over my butt, slide them down my thighs.  my eyes are bright and excited, my lips curve up.

 i sit to pull the jeans off completely.  Fold them too.  Unbuckle the shoes, slide them back on, re-buckle.  And now –

i stand again.  Raise my arms and watch myself pull the chemise off.   

i am standing in a dungeon full of strangers, in my bra and nearly-see through panties.  The room swims a little, i brace myself with one hand on the table.

O, my.

 My mouth is dry.  He has the rope laid out, is ready to begin.  “Sir,” i say, “May i have some water first?  Before we start?”   

“Sure,” He says, “Go ahead,” and He nods toward the bar.  I gasp.  I look at Him, look at the bar.  i am nearly naked.  People are standing all around the bar.  

“Do you need some money?”  He asks.  

“O. O, no.  That’s ok.  i can wait.”  There’s no way i can walk to the bar in my underwear and get water.  No, i can wait.

And then He starts.

He starts with a loop that’s tied and it lays around my neck, lays on my chest, between my breasts.  Centered just where He wants it. 

Rope around my waist, around my chest.  “Turn,” He says, and i turn, he wraps, and says “Turn.”  i turn again.

 The rope hums as He wraps me.  I make a noise – a slight hiss maybe, catching my breath – and a man next to me nods. “The sting’s part of it,” He says, “part of the rope experience.” 

But it doesn’t sting to me, it wraps me, round and round it goes.  There are knots and more turns and it’s tight between my legs.  Even with my panties, tight against my pussy, tight between the cheeks of my ass.  It is tight around me, holding me snug.  I am wrapped. 

Rope around my arms and tight around my legs, sleeves and a skirt, i suppose.  And He is watching me, watching me and making the rope hum as he wraps me.    

Then He is done. 

And i am standing in the dungeon in a dress of rope.

 He smiles.  He is pleased.  “Beautiful,” He says. 

i smile too.  i feel beautiful.   

Then He says, “Did you want some water?”  And He’s digging in His pocket.  “How much is it?”  He says.

 i almost panic – there are people at the bar.  Lots of people.  Here in our little space, almost behind a table, i don’t feel so exposed.  But –

 Can i walk through this room full of strangers?  In a rope dress? 

Of course i can.  i lift my head.  “It’s a dollar,” i say, and, as He hands me the buck, “And something for a tip.”  He adds some change. 

I turn away, but freeze again.  How can i walk all the way up there?   Exposed like this – for real. 

He is watching. “Go on,” He says casually, “Go get your water.”  And He waves a hand at me, dismissively, as if He’s shooing me away.   

i am almost offended.  Hmmph.  He may not think this is a big deal, but it is.  Then –

i square my shoulders.  i can do this. 

 i take a first step toward the bar.  And a second.  My shoes wobble, but just a little.

Those first few steps are hard.  i keep my eyes cast down a little, not wanting to see anyone watching me.  Focus on my steps, on my shoes.  But then –

 There is a woman in front of me.  Fully dressed.  She stops, stands in front of me til i’m close to her.  “Beautiful,”  She proclaims, and i breathe more deeply.  She is talking about me, in my rope dress.

  “You.  Are.  Beautiful.”  Her words bless me; I feel the words hover around me and land. She has anonted me with her words. 

i smile.  i am beautiful.

And I walk to the bar with pride.   


You might think this is the end of the story, but o, no.  There’s plenty more to come. 

 Unfortunately, my computer is in the shop.  And will probably be there for another 5 or 10 or 15 days.  So be patient with me.  My computer access is so limited; I can’t even read anyone else’s blogs.  It’ll take me forever to get caught up with youall. 

And I can’t tell you how much I miss you!!!  



Here’s a picture of a rope dress.   But my arms weren’t bound.   And there was rope around my thighs.  i couldn’t find a better picture – if someone has one, send it to me, ok?  And i’ll post it.  Sir D – maybe you can find one????  Because Your dress, the one You made, was lots prettier than this one.

But my bra and panties were much prettier, and i don't have a tatoo




3 Responses to “Play Party (Part III)”

  1. sin September 1, 2010 at 9:21 pm #

    Beautifully written. I would love to have seen it. And I’m sure you were beautiful too. You really told it so that we could imagine the scene and your feelings being in it.

  2. Mick September 2, 2010 at 6:00 am #

    wow…..exciting scene, beautifully described. I suspect Mistress would very much like to check out this type of scene…..Mick

  3. aisha48 September 2, 2010 at 7:39 pm #

    @sin & @mick – Thank you soooo much.

    I miss reading your blogs so much – am at my sister’s house now – keeping one eye out for her to walk up behind me. Sigh.

    And yes, I bet Molly would love the play party, Mick. We’ll have to find out sometime. How would you feel about it?


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