Play Party (Part IV)

4 Sep

So there i am -wearing a black lacy bra, see-through lacy black panties, and a Shibari rope dress.  Making my way to the bar in a crowded dungeon.   And feeling beautiful.

i successfully get my bottle of water from the bartender, and walk back to Sir at our table, walking with my head up this time.  Take a drink of water, offer Him some.  He shakes his head, no. 

 “I’ll be  back in a minute,” He says, and walks away.

i’m left standing by our table.  There’s a mirror behind the table.  If i turn my head a little, i can see the top half of myself.  My torso encased in the rope.  i admire the design.  My lips curve in a half-smile, i look happy.   

 i’m getting a little tired though.  i decide to sit down while i wait for Sir to come back.  Gingerly, i start to ease myself down into a chair – only to pop right back up.  As i bend my legs, the rope between my thighs, the rope that’s already pressed firmly against my swollen pussy, tightens even more.  It makes sitting a really bad idea.  i  stand.

The man sitting next to me smiles.  He says something, i think he says, “Lovely subby.”  Could that be right?  In any case, i just smile a little more.  A woman and a man pass by, nod at me.  “Beautiful,” they say.  

Then Sir is back.  He glances at me.  “Rope too tight to sit?” He asks.  i nod, “Mmmmhmmm.”  

“I thought it might be,” He says, unconcerned.  And then He moves close to me, arms around me for a minute.  Whispering in my ear, sweet words in my ear.  It melts me. He melts me.   i have to put my hand on the table to keep standing, my knees feel weak.  

And then – He draws back a little – and i hear – i don’t know how to write it – i hear “SNICK.”  The sound of his knife opening.  He has opened his knife.

O, my.

i know that Sir is not going to harm me.  i know He won’t  cut me.  i do.  i know that.   He won’t.

 So why does that sound send a shiver through me?  A rush of fear.   i feel the sharp tip of the knife press against my skin; i hold my breath. 

The knife caresses me.  Moving in careful strokes along my skin, following the pattern of the rope.  It feels like – you know that moment when you cut yourself, right after you realize you’re cut and a split second before it starts to really hurt?  That’s what it feels like. 

 It feels like He’s cutting me. 

i know He’s not, but even knowing that, i’m sure He is.  Just a little, i think.  i think there will be traces of the knife on my skin, maybe a fine line where He has cut my skin.  i shiver.

i don’t move.

He is watching me, watching my face, and i know that i have moved into a different space.  Ok, call it subspace, but you know, i was already there and this is somewhere else, somewhere more. 

i float. 

It is not an out-of-body experience.  i am not less there.  i am more there.  Totally in my body while He cuts a design, a design that follows the pattern of the rope. 

i know He is not cutting me.

i think the marks, the lines the knife must be leaving, will be pretty.  i am not worried.

It goes on for a long time, and when He is through, He holds me again.  i’m turned on and revved up, i’m drained and weak.  i am – o, i am in that space.  i know – subspace – but that doesn’t do it justice. 

It is the space between this world and the dream world.  Not quite real, not quite unreal.  And while i am there, He says, very close to my ear, “You haven’t had an orgasm in a long time.”  i nod.  i haven’t.  Not in a very long time.  “Would you like to have one?” He asks.  O, yes.  Yes, i would, very much.  i can only nod slowly.  O, yes.

“I think I have something here,” He says, opening His bag of toys.   He pulls something out and holds it up for me to see. 

It is small.  Some kind of small, rectangular thing.  Still not sure what He’s doing; i watch langorously. 

Then i hear a noise – a buzzing – and i  realize – O!   It’s a vibrator.  A pocket rocket. maybe?   And it’s on.

i’m trying to imagine how He’s going to do this -how  will He put it between my legs? – but he slides it in, between the rope and my belly.  Just tucks it in, and of course the rope is tight enough to hold it.   So now the rope is vibrating. 

 Tightly pressed against me, the rope vibrates  between my legs.  Pressed up against my hot, wet, swollen pussy, the rope is vibrating.  Between the cheeks of my ass , vibrating.  All over my body.  O!

i realize that i’m going to have an orgasm, right here in a public dungeon.   In front of strangers.  And i don’t care.  In fact, i’m happy about it.  i begin to squirm a little, trying to get the rope to hit directly on that spot.

O.  My hips are moving, not in circles, but back and forth, almost up and down, trying to get it it right there.  Mmmpf – almost – if i can just –

-people actually stop to watch.  i don’t care –

almost, almost –

yes!!!!!!  o, yes!!!

A lovely, shivering over the top and down –  whew.  O, my.  O.  So much better.

Mercifully, Sir turns the vibrator off.  Ahhhh, yes.  That was so perfect.  Mmmmm.

And His arms are around me as He begins to unwrap me.  Mmmmmm.  O, my.

It takes a long time, i think.  Hours, maybe days.  He unwraps me.  Deftly, His hands pull, holding the tension just right.  The rope slides over my body, again and again, again and again.  Runs through His hands.  He pulls it back to Him, the rope leaves my body, returns to His hands.   It is alive between us; humming again, it lets me go. 

Over and over, on and on it goes.  i stand and watch, He watches the rope and watches me. 

And then the last bit of rope is gone.  Laid in a pile on the table, lifeless for now.


And His arms wrap around me, pull me down to a seat, at last, pull me closer to Him.  i’m cold now, so cold.  i shiver and He holds me closer, and closer.  i curl into Him, seeking His warmth.

He strokes me and pets me and whispers those words i love to hear.  “Good girl.  You did good for me.  Such a good girl.”   Those words that make me purr, that make my pussy clench even now, that send shivers through me just writing them.  Just remembering.


And i have been halfway still in that space all week.   i thought i would crash.  Maybe badly, because the experience was so intense, and lasted for so long.  But it hasn’t happened yet.   Maybe because i haven’t been able to finish writing it til now.   Maybe because Sir has stayed in touch with me so i still feel connected to Him.  Maybe for some reason i can’t even imagine. 

And now (after two days of orgasm denial, of course) it’s Saturday and Sir is coming to visit.   <smiles>  My nipples are hard, my inner thighs tingle in anticipation.  My heart beats faster.

Last week, before i left, when we were talking about naps, i took a shower.  Clean and ready for more, i fling myself on the bed where He’s lying and wait for Him to look up from His laptop.   He glances at me and says indulgently, “What are you doing coming to bed all naked?  Greedy girl!”

And o, my He is so right.  i admitted it then, and now too. 

i am greedy for His touch, for the caress or the slap – i’m greedy for the taste of Him – His mouth on mine, my mouth on Him, licking and sucking His cock, tasting His cum –  greedy for the things we do together, and for the things He does to me.   I am grateful too – grateful for all of those experiences, grateful for all the joy He brings.


4 Responses to “Play Party (Part IV)”

  1. prima angel oasis September 4, 2010 at 11:09 am #

    Sounds like an absolutely incredible experience! 🙂 hugs

  2. Mick September 5, 2010 at 6:28 am #

    wow. that isquite a story. quite an experience. Mistress and I will have to come to one of those some day.

  3. aisha48 September 5, 2010 at 6:54 am #

    @prima – It was incredible. And wonderful.

    @Mick – o, yes. You and your Mistress really will have to. Wait til i tell you about the one we went to this weekend!


  4. nilla September 7, 2010 at 10:50 am #

    gawd. now i’m all wet and wiggly in my chair!!! Great story. I have not ever been to a play party. and am of two minds about it. I want to. I don’t want to…yeah. like that.

    still, an incredible experience. I love the idea of the rope dress, of him vibing your body with a little vibe and a ton of rope tension…unbearable tension…until you uncoil…



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