Fire Play (Part I)

5 Sep

 There was a munch and play party this weekend in the city where i live, but Sir was very clear earlier this week that He didn’t want to go to it.  Surprised that He’d brought it up at all, i said, “Of course not,  i wasn’t planning on going, Sir.”  After all, hadn’t i just had my very first play party last weekend, with a rope dress and everything?  i’m not really that greedy!

So i am more surprised when Sir gets to my house yesterday afternoon and casually says, “i was thinking we might go to the munch…”  i’m surprised and delighted.  And i’m perfectly ok with it when he adds, “But not the play party.  i don’t think i want to go to the play party.”

“No, Sir, of course not,” i say.  Quite sincerely.

So you can imagine my surprise and delight a few hours later when i find myself with one of Sir’s toy bags slung over my shoulder, walking into a huge dungeon.   Even if it is clear that we might not actually play.

The dungeon is an amazing space.  Formerly a warehouse, there are large rooms and small rooms.  There is very public space and more private space.  And there’s furniture.  Crosses and spanking benches and places for suspension.  Bondage tables.  Things that i’d never heard of before, and that would take too long to describe now.  i’m overwhelmed.

And people in varying degress of fetishware, varying degrees of nakedness.    Lots of corsets and exposed breasts.  My Sir and another man help a woman lace her corset – the other man hooks the front for her, Sir ties the laces.  She is lovely.

Men in tiny thongs, lovely asses exposed.  People on leashes. And toys.  Whips and floggers and –  O, i could go on for a long time.  i am fascinated.

Sir walks through the building, i am close behind Him.  He pauses to explain to me different uses for the furniture we pass.  He pauses often to chat with people who He hasn’t seen in a while, who are glad to see Him.  i had already met some people at the munch; i recognize some people from last week’s event; i meet some new folks now.

In the large center room, there is a raised platform, like a narrow stage.  On the stage, a young woman is lying on Her back, wearing only bikini panties.  A young man had been hovering over her when we got there, stroking her.  Now he is doing something else- I’m not sure what.  Something with pressure points, Sir says.  As we watch, the woman goes from lying still to moaning and squriming, with little effort on his part.  

Around us is a cacophony of sounds – floggers and whips landing, moans and cries in response, people laughing, music in the background.  People are blindfolded, cuffed, collared, and chained.  

It is wonderful and amazing and just a little scary.  

Then Sir says, “I might want to play.  Do you want to play?”

I smile.  Yes, Sir of course i do.  Yes, i really am that greedy. 

“All right.  I was thinking we’d do something with the violet wand.  Maybe a little fire play.”  Pause.  “We’ve talked about fire play before, haven’t we?”

 My heart stops beating, then starts again ten times faster than normal, so it takes me a moment to respond.   “Um, actually, Sir, no, i don’t think we have.”

“O, come here, let’s talk about it then,” He says, leading me to a quiet corner.    He explains.  i listen. 

“What do you think?”  He asks.

“Well. Ok.   You won’t actually set me on fire, right?” i say, picturing myself going up in flames.

“Yes!” He says.  “I will actually set you on fire – light you up, so to speak.  That’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

“O, right, ok, yes, i know, but -” i’m not sure how to phrase it – “You won’t burn me, right?”

“O, no,” He’s quick to reassure me.  “No burns.” 

“So then, yes,” i say.  “i do want to do it.” 

“Even with the violet wand?” He says.  “It didn’t seem like you liked the violet wand very much the one time we played with it.  But then the other day you said you were fine with it.” 

 i gulp.  The violet wand makes me a little nervous.  Ok, a lot nervous.  But still.  i know that He’ll stop if i need Him to. 


 Yes, of course He will. 

So, yes, Sir, i say.  “i think i’m ok with the violet wand.” 

And there is more conversation.  Am i ok with taking my bra off?  “i know that will be different for you,” He says.  

“Yes, i’m ok with that,” i assure Him.  Bodies are exposed all over the place, it would be prudish to balk at showing my breasts.  i’m really ok with that.  And also a little glad to leave my panties on – my retro string bikini panties, the red patterned ones, with the little bow on each side.

And then there’s some preparation – finding a spot with a flat space for me to lie and an electrical outlet for the violet wand.  We settle on the stage-like raised platform area.  We need a wet towel and a bucket of water.  Even though Sir D laughs – “I’ll put you out with my hand!” He says.  .”  “We won’t need a towel.”   But we get the towel and the bucket.  He gets a blanket. 

And it all takes a long time, but then, suddenly, the pressure point guy is finished, and the space on the stage is open.   “So, I’m going to set up some tools,” says Sir.  “Your job is to take your clothes off and fold them and put them there.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.  And i do.  i’m wearing this really cute top  i got the other day that has three metal rings running part way down the middle from the neckline – o, never mind.  i wish i could show you a picture.  Anyhow, the jeans comes off first.  Then the top.   By the time i unhook my bra, start to pull the straps off, Sir is set up.   So i take the bra off and i’m practically naked for real, but He’s ready for me. 

He helps me hop up onto the platform, places the the folded blanket under my head.  He is talking to me, gently, sweetly, matter-of-factly as i lie down.  He sweeps my hair back, pulls it out from under my head so it lies around my head.  i am nervous.  And excited. 

i keep my face toward him, away from the other people in the dungeon, as He gets out the violet wand.

This is a violet wand with a “rake” attachment.

Sir shows me the wand. 

i’m sure you know, the violet wand shoots electrical current through your body.  Um, through my body.   Yes, it feels a lot like the shock you get if your feet rub on carpet and then  you touch a doorknob.  There are different attachements.  The rake one – that’s right – He rakes it across my body so the shock moves up and down my arms or legs.  Ok, or my breasts.  Or – um, yes, even across my pussy.  O.  Yikes.

“Your job,” He says to me, “Is to lie still.  Do you understand?”

i nod, “Yes, Sir.  i can do that.  i think.”

But He starts with canes, not even with the wand.  He taps my body with the canes – in time to the music, which makes me smile.  i know they’re actually drum sticks, bundled up together, so that’s approriate.  It doesn’t quite hurt, the tapping on my thighs, across my breasts.  Doesn’t quite hurt, but it gets my attention.  I’m watching Him – He’s having fun with it, well, with me.  Playing with me.  i smile.

Then the canes disappear, He pulls out the violet wand. 

It’s a stingy feeling – well, you know, that static electricity shock.  And besides the rake, there are other attachments that concentrate the stingy tingle – like right on my nipples.  AND – as if that weren’t enough – there’s some device He uses that actually makes His body the conduit for the electricity.  Yep.  If he touches me with His hand, the electric shock flows right through Him into me.   AND if he touches me with His tongue – whew!!  What a shock.

So i’m watching Him, not the people watching us, and i’m trying to lie still.  Which isn’t always easy.  Like when He puts these metal things on His fingertips, and the next thing i know, He’s tapping my pussy with them, and i try to lie still.  I watch Him.  He’s talking to me while He’s doing it, but o, my – O – it tingles and shocks and – O – and i start to think maybe i don’t like this…

… when He says, “You can say ‘yellow’ you know.”

O.  That’s right.  So i do, i say “Yellow,” and He slows down, and then He even puts those evil things away and moves on to something else. 


And i want to continue, but i have to take this computer back to my sister.  Now.  She needs it for work stuff, and it was super good of her to let me use it most of the weekend.   Unfortunately, the library is closed tomorrow, no computer access there.  Maybe i can use my daughter’s… because i sure would like to finish this story!


4 Responses to “Fire Play (Part I)”

  1. Mick September 5, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    Greedy? Hmmm. That’s what M called Mistress today.

    Man. we really need to check this place out.


    • aisha48 September 6, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

      @mick – funny!

      No time to chat – i’m at frigging Kinko’s – but saw your message on fb. Bummer.
      And yes, youall got to come to a play party!


  2. sin September 6, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    omg sounds SCARY to me. Fire play. The violet wand. Scary, scary, scary.

  3. aisha48 September 8, 2010 at 6:56 pm #

    @sin – really scary? I guess in a way. I wasn’t scared, but it was pretty intense.

    Can’t tell you how much I miss having enough computer time to read your posts!!! I’ll be on for days if/when I ever get my computer back. Hope everything’s going great for you!!!


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