Fire Play (Part II)

8 Sep

So i am lying on the raised platform that’s like a stage in the huge dungeon at the play party.  All around me, Doms and Dommes, subs and slaves, are playing out their own scenes.  Or watching the players.

Some of them are watching Sir D. play with the violet wand, touching me with it, while i try not to squirm.  All my attention is on Sir D.  He has told me to lie still, and that’s what I’m trying to do.  Even while He shocks me, over and over.  

Then He uses His own body as an electric conductor –  when He touches me, the electricity runs through Him and shocks me.  i am fascinated.  i feel a fierce connection between us – the current just as  strong when He isn’t touching me as when He is.

And then.  The wand again.  And a little spray bottle.

i watch.  He touches me with the wand, testing.  It makes a little noise – ttck – a little staticky noise – ttck.

“Lie still,’ He says, “That’s your job now, just lie still.  Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a little anxious,  “i will.”

He starts on my arm.  The “Whhft,” of a tiny spray bottle, a cold sensation on my skin.  Then the wand, sparking, sparking – ttck – ttck

 Whoosh – flames! 

Flames on my body!  Growing warm…

“Poof,” His hand slaps down on the flames, and they are out.

O, my.

He does it over and over.  Sometimes i can see the flames.  On my chest, my breasts.   On my nipples, my nipples on fire. 

Sometimes i can only feel it – i know the rhythm. 

Whhft – the cold wet

– ttck – ttck  – tingling shock

–          Whoosh!  The light, the flame

Pause – pause – growing warmer – almost toooooo

Poof!!  The slap of His hand again…

Whhft – ttck –ttck – and Whoosh!  Pause, pause – Poof!  And the flames are gone again. 

Over and over. 

i watch Him with pleasure. 

i am not afraid. 

i lie still. 

Except once – once when the warmth grows half a second longer – and i squirm – and Poof!  Just in time, but –

“Don’t,”  He says.  “If you move, I might not be able to put it out.” 


Lying very still.

It is a new kind of subspace – i have no words for it.  i can feel Him, feel His energy.  He feeds me His energy.  He holds me in a new way.

Like the rope.  The rope is an embrace, a connection, a web he weaves between us even as it leaves His hands. 

Now the electricity sparks between us, holds me to Him.   my body is alive, i sparkle and tingle; and i am very still.  i am very His. 

“Let’s do your back,” He says.  “Do you want me to do your back?” 

“O, yes, yes, Sir,” i say, as He helps me roll over.  my face in the blanket now, the blanket that smells like Him.  i can’t see Him now, but i can smell His scent, bury my face in the blanket, breathing in His presence. 

And i can feel Him.  O, i can feel Him.

Whhft – ttck –ttck – and Whoosh!  Pause, pause – Poof! 

Over and over.

 And then He is done. 


i might have wanted Him to go on forever.     

He holds me.  Holds me, whispers to me.  Says the things i need to hear.  The words I crave, sweet and gentle, whispered close. 

“Good girl.  You did so good.  Good girl.”  i curl into Him.

Mmmmm.  i could stay like this forever too.

He helps me up.  i feel dazed, a little weak.  Not bad at all, just not fully there.  Well, of course not, i am deep in subspace.  i wrap myself in the blanket, so warm, that smells like Him.  i stay close to Him.


Not then, but now, I think about early man.  I think about lightning and fire.  Lightning bolts, huge jagged streaks, landing – sparks – and fire.  Elements so basic, so much power.   

I know there is more, but I don’t have the words.    Not today.  Not yet.


5 Responses to “Fire Play (Part II)”

  1. Mick September 8, 2010 at 9:27 pm #


  2. nilla September 8, 2010 at 9:27 pm #

    once again, you bring home the point of being in a D/s relationship….it’s all about the trust.

    How beautifully illustrated you wrote it for us.

    I could have read for hours… am truly a voyeur watching from the floor, as you two weave together, performing…but for each other. We’re all just faces of the crowd. . . wall paper people, filling space.

    Thank you for opening yourself and putting it here, i just found this incredibly moving.


  3. JaT September 9, 2010 at 2:48 am #

    truly takes me breath away.

    So in awe and jealous and….HOT HOT HOT (no pun intended)

    xx JaT

  4. sin September 9, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    Really nice. I liked that you said that you could have done one thing forever, and then the next thing forever. It’s like that sometimes isn’t it? And then, when he told you what a good girl you were. Perfect. Lucky you.

  5. aisha48 September 10, 2010 at 9:10 pm #

    @mick – yep.

    @nilla – and as usual, you get it. i love that about you. AndI’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    @JaT – O, cool – thanks for reading and thank you for taking the time to comment!!! I checked out your blog – that’s pretty hot too!!!

    @sin – yeah. And we really share the “good girl” thing, don’t we? I’m so glad you understand that – and hope you’re getting some of it now!


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