Quick Thoughts

14 Sep

Sitting in my daughter’s apartment wondering:  can i write a kinky blog in less than an hour, before my daughter comes home and reclaims her computer?  i can try…

The week flies by – and drags on.  Tuesday already – and only Tuesday.   Only two days to figure out what i’m going to wear, get my mani/pedi, do the necessary laundry, shave, pluck, groom, and  pack.   Two long, slow days until the weekend, until i see Sir D, until we start a new adventure.  

Now that i have a better idea what to expect  –

– i have noooo idea what to expect. 

All the things i’ve talked about already – the whole litany:  Doms and their subs, Masters and slaves,  floggers, and whips, ropes and Shibari, Mistresses, classes,  spanking benches, and  violet wands.   Naked bodies, leashes and collars, corsets and thongs… i could go on and on.  

Did i tell you about this one thing they had?  It was – o, can i describe it?  i tried to find a picture, but – ok – it was like a cross – your arms would be bound to poles like a cross.  But there was a seat, rather than standing, you’d be in a seat.  With your legs spread open, of course.  And – o, it was raised.  The whole thing was raised off the ground so you would be easily accessible.

Whew.  It was really hot.  It was kind of like this:


Except it was wooden and – well, different.   The leg parts didn’t stick out like that.  And you have to picture it raised up off the ground, attached to – um, the side of a thing they use to do rope suspensions.  But you get the idea.

Then there was a swing – just like in movies and books…  and  not just the swing, everything was just like in all the books i’ve read.  So familiar and so strange at the same time.

Writing about it – whew – again – i’m getting all stirred up – my heart beats faster, my pussy throbs… thank goodness orgasm restriction doesn’t start til tomorrow.

So thinking about it turns me on.  And i kind of know what to expect, except not really at all.   Even if the furniture is all the same (which it won’t be) the people will be different. 

i’ll be different too.  More experienced.  Ok, a tiny little bit more experienced.  Still wide-eyed and nervous.

i don’t know what Sir D will want to do – if anything – or what i’ll want, or what it will be like.

 i can’t wait.

i’ll never be ready in time.

The excitement swells up inside me til i don’t think i can stand it.  It would be easy to slip from thrill to fear – to worry – to what if i don’t have the right clothes and nobody likes me and Sir is disappointed in me and…

… and then i stop that right now.   It will all be ok.

i will be who i am.  i am a submissive woman, with a Dom i trust.  i put myself in Sir D’s hands because that’s where i belong.  He brings His wisdom and strength, His leadership and His skill.  He brings the sureness to guide me;  He takes me where He wants me to be. 

i go wholeheartedly.  Not fearful, not holding back, bringing all of my self to the experience.   If i am only to watch, to attend to what happens, to listen and learn, i will do it with all the attention and receptivity that i have.  And if He wants more –

– o, if He wants more,

                                                  perhaps i can fly.


One Response to “Quick Thoughts”

  1. Mick September 14, 2010 at 8:49 pm #

    It does sound like an adventure …. plus writing about it in your daughter’s apartment. that has a certain naughty feel to it as well. I’m sure my daughters feel their Parents are pretty damn dull. Let’s hope they never figure us out. Mick

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