Home Is Good Too

19 Sep

Isn’t that the always the way?  You don’t want the fun to be over, and then you get home and that’s good too.

Not only is it nice to get home to my cats and my own space, but i have a laptop Sir lent me, so i get to blog and play on Fetlife and  Facebook, and check my e-mail and do my banking and catch up on everyone’s blogs!  Yay -thank you, Sir!


So much to process.  Some of it is purely visual.  People’s bodies.

Young, slender, lithe bodies.  Sagging bodies.  Overweight and underweight.   Women with huge breasts, nipples the size of – omg, i don’t know what.  Big, really big.  Tiny breasted women.    Big hips, big butts, small, flat asses, no hips, women so slender they might have been men.  It didn’t matter, they were all admired and appreciated.

Whipped and fucked, fondled and caressed, tied up, suspended, and held.

And men.  Naked men.   O, my.  Every variety you can imagine.  Lovely rounded asses, firm flat ones, sagging ones, muscular legs, flabby thighs.  And cocks.  Mmmmhmm.  Just a variety of cocks, all fine in their own way.   {Um, giggles, none so fine as Sir’s, of course.}

My own sense of my body today is different.

Some of the processing is sensation.   The feeling of fire play last night, the violet wand – different from last time.  My own struggle to submit, to let go.   The sensations are so strong at the time, i can’t absorb them all.  They come back later – now – the tingling heat in my pussy reminding me.  My skin, so sensitive, as if i can feel the air laying on it.   The relief of feeling Sir take my control; He moves the picture like a child’s kaleidoscope, shifts me into a different space.  Mmmmmm.

O, and the hitachi.  O.  Yes.

Sounds.  Moans and whimpers.  Laughter.  Jokes and stories.  Music. Heels clicking.  A woman screaming ‘o god yes, YEEEESSSSSS!,’ and a muffled ‘Mmmmphf’ of pain.

That’s barely a beginning.

But tonight, i’m going to walk for a while, and try to stay in this moment.  In the dark, moving through my little generic suburban neighborhood, letting whatever is, be.

3 Responses to “Home Is Good Too”

  1. sin September 20, 2010 at 6:53 am #

    Yeah for the laptop loan! Tell him thanks from your friends online.

  2. Mick September 20, 2010 at 10:43 am #

    excellent observational skills. you could become a kink anthropologist.

  3. aisha48 September 20, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    @mick – thanks, and that’s a thought! It would give me a professional reason to hang out in dungeons, right??

    @Sin – Thanks {smiles} I’ll tell Him you said so!


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