Stocking Study

28 Sep

If you’ve been reading my “comments” section,  you know that Mick and Nilla have been discussing the picture of what i called “crotchless pantyhose.”  Mick challenged Nilla’s assertion that she hadn’t seen any before “IRL” {laughing} and even provided  the link to a picture of his wife wearing some.  (Lovely stockings they were, too, Mick.) 

Nilla – always the astute observer – notes that the “loop” on mine seems to be larger than on Mick’s lovely Mistress.  And, yes, she is sooo right.  The ones i’m wearing don’t have a discreet little opening – they look like this:

Fishnet Suspender Pantyhose

They’re actually called open butt and open crotch pantyhose…

These are Serious Slut Stockings.  Note:  That’s not me in the picture.  

So, having straightened THAT out (and i hope you two – Mick and Nilla – have fun with this new information) – i have a zillion things to do this morning – and need to get to work early too.   Not enough hours in the day.

i’m feeling MUCH better this week, thank goodness.  In fact, i’m starting to just plain lust for my Sir.  Which feels good. 

i imagine kneeling in front of Him, just observing His cock for a minute or two.  Tentatively touching it with my tongue.  Pressing my cheek to it before i begin to lick for real.  Warming it with my breath.  Taking the head of it in my mouth gently.  Grasping the base of the shaft, feeling the lovely contrast of soft skin and hard cock.  Mmmmm. 

Serving His cock.  Just the thought of it sends shivers through me.  His taste.  The feel of it in my mouth.   i feel my pussy heating up.  If i touch myself, i know there will be a pool of moisture,  just writing about it. 

i can almost feel His hand in my hair.  The signal that i’m His.  That hand fisted in my hair, twisting, sends the message to my mind, and directly to my pussy.  It makes me clench in pleasure, even while i’m gasping with the sudden shock.  Ohhhhh.  i miss that.

Dear Sir – i miss You, in the best possible way.   i look forward to seeing you again, and having the opportunity to please You.  sincerely, aisha


2 Responses to “Stocking Study”

  1. Mick September 28, 2010 at 6:03 am #

    I confess that I have a strong response to Mistress in her tights, hose and stockings. he’s gone without them for all these warm weather months. SO the advantage of winter coming on (setting aside the urge for going) is that soon I will be able to worship her legs in those lovely black tights she wears, and maybe get her to acquire some of those slutty numbers illustrated above.

    And as for your sly importunings to your Sir, well, all I can say is — I suspect, when he reads this passage, he will be looking at his calendar and counting the days until he gets to run you through your paces one more time.

  2. aisha48 September 28, 2010 at 6:20 am #

    LOL – thanks, Mick. “Sly importunings…” hmmpf. Ok, maybe. {giggles}

    Yeah, stocking are kind of amazing… Glad you’ve got something to look forward to in the winter.


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