The Fantasy continues

4 Oct

i am reconciled with my friend, who tells me not to be too hard on myself  (but i’m so good at it!)  And i got a flurry of text messages from Sir last night before i went to sleep, which delighted me.  So i’m grateful and happy, after an afternoon of being just a little out of sorts yesterday.

Now we can go back to my fantasy, which i finished in my mind a couple of times yesterday, a couple of different ways.  Let me see how it works out on paper though.  (Ok, this isn’t really paper, is it?  But you know what i mean.)

We left our heroine (that’s me) on her knees before her Sir, having just admitted that she needed to be spanked.  And having mentioned that “ten” seemed like a good number.

i shiver a little, knowing that His smile means pleasure for Him, but probably not for me. 

“Go get my bag from the bedroom, please,” He says.  “Bring it to me.”  i stand, a little awkward, feeling very naked, but happy to have a task to carry out.   i head down the hallway, trying to move smoothly and with grace.  

The bag is fairly heavy.  i try to carry it in front of me, but it’s awkward, so i sling the strap over my shoulder.  The rough canvas-like material rubs against my skin; the bag bumps my hip with each step.

As i approach Him with the bag, i slow down to take it off my shoulder.  Holding it in front of me for the last few steps, i kneel again, offering the bag.  We don’t have any real protocol for this, but i know He likes to be “presented” with the items He asks for.  Without further instruction from Him, this is my best effort at that…

My heart is full with wanting to please Him.

“Thank you,” He says, taking the bag from me.  He unzips it.  “You said ‘ten'” He reminds me, “But we didn’t decide what to use for your spanking.”  

i catch my breath, a gasp really; this had not occurred to me.  He is  pulling items from the bag.  i recognize the flogger, a quirt, a bullwhip, a paint stick – is that right?  can that be a paintstick?   And a paddle.

“Or,” He smiles, “there’s always the yardstick.  you still have the yardstick, right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Yes, maybe the yardstick. Bring it to me.  Please.  I just want to see what we’ve got.  Of course, there’s always household items too.  Wooden spoons and such.  But maybe not this time.”    He considers for a moment.  “No.  Just the yardstick.”  Glances at me, as if surprised that i’m still standing there. “Go on,” He says, “Get the yardstick – quickly now.” 

So i move quickly – the yardstick is standing in the corner in the bedroom.  Retrieving it, i kneel close to Him, lay it across my hands and offer it, lifting it up to Him. 

He takes it,”Thank you,” and lays it next to the other items on the floor beside Him.  “Which do you want?” He asks, “Do you have a preference?”

One great mystery of submission – His question shakes me, makes me tremble, even while it sends a rush of pleasure through me, and makes my pussy throb.  My mouth is dry, i can barely speak.  Apparently, all of my moisture is between my legs.  My nipples are hard, aching to be touched.

i bite my lip.  “Sir,” i say, “Um, i don’t know.  i guess – i don’t know – um, not the bullwhip?”

“Did I ask you which one you thought we should use or which one not to use?” 

i start to apologize, “O – i’m sor-” but He cuts me off. 

No,” He says, “That’s ok.  There’s not really room to use the bullwhip here anyhow.”   He puts it to one side, smiles, and tweaks my right nipple (how did He know?) 

i whimper.  O, i need Him to touch me.  More. 

He shakes His head.  “Pay attention now,” He says.  “Which one?”

i look at the array, spread out beside me.  Not the quirt, i think.  That would hurt too much.  Maybe the flogger.  Not the paddle.  That thuddy pain is too intense.  The yardstick maybe?  But that does really sting.  How can i decide?

“Come on,” He says.  “Make up your mind. What – are you trying to pick one that won’t hurt?”  He laughs.  “They’re all going to hurt.  you know, it depends on how hard i use them.  That makes a lot more difference than which one you pick.  Besides, you should be thinking about what would please Me most, not how to get out of this as easily as possible.”  He sounds – a little scornful.

“O -” i feel myself blushing, it takes a minute for what He’s saying to fully sink in, but i realize He’s right.  Something opens deep inside me, as if a dam has burst.  “O. Sir…” i say, but i can’t go on, i don’t have words.   

“It’s ok,” He says kindly.  “It’s hard, I know that.”  How does He know what i need to hear?   i still can’t speak. 

“I tell you what,” He goes on.  “Let’s do this.  I’ll let you try each one before we even start, so you can make a good decision.  That’s only fair, isn’t it?  you don’t have that much experience with any of these, let’s try them out, and then you can pick.” 

He makes this outrageous suggestion in a most reasonable voice, and i want to protest.  But again, something inside me softens, melts.  My desire to please Him overrules my instinct to protect myself.   i decide if i’m going to do this (and i am going to do it) then i’ll do it with a whole heart.  Fling myself into it instead of being dragged inch by inch.

i raise my head a little.  Breathe. 

He always brings me to this point, doesn’t He?  The point where i stop fighting and surrender.

i look steadily at Him, trying not to let my voice falter.  i smile a little, “Yes, Sir, that’s probably a good idea, to try them first.  i – i don’t have much experience, Sir.”

He nods.  “Good girl.”

And i get that rush, the one i long for.  It is the sun coming out, a rainbow, the warmth of a June day…  i would take a beating to hear those words –

– O – and i’m about to!

He stands, picks up the yardstick.  “We’ll start with this, i’ll start off easy.  Now, let me see, where do i want you?”  He looks around the room, considering, “You know,” He says, “I’m just going to have you stay where you are for now, but turn this way, that’s it, just turn so you’re facing the wall here.  And now, bend over, yes, i want your elbows on the floor and your ass in the air.  Yes.  Just like that.”

And i am positioned, just as He says.  My ass is raised, exposed – there might as well be an arrow pointing to it.  His hand strokes me.  My steaming hot, wet pussy is also totally exposed.   A finger, two fingers, slide into my opening, the slit between my thighs.  

i gasp.  Try to stifle a whimper.   Squirm a little, trying to impale myself deeper.

The fingers are withdrawn. 

i hear movement behind me, a moment’s pause, and “whiffff”  – there is a sharp  stinging across my ass, bridging both cheeks.  “O!” i say.

“That was the yardstick,” He says.  “Let’s try it one more time.  you’ll want to remember what it feels like…”


Just for the record, this is strictly my own warped fantasy.  My Sir would never be this cruel. 

Right, Sir?

7 Responses to “The Fantasy continues”

  1. Mick October 4, 2010 at 6:40 am #

    Oh, you are asking for it. Very clever.

    And it made me consider what it available here for next switch day…. I have a great wooden risotto spoon Mistress got me a while back…. that would be a nice one to try….thought he table could get turned on me sometime…. the horror!


    • aisha48 October 4, 2010 at 7:20 am #

      @Mick – {Gasp of righteous indignation} – asking for it? Me???? Surely not!!!

      As for the risotto spoon – sounds like it has great potential. Lucky for you, your Mistress doesn’t read these comments – o – does she????



  2. strivingforpeace October 4, 2010 at 7:25 am #

    great fantasy

    Thank you!


  3. sin October 4, 2010 at 8:06 am #

    Hmm, probably better as a fantasy (in my humble opinion) than as reality. Which leads me to a story i must remember to tell sometime.


  4. nilla October 4, 2010 at 12:57 pm #

    i am smiling….really big smiles…. this is an enchanting fantasy. Full of rich details, and shivery fear of thwacking…(as well as the frustrating results of same!…a wet pussy should not be re result of facing a spanking…and yet…)

    Delightfully crafted!


  5. prima angel oasis October 4, 2010 at 7:14 pm #

    cruel? uh oh… This is exactly something Daddy would do to me, lol I loved it because it very well could be my reality. Excellent fantasy aisha. 🙂

  6. aisha48 October 4, 2010 at 10:13 pm #

    @sfp, nilla, and prima – i’m glad you’re enjoying my fantasy!

    And Sin – you’re probably right! I may be enjoying the fantasy more than I would if it were reality… although, I got to say, spanking has always “done it” for me, and the little tastes I’ve had of this kind of control do too – in small doses, anyhow. But I totally want to hear the story you have to tell!


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