More on Public Play

14 Oct

Last night, i was trying to tell Mick and Molly more about what to expect at the play party they’re coming too. 

(Later, Sir D asked wryly, “Wasn’t that a bit like the blind leading the blind?”  {Laughing} “Yes, Sir, absolutely, it was!”) 

Seriously, i wasn’t trying to take an expert viewpoint;  i was just talking about what it’s been like for me.  After all, they’re newbie’s too.  (Or is that noobies?)

Of course, just talking to Mick and Molly live, in real life, was pretty cool.  Mick noticed that my accent sounds like – um, sounds like i come from the place i actually come from, which amused me.  But (just for the record) they both have nice voices and sound like – regular people. 

But here’s what i was trying to say last night:

The play party is drama.   Costumes and actors, each with an assigned role.  Stage sets and props.  Non-traditional theatre – the actors change clothes openly, preparing themselves in the lighted dressing area.  Moving in dimness, each couple or group finds their own way to their own curtain rising. 

The Dungeon Monitors keep a cautious eye on the action, available to anyone with questions, helping where needed.  They play the part of ushers, stage hands, and sometimes directors.   

Some people play the audience, simply watching the scenes unfolding around them.  This is an important role too

Rituals are carried out.  Fantasies are acted out.  Themes of passion and pain, control and abandon…

People laugh.  People cry out, moan.  Whimper.

As voyeur, it is surreal:  “having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic.”  

Really?  Those two women have tied a naked man to that post – they stroke his back and whisper sweet nothings to him,  then calmly begin to whip him.  Really?  i’m standing here watching him squirm and struggle to escape the blows.  Seriously?   

It move me into “liminal time.”  “Betwixt and between.”  i am awake, and it is a dream.  Time stands still; time rushes by.   

Images shift and fade and reshape themselves.

The air is charged with energy, sexual energy is everywhere.  But it is controlled, chanelled, expressed and explored in the play – the drama.

O, i can’t do it justice.  It is magic, rite and ceremony, ancient wisdom and sacred space.

AND it is not mysterious at all.  i’m not trying to freak you out.  It’s just a group of ordinary people who like kinky sex.  Folks who like to get together and share their interests, like any group of hobbyists.  {Shrug}  It could be trains or crossword puzzles instead.   

We just happen to like whips and collars. 

No big deal.  You just need to use common sense.   Behave sensibly, like you would in any new situation.  

{Wicked smile}


6 Responses to “More on Public Play”

  1. Mick October 14, 2010 at 6:21 am #

    you’ve made it sound much more compelling than , say, bird watching.

    we are looking forward to our audition in this strange theatre.

    and I will say more about voices in my own space this am.

  2. nilla October 14, 2010 at 6:23 am #

    oh, aren’t you a wicked, beguiling girl?

    (i’m not green with envy, i’m just …tryin’ on my halloween costume…)

  3. sin October 14, 2010 at 7:10 am #

    I’m such a girl. What would I wear, what would I wear? And does this make me look fat?

    I do think it would be a blend of the surreal and the magical and the completely mundane. Thanks for the insight. And the newbie insight at that.

    But do tell your Dom that we would love to read his more experienced view of things too. Pleeeeease.

  4. aisha October 14, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    @Mick – lol – yes, it’s probably a little more compelling than bird watching.

    And – I loved your post today! Well, I always do, but you know, especially today.

    @’nilla – Wicked? Me? lol

    What’s your fantasy fetwear?

    @Sin – Yeah, I’m the same way, with the “what do I wear.” Sir usually gives me some parameters and helps me make a final choice. And – one nice thing about the BDSM world is that weight just doesn’t seem to be an issue. That’s very cool.

    I’ll certainly pass your message on to Sir, and let Him know that He’s welcome to be a guest blogger anytime He likes. Or – if He won’t go for that – maybe i’ll do an interview with Him. We could come up with a special name for it – like, “Dom Speaks,” only maybe not that… But it would be better if He’d write something, wouldn’t it?

    Thank you guys!


  5. nilla October 14, 2010 at 8:03 am #

    My fantasy wear …hmmm, i’ve been dressing for Sir now, so kind of his fantasy is mine. i feel i must confess to actually blowing 35 minutes yesterday looking at sexy lingerie online yesterday. Gods…like i have 35 minutes to sit and do *nothing*???but phew! some uber sexy things…there’s a few things i would only wear once i hit my goal weight but primarily, i love corsets.

    i love the way they kinda hurt when you first put them on, then the way they snug you (and gods doesn’t my waist look soooo fucking good?) but the way they control and hold so tightly…i *love* that feeling.

    sexy hosiery, Sir prefers fishnet stockings, and high heels.

    But my ultimate fantasy is boots. High heeled, not necessarily pencil points, nor always glossy…just…they make my pussy just clench up.

    some of that may be coz i am so freaking short. no. i am at peace with my height, but..yanno…why my brother got 6’2 inches and i only got 5 feet one inch? so unfair.

    anyway, high heeled boots do it for me. Every single time.


    ps i think it would be wicked kewl if your Sir posted here, too!

  6. aisha October 14, 2010 at 8:07 am #

    @nilla – Um, 5’1″ is not “so freaking short” – it’s a lovely height. Being five foot and a half-inch myself. But I love heels too – boots, but any kind of heels. Since I used to try on my mama’s high-heeled pumps back in the 50’s.

    I’ve never even tried on a corset, but you make it sound awfully desirable!

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