Fantasy Abounds

19 Oct

i am lying on a massage table.  Stripped naked.  It is warm in the room, and the hands caressing me are firm and gentle.  O, more than two hands – several -how many?  Eight hands maybe, i lose count.  The feelings running through my body are so intense, i lose count.  i think there are eight.

i am on my stomach.  The hands roam over my back, my thighs, my ass.  They pause at the cleft between my cheeks, pause, linger, and i think they are going to touch me – there.   i tense a little.  But no, they move on.

Oils.  They are using some kind of oils on me.  Rubbing it in, the scent rises in the air.  i feel relaxed, perfectly content to let these people (who are they, anyhow?) massage my body.

Hands between my thighs, working their way up, my pussy clenches as the hands get closer, i want them to touch me there -closer – my hips begin to move – yes, closer – i try to press my pussy into the table, wanting to rub myself, maybe hunch the table – the hands on my inner thighs, high on my leg, closer, almost there – aaaaa-


A hand descends on my ass.  A male voice says “NO.” 


It stings.

Instinctively, i try to raise up, but the hands, the hands that have been caressing, now hold me firmly in place.   “Shhh, no, easy,” a woman’s voice whispers, and i realize i’m captive.    i am pinned down as securely as if i were bound. 

“Don’t,” her voice murmurs, “Don’t fight.  It’ll be worse if you do.  You can’t go anywhere.  It’s ok.  Just relax.”   Lulled by the tones, i relax again, despite myself.  The hands caress, warm and soothing.  My pussy is dripping wet, i long for release, but i lie still.

“That’s better.”  His voice again.  He is at a little distance; his hands are not touching me.   i can’t see him, or the people who are touching me for that matter.  The room is dim. 

“Who are – ” i start, but –

“NO.”  His voice is not loud, but so firm, it makes me shiver.  i instinctively obey, stopping myself before i can even finish my sentence.   His voice is deep.

“You don’t need to talk,” He says.  “If you can be quiet on your own, i won’t have them gag you.  It’s your choice.”  

Of course, i want to say i’ll be quiet, but think better of it just in time.  i hear Him laugh.  And then –

“Good girl,” He says,  His voice warm and pleased.  It runs through me like a wave, and i shiver again,  shiver from deep inside, somewhere i never knew existed.

A little “mmmphf” escapes me then; He laughs.  “Are you ready to turn her over?”  He asks. 

There’s no answer – none i can hear.  But i feel hands at my head, lifting my head enough to slip a blindfold on me.  Darkness descends on me.  i don’t mind. 

They turn me then – all the hands helping, they  flip me over like a pancake.  i almost giggle.  The air is cool on my front, there is sweat between my breasts, and the air cools it. 

They arrange me, spread-eagle.  Arms out to my sides.  Legs spread wide.  i’m embarrassed, i know they can see the wetness between my legs.  They even spread my lips, the outer lips of my pussy, fingers gently opening me.  Despite myself, i press upwards, hips rising, wanting more of the touch.


The hand on my inner thigh –

His voice, “NO,” at the same time –

– and i cry out, then stifle it quickly, afraid of the gag.

He chuckles.   “Lie still,” He says.  “Lie still, or I’ll have them bind you to the table.  Is that clear?”

i want to speak, and i’m afraid to.  i didn’t know what to do.  i’m so open and exposed, and if  i say the wrong thing, i know they’ll smack me again.  Or gag me.  Or worse.  So i lie there, uncertain and scared, afraid to answer, and afraid not to.

His voice again, patient.  “When i ask you a direct question, you may speak.  ‘Yes, Sir,’ or ‘No, Sir’ are acceptable responses at this point.  I’ll ask again.  This time.  Is it clear that you are to lie still, without trying to stimulate your pussy, and be quiet?”

i lick my lips, i want to say it clearly.  “Yes, Sir.”  And another shiver runs through me.

“Good girl.”  i bask in the warmth of that.

He continues, “But if I have to ask twice again, you’ll be punished.  Is that clear?”

And this time i answer quickly, “Yes, Sir,” and i want to say more, but i know better so i stop.  But my pussy is gushing, i can feel the wetness trickling down my ass, puddling on the table. 

He notices.  “That makes you wet, doesn’t it?” He says, and i feel a rush of shame, so a moment goes by before i realize that’s a question too and i need to answer. 

i stammer a little this time – “Ye – yes, Sir,” cause i don’t want to have to say it.  What is happening to me?  How can this be making me so hot?

But all the while, the hands are massaging me.   Rubbing my arms and legs.  My belly.  Moving closer to my breasts.  Moving closer to my pussy, which they have not touched since they opened my lips, spread me open.

(to be continued…)

8 Responses to “Fantasy Abounds”

  1. strivingforpeace October 19, 2010 at 7:09 am #

    Holy Crap

    that was awesome — more please



    Please, Ma’am?


    • aisha October 19, 2010 at 7:14 am #

      O, cool – I’m glad you liked it! Yep, there will be more…


  2. Mick October 19, 2010 at 7:56 am #

    excellent . very hot …. but wasn’t that my maintenance guy from SFP’s dream? How many times do I have to remind him to stay on task. He was supposed to fix that stopped up shower.

  3. aisha October 19, 2010 at 8:03 am #

    @Mick – NO.

    Sorry. Not your maintenance guy from SFP’s dream at all.



  4. nilla October 19, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    sweeeet geezuz.

    omg i am so *fucking* turned on now.

    while trying to cook dinner.

    that’ll teach me to save these sort of emails for when the kiddo’s are playing outside and i’m kinda alone…me and my soup pot.



  5. The Beast October 19, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    That was seriously seriously hot.

  6. sin October 19, 2010 at 7:04 pm #

    Sounds like the maintenance TEAM from somebody’s dream… ? Yum.

  7. aisha October 19, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    @’nilla {Laughing} That’s fabulous – I’m so glad!

    @The Beast – Thank you!! You’re too kind…

    @sin – thanks! lol


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