Fantasy Abounds – Part II

20 Oct

…One of the many hands touching me pauses at my pussy, grabs the triangle of hair between my legs.  “This needs to go,” she says softly to one of the others.  i gasp, and start to protest, but remember the stinging slap on my inner thigh,  remember that the hands caressing me had also pinned me down helplessly.   

Unshaved, i want to stay that way.  But that’s not to be.  i feel a hand grasp my hair, pulling it up and away from my pussy.   Feel the metal of the scissors press against my pussy.  Hear the distinctive “snip” and the sudden lightness as the hair is removed. 

i gasp.

i want to protest.  But the hands are on my ankles, not tightly, but there.  And hands rest lightly on the insides of my thighs.  They have stopped massaging, i realize.  All attention is there, focused on my dripping pussy.  My pussy, which is hotter than it’s ever been, with lips burning, longing to be touched. 

But no one touches me there.  The hand methodically grasps a piece of hair, snips it away.  

i whimper, i think i whimper, and the hands on my inner thighs began to stroke me, as if to soothe.  It does distract me, until the hands holding my ankles grasp me tighter.   They raise my legs and push.  Realizing what they’re doing, i try to lock my knees straight.  A hand tap in the softness behind my knees, and my knees buckle.  Another push, and my knees are pressed against my chest.

My legs are bent, spread wide open, my pussy and asshole completely exposed.  Hands pull my knees even wider apart.   My ass is raised.  Someone pushes something – a pillow, maybe – beneath me, raising me even further.  Leaving me more open than i had ever imagined being.

The hands between my legs continue – grasping a piece of  hair, pulling it tight, snipping close to the skin.   My body is tense, taut from arousal and being opened and fear of what will happen next.  i am helpless, trembling. 

A shiver runs through me. 

Someone laughs.

The massaging begins again.  Hands are still holding my ankles, but other hands massage around my breasts, not touching the nipples, but stroking and rubbing.  Despite myself, my focus moves away from the violation of the scissors and hands between my legs.   i relax into the sensations of the hands on me. 

And my pussy throbs, clenches.

Someone laughs.

The hands with the scissors have invaded all my most private spots.  My pussy feels exposed, i can feel cool air on it.  Suddenly, i hear a door open.

Footsteps approach the table.  A male voice says, “Well.  Brian.  Ladies,” he greets them, “Let’s see what we have here.”  And i realize he is talking about me.  Seeing me.  

“Jon,” the other male voice acknowledges this new presence.   “Here she is.  We’re just checking her out.  Removing the hair.  She’s already starting to obey directions.”

“Good.”  i can tell that he’s standing between my wide-spread thighs.  Looking at me,  The hands are grasping me more firmly, as if they know that i desparately want to close my legs.  New hands – bigger, a little rougher – his hands-  touch my inner thighs, pressing them still wider apart. 

A whimper escapes me.

He releases me, i think he steps back.  “Mmmm,” He says.  “Smells like cunt in here.  So hot she’s steaming.  She’s a real slut, isn’t she?”

Humiliated, shame rolls through me.  He can smell me, omigod, he can smell my lust.  The crudeness of his comment reduces me to a quivering mess, i want to curl up on myself and hide.

There is no hiding here.  i am helpless, open.  He lays a hand on my pussy and – i can’t help it – i feel myself  lift my hips, press my pussy forward, trying to rub against his hand.    Lightly, he smacks the top of my pussy. 

“No, slut,” he says, laughing.  “Not yet.”  He smacks again, and i realize THIS is making me hotter.  My already swollen pussy is responding to the smacks as much as i have to caresses.  This new shame overwhelms me.  But –

“Good girl,” he says, “Good slut.” 

And the other man, Brian, says, “Yes.  I think she’ll work out quite well.  I’m pleased.”

And i am delighted!  Held down to a table, naked and exposed, and I’m hotter than I’ve ever been in my life, thrilled that these men I can’t even see are pleased with me.

O, my.

But they’re not through yet.  Someone pats my pussy, avoiding the swollen inner lips and wetness dripping from it, just lightly pats the top, as if i were a pet.  A female voice says, “What next?  I can’t cut anymore hair off.  Shall we shave her or wax her or what would you like next?”

“Wax her,” says one of the men, i think it’s Jon.  His voice is rougher, deeper.

The other, Brian, the one who was there first, agrees, “Yeah, that’s better for now anyway.  Lasts longer.”

“I thought you’d want that,” the female voice says.  “We’re ready to do it.”

And i feel hands pulling my skin taut, the skin on the top part of my pussy.  i feel a warmth, a heat on my skin in a small area for a few moments.    Then – “Oooohhhh!” a stinging as the warm strip is ripped off, taking hair with it.  “O!” i’m gasping, tears in my eyes.

Hands stroke my shoulders, my breasts. Someone whispers, close to my ear, “It’s ok.  It’s ok.  It’s gonna sting a little, but that’s the worst of it.  It’s ok.  Don’t make too much noise or they’ll gag you, remember?”

Skin taut – a strip of heat – RIIIIP.  i gasp, but mostly stifle it.  “Good.  Good girl,” says the voice in my ear.

i can’t think, all my attention is on what’s happening to my delicate pussy.  Yikes.  And then the sensitive strip between my cheeks.  O, my.  But some part of my mind wonders, what will happen when they’re through?  When my pussy’s been totally exposed, what will they do?

And – much to my dismay – i realize i want it to involve touching me, fucking me.  I want Jon or Brian – maybe both – to touch me.  To fuck me.  I want to feel a cock sliding in and out of my hot, needy, dripping pussy.   My ‘cunt’ he called it.  So crude.  

But it fits.  ‘Pussy’ is too dainty for this burning space between my legs.  i need to be fucked.  My cunt needs to be filled. 

Skin taut – a strip of heat – riiiip!  i’m growing used to it. 

Will they ever be done?

i’m ready for whatever comes next… 

6 Responses to “Fantasy Abounds – Part II”

  1. Mick October 20, 2010 at 6:06 am #

    Well this has gotten Mick in to a certain …. mood. But, as I will explain, it’s not to be this morning. I guess I should have saved this particular read until tomorrow.

  2. sin October 20, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    Umm, gosh. Should we be reading this before work?

  3. vanillamom October 20, 2010 at 8:59 am #

    You’ve taken the denuding of the pussy to an entirely new level, aisha.


    i am so turned on. and it’s w-aaaa-y too early inthe morning to masturbate.


    damn you, woman!! so wickedly wonderful

    *laughing with true delight*

    • vanillamom October 20, 2010 at 9:00 am #

      Ps…the best part almost for me was the delicate way you/she says “my cunt, he called it…so crude…” a wonderful awakening moment…


  4. aisha October 20, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    Dear Mick, Sin, and ‘Nilla – I’m so glad youall liked it! Have I told you how much fun I’m having with this? And how much you all add to the fun?

    I ❤ youall!


  5. Mick October 20, 2010 at 8:48 pm #

    it is fun…. and tho I haven’t mentioned it much of late, Mistress’s shaved parts are very nice….I would think Sir D would find that very appealing.

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