Rope (Part I)

24 Oct

i’m at home again, after going to Sir D’s and the classes, munch, and play party where He lives.  Tried to take a nap.  But i become aware of my body tingling.  i don’t quite know why, but it’s nice, and it’s energizing.  i can’t possibly sleep. 

i guess it’s a buzz.  i am still buzzing.  Not surprising.


O, my.

i can’t write about it either, not coherently. 

Classes – dungeon safety, and edge play.  i know more about being safe.  More about being not safe.

Munch – food, conversation, great stories.  i wish i could share stories, but they’re not mine to share.  Sir D makes the statement that we agree is the Dom quote of the day:

“It’s just easier to do it my way.”

{Laughing}  Yes, no doubt.  i can attest to that.

Play Party –  O.   Um.  Whew.

There was rope. 

And me. 

And Sir.

i’ll tell the first part. 

We talk about doing an “impact play” scene or a rope scene – i don’t care which we do.  Either one would be lovely.  Sir decides to do rope.

He decides to do a partial suspension.  One leg on the ground, one leg suspended.  That’s  fine with me.

So we’re at the party.  There is a structure for suspension.  Another couple uses it first; we watch and wait.

They are finished.  Sir D goes to the structure – it is up in the front of the room, a little bit lit up.  Not exactly on stage, but kind of.  The frame is kind of  like a swing set frame.  Sir puts a ring on the hook in the middle – like a huge key ring, but much sturdier.

The suspension ring is used for suspending someone using rope, by suspending the ring from somewhere else. Additional rope or lengths of rope then suspend the person from the ring.


He puts his weight on it to test it.

The ring has a number of metal, narrow, triangular pieces dangling from it.  i can’t find a picture of what they look like – sorry.

Anyhow.  He attaches the ring to the bolt already set in the wooden structure, and tests the weight, and then He gestures to me, “Come here,”

So of course i do.  i am  already in that head space of heightened awareness of my own body. 

“Bring both my bags up here, please,” He says.

i’m glad to do it.   i go back to our table to get them, and return carrying the one bag over my shoulder, the other is a little suitcase on wheels.  i pull it behind me.  i even remember, when i get to Sir, to push the button on the handle so i can push the handle back in – my first instinct is always just to push hard on it, cause that’s how mine works.

He opens the case, the bag.  Then looks at me, i’m just standing there, watching.  Waiting.

“Kneel,” He says.

i catch my breath – really?  here? O, yes, of course really, and why not here – i don’t think i even ask it aloud.

i kneel.  In the front of the room, in front of everyone.  But i kneel for Him. 

He has my attention.  My complete attention.


i think i’ll try again to nap.  i’m sure i’ll be back soon to finish the story….



6 Responses to “Rope (Part I)”

  1. Donna October 24, 2010 at 2:15 pm #

    Wake Up!!!

    My thought is that my need to hear the rest of this is probably greater than your need to nap. Yes? LOL

    • aisha October 24, 2010 at 6:16 pm #

      @Donna – {Laughing} Thanks – I’m glad you feel that way!! I’ll start working on it…


  2. Mick October 24, 2010 at 2:19 pm #

    left us as the ones in suspens(ion).

    • aisha October 24, 2010 at 6:17 pm #

      Sorry if you’re not enjoying the experience as much as i did!


  3. sin October 24, 2010 at 6:27 pm #

    Quite funny actually, Donna says do it and Aisha says yes’m.

    “It’s just easier to do it my way.” Yeah, is that ever true.

  4. nilla October 25, 2010 at 9:00 am #

    i never got to comment, but i am loving the story of this experience. i did read it at work on my phone coz it goes to my email but cannot comment that way…

    i love the thought of rope, the feel of it biting into skin, the giving up of control totally to Him….



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