Going Nowhere

27 Oct

‘Nilla wrote a comment on my last post about being blindfolded when she’s with her Sir.   Being the gifted writer that she is, the comment was as good as a whole blog post.  Combined with her last actual blog post, it got me thinking about my early pre-kink-experience days.

One fantasy i used to have – the only fantasy i can remember having that wasn’t a BDSM kind of tale with me as submissive – involved seducing a blind man into his first sexual experience.  i was maybe 19 or 20 when i developed that one.  It was probably as close to Domme as my fantasies have come.   i would guide him through the whole experience – apparently he’d never “seen”  a woman before, so there was lots of exploration.   And teaching.

i’d teach him how to touch me to make me cum.  Explain how women’s bodies worked.  i’d tease him, sucking his cock til he was on the verge, then stop.  It was a lovely fantasy.  i don’t know why i quit having it. 

Sigh.  It makes me smile to remember that. 

{BTW, this isn’t a focused post; i don’t think it’s going anywhere.} 

Sir is going to spend the night tonight, and i suspect that is warding off subdrop.  Generally, once i get through writing about what ever experience i’ve had with Him, i slip off the edge of the cliff.  Knowing that i’ll see Him tonight has been a nice barrier for the drop.

And ususally if i were seeing Him, i’d have been on orgasm restricition, and all excited about the upcoming event.   But this time is more mundane – He needs to be in town,  He’s going to spend the night, but we both have to work in the morning.  And i may have to work late tonight.  We may just be the proverbial ships passing in the night… 


On the other hand, it is awfully nice to think about seeing Him at all.    i like being with Him, being around Him.  i hope i don’t have to work late, it would be nice to have dinner together.  Doesn’t have to be anything fancy – we don’t have to go out.   Just sharing food and conversation would be nice.  Just a normal kind of night.

So i need to go now – go exercise, go shower,  go get ready for another exciting day.   Looking forward to all the things ahead of me, and enjoying the ones i have right now.

i’ll try to do a more purposeful post tomorrow!



3 Responses to “Going Nowhere”

  1. Mick October 27, 2010 at 6:41 am #

    trolling through early life fantasies is an interesting thing to do…..

    glad you have company tonight, sounds almost like a “normal” evening. Slave will be solo here in River City, so an odd reversal of fortunes.

    BTW, Molly has been selecting things for her play party wardrobe. we need to talk and consult…..

  2. aisha October 27, 2010 at 7:14 am #

    Yeah, {laughing} “normal” might actually be pushing it, but nearly “ordinary” for sure.

    Cool – we’ll definitely talk clothes. That’ll be fun!


  3. vanillamom October 27, 2010 at 12:16 pm #

    This is every bit as lovely as a more “purposeful” post…and i have to say, that fantasy about being a seductress is pretty hawt. *smiles*

    enjoy time with your Sir…even “mundane” (tho, is *any* time spent with Them truly ‘mundane’?? time is still together time…it’s about the moments stitching you together, and not always the actions…


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