What to wear…

29 Oct

i’m getting excited about meeting Mick and Molly and going to the munch and play party together.    Starting to prep today – just  a hair cut, but still.  Tomorrow, i’m going shopping for something to wear.  Sir suggested i get a dress, something short and snug – “less flowing than your usual style” was how He put it.  “Almost slutty, but with a little class.”


Classy slut.  There’s a challenge.  Particularly for an old hippie in her mid-fifties.   

However.  i can do that – i think.  Short may be a challenge, being short myself, but there’s still time to get it shortened before next weekend, if i need to. 

i googled “dress short and snug” and came up with these ideas:


This one was titled "Sweet Therapy" which i thought made it appropriate, but really, i probably don't want spaghetti straps...


This one was maybe a better choice:


i like the cut and the fact that it has sleeves, seeing that it’s November…


But that’s not really so helpful since those are available on line and i think it’s too late for that kind of shopping.   i will probably have to try on about 30 dresses before i find one that works.  Maybe more than that…


 However – here’s an option from a real store near me: 



The way it's made in the front might work better for me...


That one might distract from the fact that i don’t actually have a model-like body anymore…

 Ok, enough of that, right?  This isn’t actually the shopping network blog.  (Although i’m totally open to suggestions or opinions…)

In any case, what i wear is not the focus of the weekend, right?  i’m really excited about about the munch and play party.  Not jaded enough yet for it to be commonplace.  And meeting Mick and Molly live – omgosh! 

Imagine – there they are – Molly all gorgeous and flashy in leather and boots (at least that’s how i imagine her) and Mick, distinguished and dapper.  And Sir D and me.  i’m wearing this perfect dress i found really cheap, thigh high stockings, and cfm shoes.  So there we are – having dinner at a vanilla restaurant, just like any couple of couples out on the town.  Only  –

They know that before the night’s over, i may be taking my clothes off in public.   i may be publicly bound, set on fire, or flogged.  And –

i know that, under his clothes, Mick’s wearing the symbol of his submission… Da Da Da Dum… the cage. 

The secret is part of the thrill, isn’t it? 

And then the unmasking.   The exposure.   Ahhhhh…



7 Responses to “What to wear…”

  1. sweek kk October 29, 2010 at 6:33 am #

    the planning/ anticipation part is so much fun… i know i would be obsessing over what to wear too!! have a great time!!!


  2. Mick October 29, 2010 at 6:34 am #

    Ahhh indeed. Mistress was looking for a black corset which she found in her closet somewhere. those long black gloves…and maybe the hose with the cut out in case tshe wants her Slave to worship her during the course of the evening.

    I guess we need to talk to you about proper protocol….. do Mistress’s get worshiped that way in public at these events?

    Obviously, we are looking forward to it as well.


  3. Lilith Pane October 29, 2010 at 6:52 am #

    I love the second dress you pictured – I think it bridges the gap between sophisticated and slutty beautifully.

    If you could find something like that in time, it would be perfect, but you can never go wrong with the LBD (little black dress) in my opinion.

    xx Lil

  4. aisha October 29, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    @kk – Yes – occasionally, the planning and anticipation turn out to be the best part… lol

    @Mick – um, I have no idea – but I’ll consult with Sir before we talk. I want a corset… sigh.

    @Lil – yep, just got a text message from Sir, who favors that one too. At least I know what I’m looking for now! The search is on….

    thanks & hugs,


  5. nilla October 29, 2010 at 2:30 pm #


    legg ave dresses are maybe a bit more on the slutty side than you are looking for, ships FAST 3 days or less to MA…

    i love dress 2 btw…tho cannot imagine wearing it to a vanilla restaurant…*smiles*

  6. sugar_and_spite October 29, 2010 at 4:26 pm #

    You might try places like AJ Wright or CitiTrends (that’s one in my town); they carry more urban-inspired styles that are usually pretty affordable too. I get my “classy slut” clothes from those places sometimes. Best of luck in your search!! 🙂

  7. aisha October 29, 2010 at 6:37 pm #

    @’nilla – Great link! Yes, too slutty for this weekend, but how fun!

    @sugar and spite – thanks! I might have to check out AJ Wright.

    (This is kinda fun – almost like shopping with friends…)


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