2 Nov

i wake up this morning craving His touch.  i long to kneel at His feet and take His cock in my mouth.  Caress and stroke.  Lick and suck.  For a long time.    

i have never exposed so many of my insecurities to anyone as i have to Him – and, of course, in this blog.  

Sometimes when i do that,  He – Sir – sort of steps in and intervenes with me.  Maybe not quite “snatches me up,” – or maybe it is that.   It is the oddest feeling, when He does it.

It makes me feel laid open to Him.  Taken in Hand.  i know that’s a phrase from Domestic Discipline, and of course that’s not what we have.  But it’s what i feel.  As if He’s literally holding me in His hand.  A strange and lovely sensation.

It makes me tremble. 

Sometimes, i try to explain myself, and interrupt and talk over Him.  He stops me.   Then i am able to get quiet in my head and listen.  My heart and my mind become open.  i listen.

When He is finished, He listens to me.

Even if i think i feel ok when we start talking, when we are done, i feel better. 

And somehow, the conversation connects with my sexuality.  It heats me up, makes my pussy wet.  As much as any foreplay does.  Is it the intimacy?  Feeling cared for?  i don’t know.

i know that i woke up this morning wishing i could touch Him.  My body tingles.  My skin is so sensitive, it feels good to rub my own hand over my thigh.  The thigh with a lovely bruise from the last time we played – a reminder.


i want to wake Him with my mouth.   Taste Him.  Feel Him harden…

Ok, enough of that.  Only three more days til i see Him.   i can wait. 

You know, in my mind, i am on my knees, rocked back on my heels, palms up on my thighs.  Waiting.

O, and…

… Don’t forget to vote!


2 Responses to “Craving”

  1. sweek kk November 2, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    craving His touch… i know this one well… it doesn’t matter to me what kind of touch… a hug, a spank… sometimes i just need it… to ground me, to settle me, to remind me i am His… lovely post Aisha… thank you!!

    • aisha November 2, 2010 at 7:05 pm #

      Thank you, KK!! aisha

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