6 Nov

In almost exactly 12 hours, Sir and i will be having dinner with Mick and his lovely Mistress, Molly.   Really, i can’t wait.  Talking to them the other night was so cool – they sound so – so – “normal.”  {Laughing}  Sin commented on my post yesterday, that even though Mick and Molly are Mistress/Slave, the sub sisters are more deferential (to our Sirs.)  And she’s right, of course.  i wonder if it’s because Mick and Molly had been married a long time before the M/s thing started.

But in any case, we talked about dinner and the munch and then the party.  We agreed that Molly should wear exactly whatever she wanted to wear – well, keeping in mind that the restaurants we’re going to are both vanilla.  But she can change before the party – break out the corset and whatever.

Sir assured Mick that if he ends up just wearing his cage and collar, he won’t be alone in that garb. 

As you already know,  i plan to wear a dress to dinner and the munch – i actually found another one that i like best.  It’s deep purple, almost black, a knit material, low cut, and comes to just barely above my knee.  It has a waist line, and the skirt flares just a touch.   It’s very cute, not too dressy, not too casual, but just right.     At least, i think that’s what i’m wearing, unless Sir has different ideas when He sees the options. 

When we get to  the party, i’m going to change into my skinny jeans and a cute top.  If i knew how long we were going to be there before Sir has me taking my clothes off, i might not even bother.  But there’s no telling at this point.  As He pointed out to me, He doesn’t actually have plans for us yet.  But He does have a bunch of possiblities… all of which leave me a little breathless.

Remember the time He played with fire, and i laid on that – counter-like thing?  Well, this time He brought a thick plastic mat – like a pad – to put down on the ledge in case we decide to play there.  When i saw it in His trunk, and He told me what it was for, i thought that was so sweet and fore-thought-ful that, you know, it pulled at my heart – which then pulls at my pussy, making me all sentimentally hot and wet! 

Of course, we may not even use the mat.   i’m hoping for ropes, although flogging would be nice too, and we’ve never done that publicly…  Ooooh, i get shivers just writing it.  He’s got these evil cuffs that send me into subspace just looking at them.  Mmmmm. 

But ropes – ahhhh, ropes… 

Good thing i don’t have to decide, isn’t it? 

Mick and Molly sounded quite comfortable and ready for anything when we talked Thursday.   And i’m sure whatever happens, they’ll take it in stride, and we’ll be reading about it tomorrow.  i think that’s some small part of the excitement for me – knowing that i’ll get to read someone else’s version of the events!

My morning has already gotten off to the best possible start – yes, of course “that.”  Sir was awake as i started to get up and i got to taste His cock – well, and more, lots of sucking and licking, swirling my tongue around the way He likes… and them serious sucking, the rhythmic motion, using my hand too, sliding it over His shaft, keeping it wet and well lubricated with my mouth… feeling Him getting closer…. ahhhh, yes.

So, orgasms all around – His and mine, and maybe some extra for me, cause i really am a good girl, you know!  {smiles}

And now – let me go see if Mick’s posted yet, and then proof this real quick, and let the day begin!


5 Responses to “Countdown”

  1. Mick November 6, 2010 at 7:37 am #

    You are way ahead of me today, AIsha. Sounds like you two got an early start to your day Mistress is still sleeping…. but I expect she will want some attention when she wakes, and I will make sure I am there for her.

    Yes, I do have to work on deference. I plan to pay close attention to you tonight to pick up some hints.

  2. WC November 6, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    The big adventure begins. I’m so glad you are Mick and Molly’s friend. I’m sure you will all have a great time tonight. Those 2 studs always have fun. They have more sex than any 2 people in America!! They are my favorite 2 lunatics .

    cant wait to get the report

    stay well and keep blogging

    your fan

    the lazy but happy WC

  3. sin November 6, 2010 at 8:03 am #

    Molly’s men are excited and so are the rest of us. And a bit envious of course. Have fun.

  4. aisha November 6, 2010 at 8:53 am #

    @Mick – Lol – that’s really all I can say… this is too fun.

    @WC – Oooh, honored that you stopped by and commented! Thanks! And yes, we’ll do a full report back!

    @Sin – Thanks!

    many hugs,


  5. nilla November 6, 2010 at 9:41 pm #

    I am late to respond to day, a verrah busy day for nilla, and i’m guessing your day was way better than mine at work was. *smiles*

    this is all so exciting.

    i’m living vicariously through 3 people! And am happy for each of them. By the time you read this your event will be over, and its only the telling of the tales left to do….

    just know that i wish that i was there with you all…


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