M& M Munch – Part III – The Dungeon

9 Nov

The dungeon is just as i remember it. 


Only you have to imagine the people...


Mick and Molly are as wide-eyed as i was the first time i came hereAsking all kinds of pertinent questions about the equipment and protocol, some of which i answer, some of which i defer to Sir D.  At first, things seem ordinary, as people arrive slowly, change in the dressing rooms.

We leave our stuff – Sir has a toy bag, a rope bag, and a bag with clothes;  Mick and Molly have a backpack.  We pile it up on one of the chairs in – in the room with all the chairs. 

“Can you change out here?” asks Molly, “Do you have to use the dressing room?”

“Molly,” says Sir, slightly emphasizing each word, “You can do – anything you want to do,” and he smiles, a slightly wicked smile.

Mick puts on his collar.  It’s a regular leather collar, and it looks good on him.  i think he becomes a little more deferential at that point, not that he hasn’t been all along.  The effect is increased when Molly attaches a silver leash.  After that, he is close by her side at all times, unless specifically directed otherwise.

The dungeon is warm.  Sir changes his shirt and sweater for a t-shirt. 

i am a little warm, and my shoes are a little uncomfortable.  i had brought some jeans and a shirt,  flat shoes and a sweatshirt for after, even knowing i probably wouldn’t be in my clothes too long.   But my feet are uncomfortable, and i’m just a little warm.

“May i change clothes, Sir?” i ask.  He looks at me, looks up and down, pauses, considering.  “No,” He says, “i think i want you to stay in that.”

(My pussy clenches as i write those words.  Why is it such a turn on to do what He wants?)

Molly looks surprised. She looks at me, “Are you going to change?” she asks.

“No!” i say, surprised myself now.  i pause.  “Molly, for now, in this space and time, i mean not at work, but now, i do what He tells me to.  If He said – kneel – i would.  Right now.  No question.  i’d do – anything, really.  Of course i won’t change if He doesn’t want me to.”

He smiles, shrugs, “just a preference,” He says.  “Because i can.”  His words send little waves of excitement through me.  i smile, acknowledging His claim.

And then our attention is caught by something else – the couple with floggers, maybe, who use one of the St. Andrew’s crosses for a large portion of the night, the rhythmic sound of floggers adding an extra percussion layer to the background music.  We wander, people’s apparel becomes more clearly fetish wear, and scenes begin to unfold.

Mick has mentioned the matching sorority sisters, and i’ll let him elaborate on that. 

At some point, Molly decides to get more comfortable, and loses the dress, adds some beautiful elbow length gloves.  You can see her picture here.  Mick stays even closer by her side, if that’s possible.  We wander, separating and coming back together, as they explore the dungeon space. 

i follow Sir around as He talks to different people, introducing me often to people i haven’t met yet.   More than one person wants Him to do rope with them during the evening, and i’m relieved that He turns them down.   i hope that He wants to play with me tonight as much as i want Him to play with me.   

We run into some new friends who we’d met at the munch in Sir’s town.  They’re from a considerable distance away and have been camping out in the dungeon all weekend.  It’s fun to see them again. 

A St. Andrew’s cross opens up for use, and Sir asks me how i’d feel about “doing something with flogging,”  and of course i’d be fine with that.  But as we’re saying it, before we move close enough to signal our intention, another couple moves into the space.  The other crosses are in use.

So we settle ourselves near the suspension rig, and i can tell that Sir’s thinking “rope,” so i am too, wondering what He’ll do tonight. 


You can see the suspension rig in the far left corner. We're actually sitting in some chairs around the corner.


i hope that Mick and Molly are having a good time, i think they are, although i think they would maybe enjoy the COPE event more, where sexual contact is on the menu.   But i hope this will get them well-primed for more intimate activity back in their hotel room.

As the scene in front of us starts to wrap up, i know that i’ll be fairly spacy later on.   So Mick and Molly and i exchange early good-byes – i want to be sure they know how much i’ve enjoyed meeting them and sharing this time.  i mean, really.  If you’d told me a year ago that i’d be writing a kinky sex blog, and that i would get to know some other bloggers who would then step out of the computer to come play with me and my Dom in a dungeon – well, i can’t even imagine what i’d say!

And it’s  been soooo much fun.  i am still close enough to my first time in the dungeon that i can imagine their feelings, as i watch.  Molly is more transparent – her eyes widen, she nudges me, gestures at the sights that interest and amaze, whispers, ‘Look.   What are they doing?” sometimes.  Mick is less expressive, but i can feel him taking notes on it all in his head.

But then – the scene is almost wrapped up, and Sir says, “Get my rope bag, please.”  i bring the wrong bag first, and start to take it back, but He says, “that’s ok, leave it,” so i do, and go back for the right bag.   (Thank goodness, He’s let me take my shoes off a little bit earlier.)

Sir tests the ring on the suspension rig, swinging from it for a moment, before he starts unpacking His ropes.  He calls me to Him.  With just a few words, He moves me into that space where i begin to lose track of the people around me.  They fade away, become background noise, as i listen to Him. 

“I need you to stay aware of your body,”  He says.  “Let Me know if the rope feels too tight, pinches or feels like too much pressure.  Can you do that?”

“Yes, Sir, i will.”

 “Try to stay aware of how fatigued you’re getting.  I want you to try to let Me know a little bit before you get so tired you’re thinking, ‘o, just let me down.’  Can you do that?”  

“Yes, Sir, i think i can.” 

Then – “Kneel,” He says – and i do.  Gladly.  This time, He half kneels with me; He’s at my level.  Commanding all my attention, he talks to me,  pulling me deeper into connection with Him. 

Truly, the rest of the room disappears.  i’m aware of the space directly around us.  Nothing else quite exists. 

There’s a young man we’d met – one of the threesome who’d been camping out at the dungeon – who was wanting to learn rope.  He joins us in the suspension area, and Sir begins explaining what He’s doing as He does it.  i had wondered if this would be distracting, if it would disturb the connection between Sir and me, but instead, the spell is woven around the three of us.  

So i feel the rope, spinning its magic around me, and i can hear Sir describing what He’s doing, and all my senses are focused there.  i remember to pay attention to how the rope feels on me, attending to the sensations so i can tell Him if anything doesn’t feel right. 


i had every intention of finshing this today.    Really.  i wasn’t looking to carry it on another day (even though it probably staves off sub-drop.)   But – work is calling my name.  i need to get there early today, not just barely on time.   So i’ll stop here – finish tomorrow, ok?

11 Responses to “M& M Munch – Part III – The Dungeon”

  1. strivingforpeace November 9, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    take your time to weave your magic here

    we’ll all be sitting here — waiting — breathless


    • Mick November 9, 2010 at 10:18 pm #

      Molly here…busy morning and did not get to read till now. Beautiful description! Funny too — i think i drove D crazy with my questions and then there was the part where he told me not to point! (think my three-year old self came back — new environment and all)..and I do love the gloves and wear them for real once it is cold outside. thanks for taking us into your fold!

      • aisha November 10, 2010 at 4:24 am #

        Hi, Molly

        Thanks for commenting again!!! I feel honored…

        That’s funny – I didn’t even hear Him tell you not to point, but I can soooo picture it!

        You know, part of your charm is that you’re able to get in touch with the 3 year old inside you… It was wonderful getting to meet you and Mick IRL.



  2. nilla November 9, 2010 at 7:02 am #

    *shivers* how divine.. i felt like i was there. i wish i was there (talk about a wide-eyed gawker!!)

    hanging on the edge of my seat here!


  3. aisha November 9, 2010 at 7:59 am #

    @Sfp and ‘Nilla – Thanks for the encouraging words!



  4. Mick November 9, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    She’s done an excellent job of capturing the experience. I tend to describe events, what I see with my eyes or hear. Aisha is much better at capturing feels and the responses we all had to these wild and crazy events….

    • aisha November 9, 2010 at 8:09 pm #

      Thanks, Mick – between us, we tell the whole story!!!


  5. mouse November 9, 2010 at 10:49 am #

    Followed you here from Mick and Molly’s blog and can’t wait to read more.

    Totally understand the whole headspace you get into while being tied, it is like everything else goes away. Sometimes mouse has thought (in the past) thank goodness for that!


    • aisha November 9, 2010 at 8:11 pm #

      Hi, Mouse –

      Thanks for reading, and for commenting!!! I read your blog all the time – love it – but hardly ever comment…

      Yes. It’s not quite like anything else, is it? Very cool.



  6. sugar_and_spite November 9, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    The greatest thing, for me, about being taken into play headspace is that– it’s one of those things that is naturally focusing, centering, and makes the rest melt away. For instance: if I get blindfolded at a public event, all my other senses perk up, and my hearing is more attuned– but I don’t hear more of the rest of the party– I hear more of the things relevant to my connection with my play partner. The “melting away” of the rest of your surroundings happens whenever you get taken to a really good space. I’m really happy that’s happening for you– it is lovely, indeed!

    • aisha November 9, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

      @sugar and spite –

      Right! Did you see “nilla’s blog today? (Click above on her comment if you haven’t read her blog before…) I suspect – and I think what you’re saying is – that BDSM play is particularly good at moving people into the intensity of the moment. It’s very cool!

      Thanks so much for reading and especially for commenting! Did ya see that you got featured in yesterday’s post??



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