17 Nov

Seventeen more days, i think – if i don’t count today, and assuming i see Him the Saturday after He gets back to town.

i’m enjoying reading all the blog posts about people’s toys and trips to toy stores.  So much common ground to share – and so many great stories.  Thanks for starting that, Sfp!

And i’m at loose ends this morning – can’t find a fantasy to write or a thought to pursue.  Can’t even find a quote i like for my fb page. 


Loose ends… where are the ropes that keep me connected to my Sir? 

And if i write my feelings here, will He read it as complaint and criticism? 

Feelings are just feelings – they pass, like clouds through the sky.  If i hold them back, i am holding onto them.  Saying them, laying them out like stones around a pool of water, like shells on the beach, releases them.  Lets them drift away.

i will spin my own web of connectedness – drawing Him in my mind, holding Him in my heart –

i go to Him disarmed, palms upraised –

kneel before Him on the blanket at His feet –

May i, Sir, please?

Permission granted, i touch His cock – gently, with respect, bringing my mouth closer to Him.  i am naked, kneeling with my knees spread, freshly shaven, polished and buffed to please.

My body tingles.  i feel the skin of my arm against His leg and just that touch makes me tremble.  As i touch His cock, begin to caress, as He begins to respond –

– my pussy throbs, grows hot, i feel moisture building up.   The blanket i kneel on is not so much for my comfort as to protect the floor from the puddle i’ll leave beneath me…

i brush His cock with my lips, just barely touch the tip of my tongue to the top.  Tentative, tasting, testing, feeling my way into knowing what His cock wants.  Again, a tiny lick, almost flicking my tongue against His velvety skin. 

Feeling Him grow in my hand, responding to my touch.  Grasping Him at the base, i begin to lick.  Slowly, methodically from the base to the top until –

His skin is damp, the shaft is growing harder –  

i take Him into my mouth,  just a little bit at first, warming Him,

while my pussy throbs and burns, it aches for His touch, all the more because the focus is on Him, and pleasing Him is my pleasure.  My own wants slip into the background, i am  barely aware of the heat between my legs –

but acutely aware of the feel of Him in my mouth, my tongue swirling over him, i seek His pleasure and mine.    

 i take Him deeper, He fills me… deeper still, but just for a moment, moving my mouth over Him…  sliding up and down…


Ok, i feel better. 

That one’s part fantasy, part reality.  It’s the past and the future.   It’s the home i come back to when i’m feeling lost and alone… 


4 Responses to “”

  1. strivingforpeace November 17, 2010 at 8:45 am #

    I think they know that separation is difficult – and that lost lonely feeling is a part of that deep personal connectedness you share with him

    it’s not his first day Domming

    but I know how that feels — not wanting to be the whiney subbie — wanting everything to be smooth

    when really you’re just counting the days


  2. aisha November 17, 2010 at 8:56 pm #

    Thanks, Sfp – I love the “it’s not his first day Domming.” I had to laugh – you’re so right! But you’re right about how it feels to me, and if you had any idea HOW much I hate whining… but still.



  3. vanillamom November 17, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    i just realized i never commented tho i read this early today. First, love the pic you found to post in your second post.
    Second…lovely fantasy.

    this line especially, speaks to me “i will spin my own web of connectedness – drawing Him in my mind, holding Him in my heart -”

    yes. seeking the connections that hold and bind us together…and such an appropriate phrase for Your Sir, and you, and your rope bindings….your web is no less binding, for being spun with your heart, than is His of hemp or silk.


    • aisha November 18, 2010 at 4:48 am #

      Thanks, Nilla – I’m glad you liked it, and I appreciate the comment so much.


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