And then…

26 Nov

My hands are behind my back.  Not tied, no need to tie them.  Sir said to keep them behind my back, so of course i am.  The posture pulls my shoulders back, thrusts my breasts forward.

i’m standing in front of Him.  He’s relaxed in His chair beside the fireplace.  Checking His messages, taking His time, while i stand naked before Him, waiting.   i think i’ve been waiting a long time, but i don’t mind.  i shift my weight from one leg to the other, and He glances up.

“Getting tired?” He asks.

“No – yes, Sir, just a little,” i say.  “But i’m ok.”

He nods, and goes back to His e-mail.  Or whatever He’s checking on His phone.

My pussy clenches.  i think how odd that is.  Why does standing here for Him, while He doesn’t pay attention to me, turn me on?  It makes no sense.  But there it is.  i can feel myself getting wetter, just thinking about the fact that He’s making me stand there and wait.

Time passes.

i wonder what’s going to happen next, if anything’s going to happen next.  Maybe He’ll just leave me standing here forever.  Again, my pussy throbs.   A shiver runs through me.

i shift my weight. 

Time passes. 

i had been impatient earlier, wanting Him to hurry up and do something.  Now, i’ve recognized He is doing something.   Maybe not what i want Him to do.  Not what i would have asked for.  But i’ve accepted it.  i’m not fighting it with my mnd anymore.

i think i could probably stand here forever.  i’m intensely aware of my body, of course.  i can feel the heat from the fireplace, it warms the right side of my body, not so much the left side.  But it’s warm in the room, and i’m not uncomfortable.

My skin is tingly.  i’m actuely aware of my own body parts – my breasts so exposed, my hands clasped, resting in the hollow at the small of my back.  Actuely aware of my ass, which He had spanked earlier.  Lightly spanked, love taps really, so it can’t be still warm, but it tingles too.    

As i wait, just standing there while He ignores me, the world fades away, nothing exists but Him.   i want to kneel, so badly.  i want to touch Him.  i know – i can almost feel – the texture of His jeans, how they’ll feel under my arms, if He lets me kneel and serve Him with my mouth. 

As if He can read my mind,  without even glancing up, He says, “Kneel.”

Delighted, carefully keeping my hands behind my back,  i lower my body so i’m kneeling on the blanket in front of Him.  

“Turn around,” He says.  “I want your back to me.”

Surprised, i scoot myself around so my back is to Him.  It feels odd, facing away from Him.  i close my eyes, and i can see Him in my mind.  That’s better.

But my back feels very exposed somehow.  My ass.  i’m very aware of my ass.  i can’t tell if He’s looking at me or not.  i’m trying to hold still. 

Now my other side, my left side, is closer to the fire, and the warmth feels good.  i wait. 

And then He says, “Bend over, aisha.”

Just for a moment, i don’t know if i can.  It seems like too much.  My pussy throbs – of course it does, any frigging possibility of attention makes her happy.  Such a slut.

And then i do, i bend over so my head is down.  My hands are still clasped behind my back.  My ass is raised , of course.  Exposed.  i can’t see Him.  Don’t even know if He’s watching me.

i whimper, just a tiny sound.  i feel  so open, so vulnerable.  i want Him to say something, do something.  Anything. 

And then….


7 Responses to “And then…”

  1. Mick and Molly November 26, 2010 at 7:57 am #

    ahhh…. very hot. even on Delta, heading to Atlanta…..

    • aisha November 26, 2010 at 8:08 am #

      Funny. Good to hear from you – fly carefully? Fill us in on any in-air antics…



  2. sweek kk November 26, 2010 at 8:26 am #

    you tease Aisha!! lol

    love the start… can’t wait for the finish!! 🙂


  3. greengirl November 26, 2010 at 8:40 am #

    I’ve been pondering waiting a good bit lately – i like your thoughts about it. Of course, the story makes a nice impression in it’s own right too.

  4. aisha November 26, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    @KK and Greengirl – thanks! Glad you liked it.

    @KK – I wish I knew what was going to happen next!

    @Greengirl – Interesting topic – I’ll have to go look at your blog for hints of what you’re thinking…



  5. nilla November 26, 2010 at 8:43 pm #

    absolutely fucking cruel.


    you sucked me into your fantasy. again. guess that teaches me about cliffhangers, doesn’t it???


    damn you!


    PS…i *loved* this. superlative, sweetie, just the epitome of sublime submission.

    • aisha November 26, 2010 at 9:05 pm #

      @’Nilla – Yeah, if anyone deserves to be left hanging, it’s you, for sure! lol

      What can I say?

      Glad you got sucked in?


      Thanks, ‘Nilla.



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