Six More Days…and then

27 Nov

Having left myself on my knees, bent over, with my head to the floor, ass exposed to my Sir, i realized i have six more days to wait before i see Him again. 


No, Sir, not pouty, just missing you.


On my knees in front of His chair.    Bent over.  With my back to Him.  Close enough to Him that –

– he leans forward, reaches out and i feel His hands, cool and steady, on my ass, low, near my pussy.  His hands grasp me, open me wider.  i feel –

– so vulmerable  – and humiliated – He has never done this to me before, i don’t want Him to see me this way.  i want to pull away, to get up, to run. 

i hold very still.

His fingers probe my pussy from behind.  Not entering me at first, spreading my lips, finding the nub.  He strokes it lightly, making me moan.  

i am so wet, His fingers slide inside me like they belong there.  No longer focused on the position i’m in, i feel myself relax mentally, even while the tension of my desire increases.  i start to push my hips back against Him, trying to fuck myself on His fingers.

And then – 

     – his other hand smacks down on my ass.

i cry out – shocked – but i can feel my juices flowing between my legs, a gush of wetness.  He laughs.

“Don’t,” He says.  “Don’t try to do that.  Hold still.  I’ll fuck you when i’m ready.  Hold still.”

And He does,  for a minute His fingers are deep inside me, and i’m in heaven.  He leans forward farther, reaches around to caress a nipple, gently at first, then pinching lightly. 

i moan – and struggle to hold still.  i want to obey Him, want to be a good girl.  And i want to fuck Him, want to slam my pussy up – and down on His fingers. 

i hold still, whimpering.  My pussy clenches, grasping at Him…

And then… his fingers wet with my juices, he pulls out.  i gasp as He slowly moves back up, tracing with one finger the path to my smaller entrance.  i am frozen, caught tightly between fear and desire.

And then…

5 Responses to “Six More Days…and then”

  1. nilla November 27, 2010 at 6:34 am #

    *panting* dear goddess woman that is uber hawt….i’m… going to work soon, damn YOU!!

    do you realize this is two Saturdays in a row you’ve gotten me??? omg. and i wasn’t feeliing a bit sexual when i woke today…

    well, that’s cured now…





  2. Mick and Molly November 27, 2010 at 6:41 am #

    Makes me want to go wake up MIstress right now for a little digital exploration of my own…. nut it’s only 4:40 Mtn. Time…

  3. strivingforpeace November 27, 2010 at 7:07 am #

    no play date for me – -and you leave me hanging?


    truly cruel


  4. sin November 27, 2010 at 7:59 am #

    Nice story – I particularly like “Hold still. I’ll fuck you when I’m ready.” My Dom does dies. Think that’s why I like it?

  5. aisha November 27, 2010 at 9:59 am #

    @Mick – I”m sure you took care of that urge in just a few hours… lol

    @Sfp – For you, i apologize! However, I’ve been without for an awfully long time, if I’m gonna suffer, don’t you think we all should?

    @Sin – ok, sorry, I know I’m probably being really dense and I don’t mean to be, but “My Dom does dies” – it’s got to have a typo in it, right?

    But changing the first letter of “dies” doesn’t help – at least, I ran through the alphabet and found “lies” and “pies,” which didn’t help. Neither does “hies” or “ties.” So it’s something else, and I’m just missing it.

    But I’m glad you liked the post!



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