Impact Play (cont)

6 Dec


“Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.”
— Lewis Carroll

It’s not surprising if i feel a little like Alice this morning, after an almost magical weekend. 

And ok, so maybe all that angst about whether or not Sir and i would still feel connected was – um, needless anxiety.  But you can’t know what you don’t know, right?

In any case – Friday night – after sushi – and being too late to see a movie – we decided to go to the munch.   We played some games at the munch, and had some interesting conversations, but i want to fast forward on to the play party.   Where i left off last time.

There we are in front of the St.  Andrews cross, and Sir says, “Go ahead and take your clothes off” – so of course i do.  Pants.  Shirt.  Bra.

“You can leave the panties,” He says.  

Then He holds out the cuffs for me to slip into.  They look something like this: 


Only fur lined.


 As He fastens them on me, i feel the room begin to fade away.  “Step up here,” He says, “there you go,” as i step onto the ledge at the bottom of the cross.  Here’s the cross i was on:  


Near the wall on the left

 “Go ahead, ” He says, “Arms up.”  i raise my arms, first my left, then my right.  The ring clinks as he fastens it to the cross.  i am stretched against the cross – kind of like this:



Only no boots or bra - and i don't have long blonde hair.


 He brings the flogger up to my face.  Wraps it around my face; it touches my mouth, caresses my neck.  “Smell it,” He says, and i inhale the leathery scent.  “Nice, isn’t it?” He says.

 i nod, “Yes, Sir,” and my voice is small.  i don’t know if He can hear me.  i know this smell will always bring me back to this moment, stretched on the cross.

Then He moves the flogger.  Grabs my hair, pulls my head back a little.  Shows me the blindfold.  It’s red, maybe leather too.  He slips it over my eyes –

         – and there i am, fastened, bound, blindfolded.

The room and the people were already gone, now there is nothing but me and Sir.  And the flogger.  It looks like this:


Leaning close to me, Sir says, “If it hits a little harder than you expect, and you need a moment, i want you to raise your foot – raise your leg so your foot’s off the ground.  Can you do that?  Show me.”

And i do – i bend my knee and raise my foot off the ground.  “Good,” He says.  “Good girl,” and so then i have the ‘good girl’ thrill on top of everything else.

And He starts.

i tried to find a video of flogging, but couldn’t find one that pleased me.  It’s a pretty thing to watch.  i know He had two floggers – i don’t know if He was using them together, one in each hand or not. 

i feel a steady rain of blows on my upper back and shoulders.  Like Molly said when she was watching a flogging, it looks like it would feel good.  And it does.  At first.

After a little bit, it begins to hurt, in the nicest of ways, but still.  And then He changes it – 

        – and it’s canes next, stinging fiercely.   On my ass, too, and just when i think – i can’t – maybe i can’t take any more – maybe i need a moment –

He changes again.  He has a little steel instrument, like a comb, that scrapes over my body.  Not just my back, but my sides.  My breasts.  O!  It hurts – and then

–  it’s the feather duster, and i’m moaning with pleasure now, as it plays over my body. 

And then back to the flogger, the steady rhythm that makes a background noise in the dungeon.  Dimly, i think that He’s hitting me harder now, and it’s ok…  i think it’s ok, i’ve fallen into the steady beat of the blows…

And just as i’ve settled in, it changes again – i don’t know what it is, it stings, it stings – and then He’s pulled my body back from the cross, exposed my breasts, and is tapping there – sharp, sharp stings that make me cry out – O! O!  Several on each breast, stinging a bit even after He’s stopped –

– and maybe the vampire glove is next, with the hint and promise of pain

     – and more flogger

                     – and feather duster

And then the stinging is back – breasts first, then between my legs – O! on my inner thighs – He taps my inner thighs and i whimper – taps my pussy – O – O! 

and so it goes.  Sometimes He caresses – i think He kissed me once – and the pleasure is so intense 

  and then the pain

                   and the pleasure…

And then He is next to me, lightly rubs something against me, on my shoulder, on my cheek – it’s hard, and smooth – and “Do you know what that is?” He asks,

and i shake my head, “no,” i don’t – or maybe i do – is it? Is it the risotto spoon?

Do i say it?  Does He say, “yes, good girl,” i don’t know anymore – but i know it is the risotto spoon and –

“Just three,” He says, “Just three,” and –

O!!!!!  That’s one –

– the second one on the othe cheek – O – Yikes!!

– and then the third – O, my….

Then at last, He is rubbing me, running His hands over my body, and standing behind me – and i hear a sound – a motor running – O, i know that sound.  And then it is between my legs – the Hitachi, of course, the lovely Hitachi.  And i’m rubbing against it, moaning – pushing my pussy down onto it – 

O – O – ahhhhhhhhh, yes –

and so on – you already know what that’s like and writing it doesn’t do it justice anyhow. 

At no point does it occur to me that i’m fucking the Hitachi and cuming in a room full of people. 

Later, i’m telling Him how amazing it was that every time i though something was too much – just as i was on the verge – He’d switch to something else.  He looks surprised, “Of course I did,” He says, “That’s my job.”

And i guess it is… whew.  It is –

It is incredibly sensual, and arousing, and i find myself in a whole new room of subspace –

“But this was not your first time for impact play,” He says, “You’ve been beat on by other guys,” and of course He’s right, i have been, and liked it too – but this – o, my.

When we had finished, when i had cum my last time and He’d unhooked me from the cross, He said, casually, “There’s some wipes  – go ahead and clean it off – just wipe it down every where your body touched.”

And i don’t know why that was so hot – why the idea of cleaning the cross that He’d chained me to and whipped me on – made me even hotter.  But it did, and as i cleaned it, wiped it down, i was in that space where i’m acutely aware of my body, each movement…


It was wonderful.  And then we went home, and fell into bed, with the luxury of knowing we had a whole ‘nother day ahead of us…


5 Responses to “Impact Play (cont)”

  1. Mick December 6, 2010 at 6:03 am #

    Having been there it’s easy to imagine what it looks like. But your description makes it easier to imagine what it feels like….. and its good to know that the hitachi can in fact be used there to such and effect….. It would certainly be fun to try that on Mistress that way…..after midnight on a Saturday, of course.

    Glad you had such an exciting and eventful and gratifying weekend.

    • aisha December 6, 2010 at 7:43 am #

      Yep, I think your Mistress would totally enjoy it. I soooo want you guys to do that switch thing where she lets you off the hook and steps up herself at midnight…

      Thanks, Mick – and thanks for the musical treats on fb!


  2. sweek kk December 6, 2010 at 8:37 am #

    no wonder you were awaiting the sound of his car tires in your drive. sounds amazing aisha!!


  3. nilla December 6, 2010 at 8:47 am #

    You *say* your words don’t do the experience justice…

    then why do i need to um, yanno? um. phew.

    i am having a wee bit of trembly yummies. Perhaps i need to reread this, just to be sure i read it right the first time…


  4. aisha December 6, 2010 at 8:51 pm #

    @KK – {laughing} yes. That’s why.

    @’Nilla – Thanks! As always I”m glad you enjoyed it – I think it’s just a trade off for how I felt about your story today. Whew.



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