7 Dec

On Saturday morning, i have a volunteer thing i do real early, so i don’t have the pleasure of waking Him with my mouth.  Instead, i get up and blog, go do my volunteer thing, and skip having breakfast with the other volunteers to hurry home.  

My friends tease me about it – “Ha – got a man waiting in your bed again, huh?”  they say, “Keeping the bed warm, is He?” and when i blush and laugh, they encourage me to go home.   

i don’t need any encouragement though – i’m eager to get back.  He’s half asleep again, listening to music and dozing.  i strip quickly and slip into bed with Him.

He’s warm.  i’m cold.  i’m delighted to cuddle with Him – well, you can imagine.  He’s just toasty, and i’m chilled all the way through.    He’s a little less than delighted – “you’re cold!” He says, “This isn’t so much fun…” but He lets me snuggle next to Him and suck up all His body heat til i’m warm and cozy too.

Which is only fair, because then there’s His cock, all hard and ready.    Just waiting to be taken care of.   With my hand first, caressing and stroking that length.  Then, not satisfied, i slide down under the blankets.

We know each other well, His cock and i.  i know the ways He likes to be licked and sucked – only occasionally does Sir need to intervene and direct.  Mostly He lets me have my way with Him, which pleases me about as much as it pleases Him.

It’s a lovely way to start the day.  The taste of Him, the feel of Him. 

After a while the blankets weigh on me, i’m warm enough.  i push back the covers and finish taking care of Him, licking, sucking until He explodes in my mouth.

i like to hold Him gently in my mouth after, waiting til He grows completely soft, careful not to overstimulate Him in that sensitive state.

And the pleasures that follow that are just as delightful -well, maybe more so for me.   Then, throughly rubbed, caressed, and satisfied myself, it’s time for a shower…

And the mundane pleasures of the day.  Although – how can it be mundane?  Life is full of sensual treats.  And i savor being with Him.

The night before, i’d said about twenty times how much i’d missed Him, how happy i was to see Him.  Ok, maybe not 20, but i was starting to bore myself with it…  He said, “Sheesh, I’ve been gone a month – I know you haven’t not been happy til now, have you?”

And i laugh – “Of course i’ve been happy while You were gone too – of course i have,” and that is true.   What i don’t have when He’s gone is the “thoroughly petted and pleased, ready to purr,” feeling.   i don’t think i get that anywhere else.

i feel like purring all weekend long.

We have shrimp and grits for lunch- yum!  (No, ‘Nilla, i didn’t make it myself.  We went out to eat…but you knew that, right?)

And then we go to my favorite museum.  New exhibits, which is nice, and – more important – Sir likes it.  A lot.   Sharing pleasure on a whole different level…

Then home and naps and more of that sensual, ready to purr – and then –

time for dinner – and the munch. 

i didn’t tell you about the Friday night munch, where we played games and talked to a bunch of kinky people – and i won’t talk a lot about the Saturday night munch either.  But it is nice that now there are people who greet me with a hug.  Some of them because i’m with Sir D, of course, but some of them for my own sake.

There are new people who don’t know i’m new, and that seems funny and is fun.  One incident from the Saturday night munch stands out in my mind. 

We were standing by a table, talking to a fairly new couple – well, new to the munch.  Sir D and the guy had some connection from years back.  The woman, a slightly prim and proper looking middle aged woman, said she’d only been in the lifestyle a couple of months.  She was taking it all in.

The man was telling Sir D something about what that had gone wrong in past relationships, and said – among other things – that subs he’d been with had not been good at open, direct communication.  To which i said, “Well, ya know, we subs are not always so good at that.” 

And Sir D said, lightly, almost dismissively, “Well, they do the best they can,” and then –

– time standing still – He reaches over – hand in my hair – twists my hair and pulls my head toward Him –

– presses my face against His chest –

sending me into that space where my breath is ragged and my pussy throbbing –

and He says,

“Even if they have to use a blog to do it.”

And i gasp – and He releases me – and i’m totally blushing, my whole body is blushing –

and the guy is still talking, but the woman, the prim and proper looking woman, is watching us intently – she has not missed a thing – and she may not be sure what just happened, but the sexual buzz hangs in the air –

– and she’s laughing, and i’m laughing, and Sir D says to her – “Look, she’s blushing,” about me – and she nods, enjoying my discomfiture, cause o, yes, i am…. and it’s all that much hotter because she feels it too. 

And the memory lingers, partly because it was an unexpected rush that He gave me, and partly because of her reaction, – and yeah, partly because of what He said.  Something to think about, huh?

Is that why i blog?  i don’t think it’s all of it – mostly, i think i blog because it helps me sort through my thoughts.  But a private journal would do that.  Is this a substitute for open, direct communication with Him?  A tool to begin conversations?  Something for me to think about…

8 Responses to “Entr’acte”

  1. sweek kk December 7, 2010 at 6:18 am #

    i’m grinning big time over here Aisha… the interaction feels very familiar, very intimate, very public and just lovely 🙂


    • aisha December 7, 2010 at 8:14 am #

      Thanks, KK – glad I made you smile! hugs, aisha

  2. slave alisha December 7, 2010 at 5:53 pm #

    oh god i am a sucker for public interaction, lol. When I see a Master/Dom respond to his slave/sub’s blog or hearing stories like you just told… i want that.

    • aisha December 7, 2010 at 10:04 pm #

      @Alisha –

      It is fun – and I know that you’re going to get exactly what you want. I know it.



  3. Mick December 7, 2010 at 6:44 pm #

    He is a very understanding Dom to let you our of that bed for your volunteer activity, then to let you back in when you are all cold…..

    Yes, the blog has helped our communication here in the Collins household too…. Mick

    • aisha December 7, 2010 at 10:06 pm #

      @Mick –

      {Laughing} You’re right – Sir is toooo good to me, isn’t He? I’m a lucky sub….no doubt!


  4. vanillamom December 7, 2010 at 9:44 pm #

    i read this just before heading out the door for a crazy Tuesday in nilla’s vanilla life, but couldn’t go to bed w/o saying…i love this post. i love them all, really, but that He gets you…and your blog way of thinking things through…and the “ownership” way he made that point…

    pretty freaking great.

    it made me smile throughout my day.

    want a quick revisit to that subplace? reach up when you’re feeling stressed, and tug your hair right at the back, there, just like non-subbies do all the time, fingering their hair.

    in a flash it will be HIS hand there…



    BIG HUG…Wednesday is sub-drop soup day…pull your hair and have some spicy chili instead…


    • aisha December 7, 2010 at 10:09 pm #

      @’Nilla – Hey – thanks for the comment – glad you liked it – and for the advice!

      I’m not – NOT – subdropping tomorrow. I still have too much to post about. I’m just not doing it. But –

      if I feel it coming on –

      I’ll try the hair thing.

      It sounds like a good idea.



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