Yes, Please (Part II)

12 Dec

“An appetizer would be nice,” i say, and i’m a little shocked at myself, that i can have this casual conversation sitting in a restaurant so exposed – straddling the chair, skirt pulled up to mid-thigh, knee high boots and stockings on display.   i glance at the menu.

“Are you ok with a little meat?” He asks.  “I thought either the asparagus or the portobello mushrooms might be good if you want to split something, but they both have a little meat in them.”

i struggle to focus on the menu.   My pussy, my bare, freshly waxed pussy is throbbing, hot and wet, pressed against my skirt. 

 “Grilled Portobello mushrooms & fresh mozzarella wrapped with Prosciutto ham and topped with a Balsamic vinegar glaze.  


“Aspargus spears wrapped in prosciutto ham and Provolone, grilled and served with Balsamic drizzle.”

“Either one of those would be lovely,” i say.   

“Or the Calamari,” He says, considering.

i shrug, “Yes, that would be good too.  Any of those.”  i wonder how O managed to think at all in Story of O.   She would have been sitting naked on the seat rather than on her skirt.  It’s distracting enough as it is.  Spreading my legs shifts my posture so my pussy is actually pressed down against the chair.

And then our server is there.  i blush, wondering what he thinks of me, sitting like this.  He doesn’t seem to notice, and i’m grateful to whatever server school teaches them this kind of control.   Sir orders the asparagus, and a glass of white wine for each of us, a sauvignon blanc.

Then He smiles at me.  “How are you doing?” He says.

i smile back, “i’m good.” 

“Yes,” He says, “You are.  A good girl.  How does it feel, sitting here in a nice restaurant, with your legs all spread like that?”

i swallow hard – o, no!  He’s going to make me talk about it!   Right here and now.  Can’t i wait and put it in my blog?  But He’s waiting, watching me, i have to say something.  “Um, it feels – odd.  It feels very odd,” i say, pleased that i can say anything.

“Odd?” He says.  ‘Is your pussy wet?”

Something inside me opens, shatters – “Omigod, yes,” i whisper.  He raises an eyebrow, and i say it louder, “yes – yes it is!”

He grins, ‘”That’s not real odd, is it?”  and i have to laugh.

“No, it’s not, not really.”   And i’m starting to feel more comfortable, despite my arousal.  i lean forward, resting my forearms on the table, my body and my attention all directed toward Sir across from me at the table.

The waiter brings our wine, and as he walks away, Sir says,  “Touch your nipples.”

“Sir!” i gasp – trying to keep my voice low. 

“One,” He says.  i glance around – i don’t know why i’m worried about being seen – we’re in Where-He-lives, He’s the one that should be worried about it.  “Two” has gone by – “Three,” He says – and  –

– and i do it –

tentatively, just brushing them with my thumbs.  They’re already hard. 

“Good girl,” He says.  “Now, listen closely.”  No need for Him to say that, i’m already focused.  The room disappeared when i obeyed Him, when i touched my nipples for Him. 

“This dinner is going to be an exercise in mindfulness,” He says.  “I know you’re already pretty good at that, at being able to focus your attention on the moment.”  i nod.  “So we’re going to test that a little, push the limits, so to speak.”

My mind is racing – what does He have in mind?  “Like what, Sir?”

He grins.  “Like now.  Where’s your attention right now?”

“On you, Sir, of course,” i say. 

“Right,” He says.  “Now i want you to take a sip of your wine.  Go ahead – pick up the glass, notice the feel of it in your hand as you bring it to your mouth.  When you drink, notice the feel of the liquid, the taste on your tongue…”

i follow His instructions, focusing on each aspect as i go.  i am familiar with this, do it with my clients, practice it myself.  But it’s different following His directions, of course.  i sip the wine, savoring it, set the glass back down as He says,

“Now touch your nipples.  Leave your thumbs there, that’s right, just barely touching them.  Notice the feeling.”

And i can’t notice anything but the feeling, my nipples rock hard now, tingling, aching for more, maybe His mouth.  i can imagine His mouth there, and maybe His hand between my legs,  but as my mind starts to drift that way, He says,

“Stay with that feeling, your thumbs on your nipples,” and that brings my attention back where He wants it.  And arouses me that much more.  Just when i think i can’t stand it, He says,

“Ok, relax.  You can let your attention drift to where ever it takes you for now.”

“Omigod,” i gasp – i realize that my pussy is clenching, my hips are moving just a little bit, as i try to discretely rub myself against the chair.  “Like a cat in heat…” i say, embarrassed.  He laughs.

“Good girl,” and i feel another rush, i shiver with pleasure.  “Now tell me, how does it feel to be sitting here with your legs spread wide?”

My pussy throbs in response, and i smile as i say, speaking slowly, “Actually, it feels good, Sir.  It makes me incredibly hot.  And -” if i’m going to be sitting here all hot and bothered, so is He,  “It makes me want to crawl under the table kneel in front of you and suck your cock.” 

i watch His face closely, and think that reached Him.   i touch the tip of my tongue to my upper lip, slide my little finger between my lips.  “How does that make you feel, Sir?  Knowing that i’d like to lick and suck Your cock, right here and now?”

i’m afraid i’ve gone too far – what will i do if He says to do it?  It’s a gamble – i wouldn’t really do that.  i don’t think i would.   No, really, i wouldn’t.  But He won’t tell me to either, at least i don’t think He will.  He’s more cautious than that.  And this is His town.   Surely He wouldn’t…

But if i’m going to squirm, i want Him to feel it too.  And i can tell He is, because He says, firmly, “Get your finger out of your mouth, unless you’re prepared to get under the table right now.”   And then – because there are always consequences to tugging the lion’s tail – He says,

“Pinch your nipples.  Go ahead.”  i’ve gotten a system down for this nipple touching thing – i curve my shoulders in a little. lean forward so my arms rest on the table, cross my arms so the arm hides my hand, and let my fingers touch.  i do that now, only instead of just touching them, i grasp each nipple between my thumb and my middle finger.  i pinch lightly, trying not to moan, feeling the twitch of connection between nipple and pussy.

“Harder,” He says.  i do, and He must be able to tell from my face that i’m feeling it, but He says, “Harder,” and just when i think i’m going to whimper,  He says,

“Ok, relax.”

And i do, and it feels so good.  Of course, my pussy is just flooded and i wonder if He can smell my arousal.  Or if the server can, who’s come up to the table again, appetizer in hand.

The appetizer is beautiful.  Deep green asparagus, the creamy white of provolone, and a thin slice of reddish proscuitto.  Mmmmm.

Sir glances up at the server.  “We’ll order dinner once we’re through here.”  The server nods, fades away again.

Sir looks at me.  “Go ahead and eat,” He says.  “Just enjoy the food.  We’ll pick up on your lessons again afterwards.”  Then He smiles, and i can feel my pussy respond to the look in his eyes.  “I may have a surprise for you before dinner.”


Please note:  This is a fantasy.   i don’t know where it’s coming from, but you know, it’s certainly not likely that Sir would ever do this, and i probably wouldn’t want Him to IRL, right?  That’s why we have fantasies.  Right?


8 Responses to “Yes, Please (Part II)”

  1. nilla December 12, 2010 at 9:04 am #

    “Please note: This is a fantasy. i don’t know where it’s coming from, but you know, it’s certainly not likely that Sir would ever do this, and i probably wouldn’t want Him to IRL, right? That’s why we have fantasies. Right?”

    And i thought de-nile was a river in Africa……


    GREAT AWESOME fantasy…


    • aisha December 12, 2010 at 11:59 am #

      @’Nilla – Brat.

      Quit laughing. Now.

      {stomps foot} Really. I’m serious!

      Fine – be like that!

      Thanks {grinning}


  2. thesubmissivebf December 12, 2010 at 1:22 pm #

    I like this fantasy but I know If I were to tell him that I would suck his cock under the table he may think of a way to make it happen. Sometimes when I get to wrapped up I tend to say things I regret (maybe not) later.
    Nice story.

    • aisha December 12, 2010 at 1:38 pm #

      O, my. You know I said it without thinking it through. I hope He doesn’t… Noooo He wouldn’t.

      Um, I don’t think He would.

      {laughing}. Good thing it’s just fantasy!


      Sent from my iPhone

  3. Mick December 12, 2010 at 5:13 pm #

    Actually you had me fooled…. it seemed quite plausible to me. and we all know you would love to have this happen in real life…Mick

    • aisha December 13, 2010 at 5:17 am #


      {gasp of shocked indignation} Nuh-uh.


  4. slave alisha December 12, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    oh I would SO want this to happen in real life, lol. Including sucking cock under the table. (grin) Great fantasy.

    • aisha December 13, 2010 at 5:18 am #

      @slave Alisha,

      I’m glad you’re liking it!



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