Back in the Training School – Part III

26 Dec

Because only a velcro strip holds my skirt together anyhow, it’s easy to reach behind me and open it when told to.  One simple gesture, and my ass is completely exposed.  As i separate the velcro, i wonder if i’ll ever hear that noise again – that ri-i-i-ping sound, without remembering moments like this.

 “Here,” he says, and i’m quickly bent over his knee, his hand on my butt.  His hand caresses, and i realize, with relief, that this is not a real punishment.  i relax under his stroking hand –

– and gasp as it descends with force, quite suddenly.  O!  Taken by surprise, i am intensely aware of the tingling, burning sensation, that’s not actually unpleasant  His hand is caressing again, and he says,

“What are you supposed to say?”

O!  i’ve been completely distracted by the sensation, and i know better.  “One – thank you, Sir, may i have another, please?”  i say it quickly, afraid i’m already in trouble.

But he laughs.  “That’s better,” he says.  “Pay attention now.”   And i do, remembering the formula for Two, which lands in the exact same spot on my butt as One.  When Three lands in the SAME spot, it hurts.  But – i feel quite lopsided.  The other side of my ass feels neglected.

He’s stroking again.  “Let’s do one more,” he says, “and I’ll let you choose – do you want it in the same place, or on the other side?”

“O, thank you, Sir,” i say, “On the other side, please.”

“But if I do the other side,” he says, “Then I’ll need to even it up and give you three more.  Is that what you want?”

i’m only slightly surprised to hear myself say, “Yes, Sir, please, Sir, three more on the other side.”  

He delivers them with enthusiasm, and i remember to thank him.  After Three, he laughs and says, “Now, one more for good measure,” and gives me a fourth on each side. 

His hand probes between my legs, caressing my pussy, which has gotten hotter and wetter with each stroke.  “You respond well to that,” he says.  “Good girl,” and a shiver runs through me.  His fingers are inside me, and i’m soooooo close to cumming, “Please, Sir, please may i cum?” i say.

And the fingers are withdrawn, a pat and a little push encourages me to get to my feet.  Standing, breasts exposed, back of my skirt completely open, i’m trembling.    “Kneel,” he says –

– and i smile.  “Yes, Sir.” 

Nestling into the space between his legs, i watch him take his cock in his own hand.  He is already getting hard, and i long to touch.  But i wait.

“Do you want this?” he says.  

Without taking my eyes off him, i nod, “Yes, Sir, i do.”

“Ok,” he says, “then you may touch me.  Show me what you know about pleasing with your mouth.”

It flashes through my mind that this is a test – that he is putting me through my paces.  But that thought is swept away by desire to please him.   i don’t know what he likes, but i trust that he’ll let me know as we go along.

The art of cock worship – the delicate exploration of this cock, looking for what he responds to.  The caress of lips and tongue, the hot warmth of my mouth wrapped around him, the harshness of the cock striking the back of my throat…  i try all of these, focusing intently on his response.

i take my time.  i’m in no hurry for him to cum, i want him to enjoy the slow build-up.  i think he does, i hear him moan once, and count that success. 

After some time – i don’t know how long – he grasps my hair.  He moves my head, setting a rhythm for me.  From then, i begin to hold that pace, helping him build to a peak.

It is not longer after that – “Now,” he says and thrusts himself into my mouth fiercely for serveral strokes.  i hold on, opening myself, accepting him completely, as he cries out with pleasure.    

His cum has a pleasant taste – i won’t try to describe it, it doesn’t matter, but i don’t mind leaving his cock in my mouth as he relaxes back into an unaroused state.  He’s rubbing my head, which feels soooo good, even though it makes me wonder if he has a dog.  i smile to myself, will he scratch behind my ears too?

It makes me shiver to realize how much like an animal i am, kneeling at his feet.  When he says, “Good job – good girl,” i think i could easily be a dog, and be quite happy with this kind of attention.  But even happier when he says,

“Did you still want to cum?” because


I do.  I really, really do.

i manage some restraint “Yes, Sir, please, i do, yes.  Sir,” and i’m smiling like i just won the lottery.  He smiles too, and

– slips his fingers inside my pussy, making me gasp –

i’m still kneeling in front of him, rubbing myself on his hand, making little noises – o my, o my –

and quickly i climb up, up and omigodyesyes – slide into my first over-the-top, shivering, moaning orgasm – only to feel him still pressing himself into me deeper – o- o-

and it continues, pushing me up and over the top again –

           – playing with my nipples with his other hand, o – o – oyesyesyesyesyes – omigod –

he presses me backwards, i’m lying on my back, my legs spread wide, his fingers still probing and pressing – oyes – and then –

i’m cuming again, so i barely notice the other finger – the finger just resting at the entrance to my other hole – the one they have not used yet –

and i’m shaking and moaning as the finger, just one finger – slides into my asshole. 

omigod, omigod – the finger fills me – overwhelmed with sensation, my pussy throbbing happily, clenching and rubbing against his hand, and now this – o, this so invasive finger in my ass – o, i can’t even think at all – i can’t quit moving – O!  O – over the top one more time –

And then –

– it stops.  The movement stops.  Fingers are withdrawn.  My eyes open – i had not realized they were closed.  i’m on my back, knees pressed to my chest, suddenly feeling open and exposed.  He is leaning over me, watching my face.

 i move to put my legs down, but his hands, one on each ankle, keep me in place.  i whimper.

“Good.”  He says.    “Cock worship.  That’s another role at the party.  Have you already had some training?”  i shake my head, 

“No, Sir.”

“Even better,” he says.  “You seem to have some natural aptitude for it.”

i’m thrilled that he thinks so – my whole body quivers with pleasure. 

“Which,” he adds, “is not to say that’s what you’ll do at the party.  It would be highly unusual for you to be assigned to that role for your first party.”

i nod, that’s ok with me – well, not that it matters if it’s ok with me or not – but that’s ok with me too! 

He releases my ankles, lightly slaps the inside of my thigh.  “Get up,” he says – as if i’d been the one holding myself down – which makes me giggle.  He looks at his watch, “You’re supposed to be down in the baths getting ready for dinner, better hustle down there.  If you tell them you were with me, they may go lighter with the consequences.”

i’m on my feet now, and i gasp – consequences?  Why would there be consequences when it’s not my fault i’m late?   That’s not fair! 

i don’t say a word, but i guess my face does, because he laughs – “No, it’s not fair,” he says.  “But life’s not fair, is it?  There are always consequence in life.’

i’m about to hurry away when he says, a note of warning in his voice, “Did you want to thank me before you rush off?” and i realize – o, yes – of course i do – not thanking him would carry its own set of consequences. 

Quickly, i kneel.  He steps forward a little, a hand on the back of my head presses my face against his cock.  i can feel him swelling.   i kiss him and he releases my head. 

“Thank you, Sir,” i say.

Following the formula, he says, “For?” and i reply –

“for teaching me about the party, for letting me suck your cock, for letting me cum – o! and for spanking me.  Sir.”

He smiles, “Good girl.  You may go now.  We’ll talk again soon.”

7 Responses to “Back in the Training School – Part III”

  1. Mick December 26, 2010 at 9:07 am #

    Love all the details of this world you’ve created, Aisha. Makes me want to go and wake up Molly immediately!

  2. yesthankyousir December 26, 2010 at 10:01 am #

    I have to admit you have added new material for my fantasy roll call. This is so delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  3. aisha December 26, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    @Mick – {laughing} I imagine it wasn’t long before she was up and waiting for you anyhow. And – o, that’s right – it’s switch day!! Hope you’re having fun.

    @Yesthankyousir – O, cool – thanks – I’m glad to hear you’re liking it.


  4. The Beast December 26, 2010 at 5:24 pm #

    Just wanted to chime in and say I think the Training School series has been awesome. What a delicious idea, and as always excellently executed.

    You know you could make a whole universe out of this. The school setting reminds me unavoidably of a naughty Harry Potter. Imagine our heroine, the intrepid subbie, battling the forces of evil in between cock worship sessions! 😛

    • aisha December 26, 2010 at 5:45 pm #

      @The Beast – thank you!! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

      That would be fun, wouldn’t it? Actually, I have some idea of where this might be heading – at least one idea. But I”m always up for battling the forces of evil. Hmmmmm.



  5. Molly Collins December 27, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    Hey Aisha,
    just read the whole series on orders from the WC! Both he and Mick raved about it. Very, very hot! great and titillating read. looking forward to the next part.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

      Hey, Molly –

      I’m so flattered – first that WC had you read it, and second that you liked it, and third, that you liked it enough to comment on it!!! And in your own voice – too cool!

      Thank you!!!


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