Back in the Training School – Part IV

27 Dec

i rush downstairs to – well, we call it “The Baths” – don’t ask me why.  i think the first Headmaster here was English or something.  It’s like a big spa, with private bathtubs and showers, as well as a huge pool in the main room where the water is filtered and recycled continuously. 

There are dressing areas where we help each other get ready – rubbing lotion on each other, fixing hair, and asking each other if we look ok.  And mirrors.  Mirrors are everywhere.

Male subs share the bath area with us – in The School, distinctions are not based gender, but on where you are in the power exchange,   Subs here, Dom/me’s there. 

i come rushing into the baths, knowing that i’m running late.  i’m relieved to see that a few people are still soaking in the main tub area, so i can’t be too late.   Quickly, i strip off my clothes, tossing them toward the locker that’s mine, and slide into the tub.  i don’t see Mistress L, and i’m hoping that she’ll think i was there all along.

The water is lovely, just-right warm, and scented with lovely herbs to keep our skin soft.  (Herbs?  Spices?  Bath salts, maybe.  I don’t know.)  i’m relaxing into it, greeting my friends, when –

Mistress L’s shadow falls over the tub.  i look up.  She is not quite glaring at me, but i’ve fallen under her scrutiny for sure.

“Ma’am?” i say, trying to sound innocent and respectful, hoping to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

“I know you were late,” she says.  “Where were you?”

i explain about being with Professor C and she shrugs.  “Normally, I’d at least have you write a paragraph, but that’s the least of my concerns right now.  Ladies – and gentleman,” she adds, looking at the one male sub with us, “You need to hurry up and get moving.  Your aides will be here shortly to help you finish up.”

i’m surprised to see her turn and walk away.  i look to the other subs, wondering if they know what’s going on.  For Mistress L to walk away like that is – well, i’ve never seen it happen before in the weeks i’ve been here. 

“It’s the Headmaster,” says N.  She’s a luscious red-head, about my age, with a wicked sense of humor and a longing for pain.   She looks subdued today and – i suddenly notice – worried.  “He’s been taken to the hospital.”  i notice tears in her eyes.

“When?  What happened?” i ask.

“I don’t know exactly,” N says, and the tears begin to spill over, “I – I was with him.  He had just – just” a sob escapes her, she tries to choke it back.  The rest of us are gathered around her now – about 5 of us.  

“It’s ok,” 

“Take your time,” 

“Go ahead and cry,” we say, surrounding her, patting her arms and shoulders.     

But she stops, and i can see her pull herself together.  

“I was with him,” she starts again.  “He had just – well, he had just fucked my ass, you know he likes to use me that way, right?”  We nod – she is a favorite with the Headmaster.  “So,” she continues, “He was done, and i was curled up on the floor, and all of a sudden, he yells real loud.  Not -” and tears are running down her face again –

“Not any words or anything, just – yells – like he’s in pain.”  We are still patting and stroking her, making little soothing noises. 

She goes on, “So his aide’s always close by, and he rushed over to him – i didn’t even have time to react, i was just curled up there, and his aide rushed over to him.  And then -” she breaks down again, sobbing – pulls it back together –

“Then they -they made me leave, and come down here.  But I heard them calling 911, telling them to -to  send an ambulance…I don’t know if he’s – he’s going to be ok – or – not”  and having made it through the story, she sobs and the tears flow.

We’re still patting her and tsk-ing, doing “poor baby,” and so on, when Mistress L returns.  We look up, expecting to be chastised for wasting time.  We’re allowed to talk to each other at times like this, but we’re not supposed to let socializing get in the way of what we’re supposed to be doing.  Instead –

– she looks distracted.  Barely aware of us.  

“I need youall to finish up here and get dressed as quickly as you can.  Follow the protocol, of course, and the aides will be here in a few minutes to help, but I”m going to trust youall to do the right thing for now.  I have other matters to take care of.  Is that clear?”

We nod, and say, “Yes, Mistress,” and really mean it too.  i want to ask her what’s going on, but she looks grim – and sad – and i think i better not ask.  She leaves, and we begin to climb out of the big tub, heading for the showers.

When i said there were private baths, you probably pictured little rooms with a tub, but it’s not like that at all.  There are indivdual tubs, but they’re all out in the open, and it’s a big communal shower too. 

There are video cameras and some of the mirrors are two-way – you know, like glass from the other side.  So we never know when we’re being taped or watched. 

This keeps us from doing a lot o things that we’re not supposed to do anyhow – like touching ourselves, or each other in “a manner intended to cause sexual pleasure.”  That’s how it’s described in the rule book, and that’s exactly what we’re never supposed to do ourselves, or for each other.  When and where we experience sexual pleasure is not up to us, it’s at the discretion of the Doms and Doms in Training.

So i get my soaps and personal items from my locker, and we are all in the shower, washing up, when the aides arrive.  There are two of them, plenty to make sure we are up to expectation.  Once we are washed up and shaved, we’ll dry off and they’ll inspect us. 

Then we move to  the dressing area, where we lotion and perfume each other, dry our hair, put on make-up, all of those “prepping” things.  But i’m getting ahead of myself.  First, i have to be inspected for cleanliness.  

Let me be clear.  i’ve been taking showers by myself for many years.  There is really no doubt that i can get myself clean.  The inspection is a reminder of my openness and vulnerability at all times.  It’s a humiliation designed to keep me feeling submissive – and it works very well.     

As i step out of the shower, the aides are waiting.  Today, as usual, there is a male and a female aide who work together.  Sometimes they are very clinical and distant – other times, i can tell they enjoy their work a whole lot, as they go out of their way to poke and probe.   i don’t know the male aide, but i’ve had the woman before.  She’s usually gentle, but thorough.

In the inspection area, i raise my arms above my head so they can check my underarms for stray hairs.  Tweezers are used to remedy ones i’ve missed, which encourages great care in shaving.  There is a rope hanging from the ceiling – i’m allowed to hold the rope to help me keep my arms out of the way.

i’ve done a good job under my arms today – next, while my arms are still above my head, they check my legs, running their hands over them.  My legs pass today also – so far, so good.   They touch my back and torso, my arms and hips, squeeze my breasts, tweek my nipples as well, but i don’t know of any real purpose for that. 

Then i’m allowed to release the rope.  They spread my legs – there are actually two blocks that i step up on, a foot on each one, so my legs are open as far as they want them.   They bend me over, of course, and inspect my ass.  Well, between my ass cheeks.  You know – there.  

i never know what to expect.  Sometimes, it’s a cursory examination, like they’re just going through the motions.  Other times, it’s more – thorough.  More humilating.  Sometimes, they comment to each other.  i hate that.

But today, they’re quick, spreading my cheeks wide, running a finger up the crack, which makes me gasp, but they finish quickly.  i step down then and move to the inspection final area.

Of course, you knew it’s my pussy they check last.  And check most thoroughly.  Stray hairs plucked – oh, yikes!  Only three today, but those tweezers are brutal.   Tilted back in a chair, of sorts, legs spread wide –

– they part my outer lips, rub, tug at my clit for a moment, slide a finger inside me.  And then, the part that i hate – they pull the finger out and check to see if i’m wet. 

Which i am. 

i always am by this time, soaking wet, and i hate that.  They laugh sometimes – sometimes they comment on what a good slut i am.   Occasionally, they pretend to fuss – “No point in you taking a shower – you can’t stay clean a minute,” they might say. 

Always, i’m reminded of my own need and desire.

Reminded that i choose this.   My choices here have been taken from me, but i choose to be here. 

And i would not trade it – not any of it – for the existence i had before.

They have barely finished inspecting me, and are moving toward N, who raises her arms in readiness, when another aide bursts in. 

Ignoring us, she addresses the aides.  “He’s dead!” she says.  “Headmaster.  It was a stroke, they’re saying.  They’re all up there crying and talking about what to do – all the Professors.   I’m supposed to be getting brandy, but I thought  – I wanted to tell you guys what was going on.”     

We are all shocked, and then she’s gone.  Our aides turn to N – “Come on,” they say, “Let’s get this done.”  She’s started crying again. 

i’m stunned.  What will happen now?  Will the school close?  Will we hire a new Headmaster?  Will we still have the party?  And then i feel bad for thinking about myself. 

i sigh.

Whatever happens will happen.  All i can do is the next thing. 

i begin to rub lotion on my body.



18 Responses to “Back in the Training School – Part IV”

  1. strivingforpeace December 27, 2010 at 7:30 am #


    There’s a plot?!?



    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 7:44 am #


      Yes, it seems there is a plot.

      I have a feeling there will be characters and relationships too, if I keep going.


  2. Donna December 27, 2010 at 8:21 am #

    So what does that mean, that IF word? You can’t leave us hanging like this. Closure is a good thing for our mental health. Now leave the EDJ alone and get back to your story, please.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:48 am #

      Thanks for the push, Donna


      I will finish it, I just don’t know when. Maybe one more post tomorrow, try to bring it to a nice chapter break – although really, right now is clearly the end of a chapter, isn’t?


      I’ll have to see what happens when I sit down in the morning.



  3. Mick December 27, 2010 at 9:14 am #

    Yikes…. this is taking novella proportions. great work, AIsha.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 9:38 am #

      It is out of control, isn’t it? And there’s lots more in my head already. Kinda scary…



  4. The Beast December 27, 2010 at 11:23 am #

    RIP Headmaster. 😦 He’s in Heaven now, fucking angel asses.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:24 pm #

      @The Beast –

      Um, are you sure that “fucking angel asses” is an option in heaven? It just doesn’t sound right to me, somehow…

      Omg, that was a great comment though, I giggle every time I read it….



  5. nilla December 27, 2010 at 12:17 pm #


    He’s DEAD??? (i’m shocked. Speechless. HORRORfied.)

    (does this mean i have a killer ass?)


    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

      Omigosh, between you and The Beast, I can’t quit laughing…

      Yes, exactly, it does, indeed, mean that you have a killer ass.

      And you KNEW that “N” was you! How cool is that???? It was the “luscious red-head” part that got you, wasn’t it????

      {still giggling}


  6. tipacanoe December 27, 2010 at 12:18 pm #

    I sure hope I get that job, now that there is an opening, I promise to keep the school open. Very well thought out story line for sure, keep it up.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

      Why thank you, very much… You’re still the only applicant for the job, so your prospects are looking pretty good! I’m sure you’d be great at it…


  7. slave alisha December 27, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    please please please don’t stop…ever… i love this story. Pretty please? Please please? I’ll even get on my knees and beg some more.

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:29 pm #

      @slave alisha –

      Ok, ok – I’ll keep going! You’re too funny… and I’m really glad you’re liking it.



  8. Aeon's Angel December 27, 2010 at 3:10 pm #

    Please tell me there is more to come!? I am invested now and very much want more!

    • aisha December 27, 2010 at 8:30 pm #

      Yes, absolutely, there will be more!

      I love that people are enjoying it. It’s interesting that it’s gotten this positive a reaction, but of course I”m loving it.

      Thank you!!!


  9. sin December 28, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    Gotta love the “he’s in heaven now, fucking angel asses”. Gosh that’s funny. Good story Aisha. Though… here’s a confession, I guess I like the plot parts too but, I think I like the dirty parts better. The detailed humiliation. It seems kinda wrong to say that what with the Headmaster not even cool yet doesn’t it?

    • aisha December 28, 2010 at 9:51 pm #

      @Sin – that is kinda harsh, but we didn’t really know the Headmaster very well anyhow. It would be different if it was someone we knew, right?


      So thanks for sharing what you like! Yeah. The detailed humiliation is nice…



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