Beginning (Part IV)

10 Jan

“Obedience first” He says again.  “Then we’ll see.  i think you might make a lovely slave.”   He says it quite casually, and a shiver goes through me.  i’m horrified – frightened –

              – aroused. 

Would i make a lovely slave?

i stretch my body a little.   The ropes on my wrists and ankles are snug, but not uncomfortable.   The blindfold is securely in place.   And His hands –

His hand had been between my legs – probing, but now he’s pulled away from my hot, wet pussy – his hands roam.  Stroking along my inner thighs.    Ahhhhh – that feels so good, i strain at the ropes, pressing myself upward, seeking more…

and SLAP – His hand descends – on the thigh, stinging – O!  But rather than trying to pull away, i open more, offering – and He smacks again – a rain of blows warming my flesh, making me whimper.  Just when it is almost too much, it stops.

O.  And why does it make my pussy gush, juices running down my crack, puddles on the sheets?  His fingers inside me again make me moan, press against him – and just as His fingers are there -right there – o, yes – pulled away again. 

“Noooo,” i don’t mean to say it, but He’s making me crazy.  It just slips out.

The air around me changes – i can feel it.  The silence is different.  i tremble.  “i mean – i mean, please, Master…” i say, hopefully.

“No?” He says.  Is He laughing?  i can’t tell.  “Hold still.”

“Yes, Master,” i say.

Hands between my legs, firm, spread the outer lips of my swollen pussy.   Grasp the wet, slippery inner lips.  Tug gently.  “A piercing, i think,” He says.  “A piercing would remind you who you belong to.”

i don’t move, barely breathing.  Choke back the “no” bubbling up inside me.   He’s holding my lips firmly – not quite touching my clit.  My pussy throbs, aches, wanting more.

He runs his nail along the sensitive inner lips, scraping with the edge of His nail.  “Here?” He says.  “Should the piercing go here?”

O- i want to pull away, i want to be closer, so i freeze, waiting, feeling His nail again –   “Here?”  Above the clit.  “Or here?”  Below, just a little below.  “Or -” His thumb on one side, a finger on the other, firmly grasping my clit – o – o, yes – “Or right here?”  

O- no – i think – nooooo – but i’m whimpering with pleasure. 

His hands withdraw.  Abandoned –   i feel abandoned – i can’t hold still – my hips pump, move in circles –  “Master – please -“

“Please, as in yes, you want me to pierce your clit?  Put a ring through it right here?”  And His hands are back – that nail again, running up and down the lenght of hot swollen inner lips – “Here?”  right on my clit – o!  

“Master!”  i can’t talk, don’t know what i would say.

“We can put a ring through it,” and as He talks his fingers tug, stroke, toy with that most sensitive hot nub, making my pussy throb and clench…  “I’ll put a ring through it and then fasten a chain to it, so it dangles between your legs when you walk.  So you can feel the chain with every step you take, and know who you belong to.”

And if my brain is screaming “No,” my body is whimpering, “yes, please yes,” and i’m torn – clearly this is a bad idea – and – and –

“What do you think?”  He says.  “Where shall we place the ring?  Here?  Or here?”  and his fingers are doing that thing again.  The logical resistance i had is fading – the tension too much to bear – and quite suddenly i click into a different space – feel myself relax into His touch –

            -opening my self to Him completely.  

“Where ever You like, Master,” i say, and i hear a new tone in my voice.  Not just submission, not just acquiescence.    

“Yeah?”  He says, and His voice is different too.  Thicker somehow, deeper maybe – but He knows, He can feel it too.  ‘Where ever I like. ” 

His fingers press, rub, roll  my clit, the hard button caught between index finger and thumb.  All my senses are focused there, of course, but i’m not pushing any more, not trying to find that orgasm just over the next rise.  Not that i don’t wnat it, of course i do, but i’m His now – in this moment in time, i am all receptive.  Open to whatever He chooses to give.  


So i have been on Collarme, you knew i wouldn’t be able to resist, right?   Yes, it might be a little early, maybe it’s too soon, but no harm in looking, right? 

And i have funny stories to tell, of course, but – really, it would be tacky to share them publicly, wouldn’t it?  That’s what i thought.  Which is kind of too bad; i hate to miss the opportunity to tell a good story.   But still.  i’d feel terrible if they stumbled across my blog and recognized themselves.

Some of my messages are from people i’ve talked to before – welcoming me back, so to speak.  Which is nice.  And of course the ones from people warning me about other people on there are helpful.     

A few people – very few – have moved from the cm site to my Yahoo messenger.  And here’s where i hit what i think of as the Sfp question.  When she was struggling with it, i was glad it was her and not me.  It’s the “do i tell them i have a blog?  and if i do, how much do i censor myself when i’m talking about them?”

So a couple of people have the link to the blog.  i know that one of them will read this. 

Hi, BR.  {waves}

And i think that’s enough discussion about that for now, don’t you?   

The good news is, i’m completely off pain pills, so presumably my mind is functioning as it should be.    Not exactly looking forward to the dentist and a root canal today, but will be glad when it’s done.  

Feeling happy, and ready for whatever comes next… 

14 Responses to “Beginning (Part IV)”

  1. sin January 10, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    I think you can tell that you have a blog but I don’t think I would tell what blog. At least not right away. I think SFP has a reasonable compromise at this point.

    It’s a ton of information to give someone about what you like and what you don’t like.

    And, as you say you may want to talk about them here, and yeah, that’s a little tacky, but presumably you started writing to analyse and share your feelings, which may or may not connect to some of the people you meet.

    I don’t know, rambling I think.

    I just cannot resist giving advice and thinking I know best and that others should benefit from my experience and wisdom.:)

    • aisha January 10, 2011 at 7:28 am #

      Sin – it amazes me sometimes how much we have in common – {laughing) I think others should benefit from my wisdom & experience too. But I appreciate you advice – even if I might have already told a couple of people… but not just random people,you know.

      And yeah, I think it’s perfectly ok to talk about people I’m connected with in my blog – that is what it’s for – and if they’re real uncomfortable with that – well htat would be an issue we’d have to discuss, right? The tacky part – i think – would be me telling funny stories about Doms that i’m never going to talk to again…

      Anyhow. I do appreciate what you’re saying, as always.


  2. strivingforpeace January 10, 2011 at 7:36 am #

    I think you just called me tacky.


    I think you did.

    I do choose to talk about them — but I make sure that they are unrecognizable to anyone but but the two of us — and the chances of one of the cast of characters reading it?

    well actually — once they know I have a blog pretty good

    I actually asked my D if it was ok to talk about him – (sort of unfair as I might have stopped seeing him if he tried to censor me) – and got his permission

    obviously I want you in the gutter with me

    be tacky

    tell tell tell


    • aisha January 10, 2011 at 7:45 am #

      Omigod – I wondered about that after I wrote it cause I couldn’t remember for sure – laughing – and I thought – well, if Sfp did it, she wasn’t tacky about it. And it was too late anyhow…


      Ok, so if you’re offended I’ll have to go slit my wrists or something (JUST KIDDING – totally just kidding.)

      But I did remember that you’d gotten D’s permission. And I’m going to have to have that coversation with BR soon.

      And yeah,if I can probably be persuaded to tell. Cause I don’t really think they’ll randomly stumble across this one post on this one blog. And besides, if I have a tacky side (and god knows i do) this would be the place to express it, right? Along with my slutty side, and my needy side, and all that…

      But I can’t do it right now, and so if other people want to suggest reasons why I shouldn’t, go for it. I’m open to persuasion.

      Actually, Sfp – if you were in the gutter, I’d probably wanna be there too!


  3. nilla January 10, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    First…what a fucking hot story, lady. i mean…wow.

    that moment?

    the letting-go moment?

    oh, yes, you captured it perfectly…i’d been tensing along with the increasing pull of the story…and then..
    that …


    moment, when you simply …fall into yourself and accept.

    Beautiful way to start the day!
    Thanks, aisha.

    good luck at the dentist.


    • aisha January 10, 2011 at 8:24 am #

      Thanks, ‘Nilla! Glad you enjoyed it…

      and thanks for the good luck too! Finally got off pain pills completely yesterday, and suspect I’ll be right back on them this afternoon.

      But am grateful that we have pain pills!

      Have a good one…


  4. thesubmissivebf January 10, 2011 at 8:27 am #

    Love the story, I can feel the pulling as I was reading.
    Thank you

  5. Donna January 10, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

    I have a few very important questions.
    Is special clothing required for the gutter?
    How many of us can fit?
    And who is bringing the refreshments?

    Save me a seat in that gutter, Aisha! I mean it!

    I hope someone invited Mick. He has hinted that he has a few fun Dom stories from the same place.

    Bring on the snark!

  6. sweet kk January 10, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    aisha – could you please email me at sweetsweetkk at yahoo dot com when you have a moment? i would like to email you privately if you are amenable and can not seem to find your addy on your blog.



  7. Mick January 10, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

    I think our tacky policy at UCTMW is to talk about unseemly or funny overtures from, but not about anyone that we might actually have some contact with.

    Does that seem fair?

    And I am still waiting for the prequel to this very hot story…. how did the heroine end up on the bed, spreadeagled and blindfolded? Who is this guy?


  8. sin January 10, 2011 at 7:04 pm #

    Well, I don’t know if SFP is tacky or not. But I know I like it.

    • nilla January 10, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

      is that “tacky” as in ….sticky?

      coz if she is, i want some too….


  9. yesthankyousir January 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm #

    Lol I love your comments but not as much as I live your posts. Aaaand forgot my point. OH love to you I hope you are feeling better

  10. aisha January 10, 2011 at 9:45 pm #

    @Sweet KK – I emailed – assume it got there. If for some reason not, e-mail me at

    @submissivebf – thank you very much!

    @Donna – you are awful. LOL. Ok, ok. No special clothes required, and it’s potluck so you gotta bring a dish. We got your seat right here.

    @Mick – yes, that sounds reasonable. I may have been overreacting. But I think I’m done with CM anyhow…
    As for the prequel – I don’t know who it is – I’m blindfolded! laughing

    @Sin -She’s not tacky!!!!! LOL And I love everything she’s ever written!

    @’Nilla. Yes. That’s exactly what it means. And if I’d known Sfp had it,I’d of wanted it too…

    @yesthankyousir – Yes, I love the comments – and youall – too. And I am feeling better – thank you!


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