14 Jan

After reading ‘Nilla’s post this morning, i rushed over here to blog, thinking of all kinds of things i wanted to say about rape.  But my thoughts turned out to be far too muddled, and i don’t have time to sort through them all.

i’m all lost in other people’s blog world today – Sfp, who’s been having amazing dreams, GG at greengirl, who’s working on an exciting task,  Mick and Molly, with Will and his amazing guest post, and lots of blogging about rape – ‘nilla and her thoughts on rape,  Ximena at erotic writer;   Dauntless Vitality  talking about the dynamics involved in “breaking” subs – or not, and so many others.   i find myself wanting to talk to all of you at once…

It’s Friday so i don’t have to work, and could probably sit here all day and read blogs.  But i have an appointment with JM, the amazing analyst, so i’m excited about that. 

(Sfp – {laughing} i loved your dream so much i wanted to take it in and tell him it was mine, but i’m afraid he’d say i was so healthy i didn’t need to come back anymore.)

i have some other appointments today too, and then a meeting, and, if i have any energy left, a friend’s birthday party, which she’s having at a restaurant/club where the Cirque Ariotic is performing:!

(You may have to cut and paste the link, but it’s worth the effort.)

Tomorrow, i’ve got my usual early morning volunteer stint, and then a friend’s coming over for breakfast, and then i’m going to the BDSM 101 workshop that Ms. Constance is doing  – and then i’m spending some time with my daughter. 

Lots of exciting and fun things in my weekend…  which is good.  Time to start rebuilding.

i’ve hidden my profile and am staying off CM.   Although – the minute i say that, i have this huge urge to rush over and get back on… what’s that about?

No.  i’m not doing it.

So this is a lazy post…  just biding time. 


On my knees, legs apart, rocked backed on my heels.  Face upturned.  Hands palm up on my thighs.   


Waiting –

         -for whatever comes next.


6 Responses to “Friday”

  1. vanillamom January 14, 2011 at 8:18 am #

    must be something in the air around us…i too have a busy weekend…fun stuff, too.

    and i am so *fucking* tired of being depressed, that i’m now officially kicking my own ass out of it.

    my sis turns 50 in about 10 days, and we’re doing a family surprise party tomorrow…i don’t do the “over the hill” crap…i find it demoralizing, actually, so i copied 50 big penguins, laminated them, and they’re mounted on sticks to be put into my front hedge. The last penguin has a sign that says “this bird is 50” in giant letters…

    i’m excited and happy in my vanilla life…and the D/s side ….? healing.

    i think that post this a.m. was cathartic…and i’m glad to see YOU …poised and open and waiting for the cosmic good that’s heading towards you even now….



  2. strivingforpeace January 14, 2011 at 8:23 am #

    You can steal any of my weird ass dreams —

    but you should be more afraid that if you told him my dream that he would whip out his Rx pad and start medicating you.

    Giant beavers



  3. Mick January 14, 2011 at 8:31 am #

    Have a good weekend….

  4. sin January 14, 2011 at 8:35 am #

    Hey sweetie, sounds like a nice day actually with friends and stuff. I think you owe yourself a little bit of time to just be. But… what do I know.

  5. yesthankyousir January 14, 2011 at 9:12 am #

    I’m happy to see you moving about, I feel out of sorts and suspended you gave me firm ground to walk on today. I hope your weekend is soothing and pleasant. Maybe I should take cue and just relax into waiting. Scootch over I’m joining you

  6. aisha January 14, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    @’Nilla – Cool – glad you’ve got fun times ahead of you too! Yeah, I am more back to me… thanks for all the positive energy you send this way! And – tell your sister Happy Birthday. I think the far side of 50 is a wonderful place to be!

    @Sfp – Noooo – he’d whip out his notebook and carefully write it out down… He LOVES analyzing dreams, and I don’t actually remember my dreams a whole lot.

    @Mick – thanks! I know youall are having a good one…

    @Sin – yes. I think you’re right. Time to reclaim me.

    @yesthankyousir – Absolutely yes – we’ll hang out together. Don’t think I’ve visited your blog yet today, but I’ll stop by later… {smiles}


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