25 Jan

Yesterday, i had agreed to a “no-panty day” at work. 

Yes.  Really.  And then, of course i was to tell him (BR) what it was like.  

But first yesterday, i e-mailed him my new plan, and we haven’t had a chance to talk about that, because i’m working excessively and he has stuff going on too.  But he read it, we’re still speaking, so that’s all  good.

So – i almost didn’t do the no-panty thing yesterday cause i got called in to do an assessment at a rural jail in the early, early morning, and something about going into a jail makes me cling to my panties.  {laughing}  And ‘Nilla – this is not food for your fantasies.  No.  Please, no.

However, it occurred to  me that i could take the panties off on my way to work afterwards, in the truck stop where i routinely stop for coffee after a jail run.  Which is how i found myself pulling them off over my boots in the bathroom stall of a Pilot gas station.  Stuffing them in my coat pocket.

i wore thigh highs instead of tights, since otherwise it would have been kind of pointless, and that’s always a kind of sexy feeling anyhow.   But it did make me think somewhat longingly of Molly’s tights with the cut-out.  Cause there was some cold breeze blowing up under my skirt!

It was amazing to me how much more aware of my thighs i was.  After all, my panties don’t cover my thighs, so i don’t know why i was so in tune with – O!  Sure i do.  Duh.  No tights covering them.   Sheesh.


Yeah, lots of naked feeling.  And it was kinda nice.  Kind of erotic.  Increased awareness of my sexuality.  Able to focus on the sensation of being partially naked during the long drive to work, which was fun, and slightly arousing.

Of course, then i got to work, and really, it was a killer day, so there wasn’t much time to contemplate anything, much less be in touch with my erotic self.  After a while, the thigh highs got annoying. 

However –

there were those moments. 

Just a moment here and there – when i sit down, and feel the silkiness of my slip against my bare skin.

When i walk down the hall, suddenly, intensely aware of my nakedness under my skirt. 

When i shift in my chair, tucking a leg up under me, feeling air stir on my pussy, more aware than usual of the need to make sure i was covered.

When he texts to tell me he’s thinking about me, knowing that he knows when no one else does.

{smiling}  Yeah, it had its moments.

Work is not the best place for it.  Winter not the best time.  But it brightened a cold, dreary day just a little bit.


6 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. sin January 25, 2011 at 7:21 am #

    Yeah, it can be very sexual, the feeling of nakedness, especially inappropriate nakedness. I agree that work isn’t the best place for it, because it can easily morph into just plain annoying. But it does change your outlook on your day in an easy way. And shows obedience, submission, something.

    I get the not wanting to be pantiless in a jail but I do kind of think it would be a good fantasy Nilla, maybe not for Aisha though, just for me?

    • nilla January 25, 2011 at 8:43 am #

      *claps hands* Yay!

      thanks sin!

      *laughing her silly laugh*

  2. nilla January 25, 2011 at 8:42 am #

    srsly? no pantiless jail fantasy?

    *deep sigh*

    o…kay… (giggling)

    You know i am pantiless all the time? i am such a bad girl, i know. And skirts all the time, so…i’m well used to that chill breeze on girly bits…

    there is a sensuality…no…sensualness? to knowing that one is bare, there, and no one knows. Like a subtle waving of our slut flag, i guess.

    now, m’dear *there* is a story….*wink*



  3. Mick January 25, 2011 at 6:30 pm #

    Of course, Mistress was wearing those special tights today….but did not clue me in until she showed up at my office…

  4. aisha January 26, 2011 at 5:00 am #

    Long day yesterday – just now back on line –

    @Sin – You are too funny. I had a feeling that others might not share my “no panties in jail fantasies” taboo. Sigh.

    @’nilla – i had forgotten your pantiless state – and yes, there is something nice about it. Definitely sensual. And you’re way too excited about Sin’s request. You know i have to read it too now, right? I’ll have to just try to keep it out of my mind as I hear theose steel doors clang shut behind me and start the long walk down the hall, avoiding looking in the windows of the cells on each side…

    @Mick – Well, of course she was. Lucky Molly.


    • sin January 26, 2011 at 6:51 am #

      Aisha, the problem is that for us it’s just naughty fantasy and for you, it’s far more real. These are pretend men for us, and for you they are real, and the real isn’t nice. I get that you are right and we are wrong. And I also get that we wouldn’t probably wouldn’t disagree with you at all if we were there in your shoes, er panties, umm, yeah. It’s a bit like a rape fantasy isn’t it? Where we know it’s desperately wrong but it’s harmless as long as it’s fantasy, at least I think it is.

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