26 Jan

So, i was almost through with my post this morning – tried to add something – ended up with the something added and losing everything i’d written.  Even earlier drafts couldn’t restore it.  Damn.

I think i said:

“It started snowing a couple of hours ago here in beautiful Where-i-Live. With an inch on the ground and 3-6 predicted, of course schools are closed.  My office will be on a 2 hour delay, but i think i’ll go in at the regular time, since i have a zillion things i need to do.”

Of course, i’m running super late now…  

Then i said something like:

This is not going to be an exciting post.  If you want excitement, go visit ‘Nilla.  She did a pantiless-work-day-fantasy that’s much better than the reality of mine was.

Of course, hers is fantasy.  She gets to give it that twist at the end where (warning: about to reveal the plot) the guy she’s talking to at the end IRL turns out to be the Dom she’s been talking to on-line.  Nice, right? 

And i see that Sin just responded to a comment i left earlier this morning.  She points out why a pantiless-at-jail fantasy would be more fun for her and ‘Nilla than for me – point taken, Sin – laughing – yes.   Those jail guys are real to me, so the rape fantasy is a little too close to home – too easily imagined.

So, i’m all overwhelmed at work.  i’m leaving last night, and say to Karen, my friend i mentioned before who was promoting the benefits of Spanks – not the kinky kind – i say to Karen, “Good grief, i think i leave more things on my plate at the end of the day than i actually get accomplished.”

She laughs.  “You know what?  That just means that you still have the memory capacity to remember what you were supposed to do.  Don’t worry, you’ll lose that after a while, and it all gets easier.”

Laughing – thanks, Karen.  Um, i guess…

So, i was looking for a quote for my fb page for the day, and chose this one:

“At the end of the day, all you can hope for is to go on. The older I get, the more I realize that just keeping on keeping on is what life’s all about.”
~~ Janis Ian

Then i thought Yikes, really?  Is that how i feel today?

Yeah.  It is.

It really is.

 So – i’ve exercised – need to keep moving here, right? 

The extra i was trying to attach when i lost my post earlier today was to a free teleconference that my friend Ruth Neustifter is doing tomorrow at noon on Celebrating Our Genders and Our Sexuality.  The description of it sounds like it will be both relaxing and energizing. 

The phone number to connect to it is:    1-218-862-7200 x 900944 .  It’s free.   If you’re on facebook, you can find the description and more information about the dazzling Dr. Ruthie at Ruth Neustifter.  She also has a website at, but i couldn’t find the teleconference info on there.  Anyhow, in my book, she’s the Positive Sexuality guru.

 So – we’re expecting 1-3 inches of snow today, they’re saying now – which means i need to get on out there.  Not enough for me to justify staying home.  {Don’t laugh, Sin, lots of other people will, including 90% of our clients…  Remember, sometimes they try to cancel before the snow even starts.  And the psychiatrists will all call in.  Quit laughing!}

4 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. sin January 26, 2011 at 7:59 am #


    I think when your quote of the day is from Janis Ian you are in trouble. I’m just sayin. I think you need to listen to something perky.

    And I do understand that lots of places don’t have the machinery to deal with snow so they just kind of wait for it to melt. Apparently the crazy 4 days of delays at Heathrow Airport just before Christmas were caused by 4 inches of snow.

    But Aisha, I’m still laughing.

    • aisha January 26, 2011 at 8:26 am #

      @Sin – yes, there are places that don’t have the machinery to deal with snow and you just wait for it to melt. Many years ago, we used to be one of those places. USED TO be. Now, most of the roads well be perfectly clear by the time i head out.

      In fairness to my clients – many of them do live on back roads that don’t get cleared, and for many of them, even a fender-bender would be a disaster. So I don’t blame them – or anyone individually. But it seems like as a city we’ve decided that any snow is reason to stop everything.

      And, um, you might be right about Janis Ian. {laughing}


  2. Mick January 26, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    same sentiment as your Janis Ian quote, but much perkier. and yes, it’s been a long strange trip, for sure. No snow up river though. Mick

  3. nilla January 27, 2011 at 7:51 am #

    i wasn’t laughing (much).

    i love snow. i love the smell of it, the look of it, those delicate flakes, so beautiful.

    but man o man am i ever tired of it.

    i wanna snow day –pull covers up over my ears and roll over in bed until April day.



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