It’s All Fantasy…

9 Feb

“Come here,” He says.

i never know what He wants when He says that.  Of course, it doesn’t matter, i go to Him.   He’s in the bedroom, and there are instruments laid out on the bed.  A couple of floggers.  The canes.  And a most innocuous looking paint stir stick. 

The paint stick almost makes me smile.  Really?  A paint stick?

Wooden paint stir sticks

There are cuffs too.  Wrist cuffs.  Ankle cuffs.  And my collar. 

He’s sitting on the edge of the bed, smiling angelically.  If i didn’t know better, i might think he didn’t have anything diabolical in mind. 

i come into the room cautiously, but “Come here,” He says, impatient.  i move to Him, suddenly very aware of my body.   “Lift your skirt,” He says.

i don’t know why that would be difficult to do.   i belong to this man – he has access to all of me, all the time.  But i hesitate.  Somehow, the simple act of lifting my skirt seems complicated.

He tilts His head, watching my face, curious.  “Show me your cunt,” He says.  That makes it harder, i am blushing.  A shiver runs through me, and i know the cunt He wants to see is wet.

“Yes, Sir,” i say, and i begin to lift my skirt. 

It seems to take me a long time, and He says, “Are you having a problem with this, slut?”   Quickly, i realize how foolish that would be, and i pull it the rest of the way up, bunching it around my waist to hold with one hand.

“No, Sir,” i say, “Not a problem, Sir, sorry if i was slow.”

He shakes His head slightly, “That’s ok.  Let me see -”

–  and His hand probes between my legs.  Quickly, i spread my legs apart to give Him free access.  A finger slides inside me.  He holds it up;  i can see it’s wet.  He puts it under his nose, smells it, and i blush even more.  He puts the same finger in His mouth, sucks it, apparently with pleasure.  He knows this makes me squirm with embarrassment, even while my pussy clenches.

“Turn around,” He says.

i turn, and without thinking, let go of my skirt, expecting Him to tell me to raise it from the back.  But –

“Did you just cover your cunt?” He says, and His voice is disbelieving. 

i realize that i have done this. 

“Um, Sir – ” and i’m pulling the skirt back up quickly, “Um, i think i may have um, done that, but i don’t know what i was thinking, Sir.”

“Pull the rest of it up,” He says.  And His voice is cold and stern; there is no doubt He is displeased.

My mouth is dry, my heart racing.  i pull the skirt up from the back too, so it is all bunched up around my waist.  i don’t know why this is more humiliating than taking it off, but it is.  i expect Him to smack my ass, to part my cheeks, but –

– nothing happens.  Nothing happens for long enough that my feet, in my cute wedge sandals, begin to get just a touch uncomfortable, and i shift my weight.   What is He doing now?  i want to look over my shoulder, and don’t dare.

i wait.  At last, just when i think it’s unbearable, when i think i will lose my mind, He says –

“Bend over.”

And of course that’s worse.  Since He’s sitting on the bed, my ass and pussy are practically at His eye level.  When i bend over, i could not be more exposed.  And if that’s not bad enough  –

i’m wet.  So incredibly wet, that there’s a trickle of moisture running down my thigh. 

Obediant, as always, i bend over, fully exposing myself to His gaze.  i prepare myself to wait –

– and fingers fill me – quickly, suddenly, fingers in my pussy, in my asshole – i gasp.  He is holding me with His fingers inside me, i might have fallen otherwise.   i hear myself whimpering.

The orgasm builds so quickly, it’s on me before i realize it’s happening – i try to ask – but even as i say the words, “Sir, may i cum – ” the orgasm rocks me, sends tremors through me, before i can even say please.  i know i’m in trouble, as the shivers of pleasure roll through me, i know i’m in trouble.  And – o, my, in that moment, i don’t even care.

Whew.  O, i totally needed that.

And i am in soooo much trouble.  i know i am.  His fingers are withdrawn – no surprise there – i’m grateful, and surprised, He left them in place while i was cumming.  i can’t help smiling.  i’m still bent over, waiting for directions.

“You came,” He says.  His voice is calm.  Matter-of-fact.  “Without permission.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, still upside down, my voice is tentative, apologetic.  “i didn’t mean to.  Sir.”

“You didn’t mean to,” He repeats, with some disdain.

“No, Sir, i really didn’t,” my voice trembles.

“Stand up,” He says.  i stand, making sure to keep my skirt firmly in place around my waist.   “Who is in charge here,” He asks.  “Is your cunt in charge?”

“No, Sir,” i say, “No, Sir,” and i almost feel like giggling at the idea, but i know better.  i bite my lip instead.  “You’re in charge, Sir,” i say.

“Well, apparently your cunt doesn’t know that,” He says.

My head down, i say sadly, “No, Sir, apparently she forgot, just for a minute, maybe.  She’s sorry now though.”

He smiles.  “Not as sorry as she’s going to be.” 

i shiver – fear or pleasure – or both.

“I want you naked, in the corner.  Now.”

“Yes, Sir,” and i’m stripping my clothes off as quickly as i can.  Naked is vulnerable for sure, and i don’t really want to turn my back to him and face the corner, but i do, and quickly too.

His hand grasps my hair,  i gasp.  His voice is low, close to my ear.  “So think about what should happen.  What needs to happen to teach your cunt who’s in charge?”

He releases my hair, and i can’t tell where he goes – back to the bed or out of the room.  But i’m not looking, and i’m not moving.  i know He’ll come back and want to know what my consequences should be.  i’d better have a plan…

(to be continued) 


6 Responses to “It’s All Fantasy…”

  1. Mick February 9, 2011 at 6:17 am #

    ahhh…. corner time for Aisha.

  2. strivingforpeace February 9, 2011 at 8:01 am #

    ut oh.


  3. sin February 9, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    yup. Same comment as SFP. Ut oh. “What needs to happen…?”

  4. nilla February 9, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    geezuz aisha!!!

    my heart was racing throughout this and…i laughed. Just pure enjoyment and disbelief…your pussy is in charge, indeed…

    oh, my that was simply delightful! i can’t wait for whathappens next!!!

    (if you think a paint stirrer is innocuous…hee…so.not.)


  5. kellyred February 9, 2011 at 3:29 pm #

    “what needs to happen…” Ooooohhhh.

    I think I once wrote that “my vagina rules my world”. They can sure run away with us, can’t they?

  6. aisha February 9, 2011 at 6:40 pm #

    @Mick & Sfp & Sin – I know, right? Big trouble, right here! laughing…

    @’Nilla – Yep, I have a feeling the paint stirrer will turn out to be much more ominous than I realized… giggling – I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    @Kelly – Your vagina rules the world? {laughing} I love that!!! Yep, they do have minds of their own.


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