Guest Post and More

13 Feb

i’ve been talking to BR, taking things slowly, and getting to know Him.   After Part II of “It’s All a Fantasy,”  He sent me this:

“…So I started based on what you wrote – she has cum without permission and needs to be punished…and I let my fantasy roam (a muck, perhaps, but roam)..I want it to be a bit harder yet…..could you take it?

She stood naked before him.  He had not tied her but instructed her to stand, hands behind her head as if she had been tied.  So …she did not move…not an inch.  Bound by his words, she waited, somewhat uncomfortable under his unblinking gaze.  Tho he spoke softly, she could tell he was upset with her.  He said in you, in your submission in your slavery, we create perfection.  You are the perfect woman for this.  You have it in you to be the most beautiful work of art…a Renoir.  You are not a paint by numbers slave – you have better than that in you.

Yet, slut…you wantonly disregard your training.  You KNOW you are not allowed to cum without permission.  And yet you do/did it. 

Yes Master, I am so sorry.

He quietly held up one hand stopping her and said simply too many words. What is your answer supposed to be?

Yes Master.

Anything else?

No master.  She bit back an urge to say i love you…knowing those word were always acceptable to him, but she did not wish to spend that nickle with him now. Later…when she begged to suck him.

You are without a doubt the finest slave woman I have EVER met.  The most beautiful, and best at obedience I have EVER known. 

Yes Master.

And yet, you are a willful slut…”

He goes on from there, and it’s all very erotic and sensual and – sigh.  i like Him a lot.  We talked on the phone the other night, and i liked his voice and the way he sounds, and – it was very comfortable and just felt right.  It wasn’t intensely kinky, but when we were talking, i was all frustrated about some stuff i was trying to do, so it was just right.

i’m discovering that it’s not so hard to find a real Domly-Dom, if you know what i mean.   One who’s all thrills and kink.  And it’s not so hard to find one who claims to be a Dom but doesn’t project it at all.   One who’s so “normal” he’s bland.

BR has a nice way of weaving His kink through the conversation when i may not expect it.  And he doesn’t seem to take himself or the kink too seriously.  Don’t misunderstand me, it’s there, and it’s serious, but it’s also – not.  {That’s really articulate, isn’t it?}

One of the things i like most about him – when i’ve gotten upset with him – and for some reason, i get upset with him really easily – he doesn’t overreact in response.  It seems like – emphasis on seems – it seems like he can take it in stride.  Not that he likes it of course, but –

My usual experience is that when i’m upset with them,  men either get angry back and tell me how wrong i am, or they get overly apologetic and lock into saying they’re sorry to an extent that it seems exagerated.  Of course, i guess that’s mostly vanilla men i’m talking about. 

But BR seems to – it seems like He can take it in stride, and recognize that – that it’s about me – that whatever i’m upset or even angry about is about me, and he can just recognize it without over-reacting in any direction.  i don’t mean that he blames me, just that he recognizes it’s how i feel. 

i don’t know if that makes sense, but we talk about it, and work it out – in a way that works for both of us.   Maybe that’s something other people can take for granted, but i don’t. 

– i was going to write more, but i hit “publish” instead of “preview” and since it’s really time for me to go exercise, i think maybe that was a sign that i’m finished here {laughing}  So i’ll stop for now.


7 Responses to “Guest Post and More”

  1. Mick February 13, 2011 at 6:37 am #

    It’s always nice to have an extra correspondent to ad to the blog isn’t it… particularly when one’s muse is taking a holiday.

    Nice contribution BR.

  2. sin February 13, 2011 at 9:02 am #

    Maybe we are on the same cycle, since I also felt like my creative muse had taken a holiday. When I saw your title I thought “wow I wish my Dom would guest post”, but actually I could do this too, fold his words in for a post. So good idea.

    Your comments here about anger are interesting aren’t they?

  3. nilla February 13, 2011 at 9:48 am #

    This is kewl…i like his version as well.

    in some ways he seems a ton like my Sir B (who becomes my Master next Sunday!!!)—very low key about his Dominance, but it’s there…and since our near-break-up a month ago, it’s a bit more prominent…but we were friends before he ever fucked me.

    it sounds like a foundation…a good, solid foundation…is being carefully laid here, aisha. one brick at a time, mortar being smoothed…finding the lumps and working them out….nothing happens when you get frustrated at lumpy mortar…if you ignore it…it makes the brickwork weak….if you pound it…you get sore/hurt…but if you take the time to mix and stir it carefully at the start?

    hmmm…there’s a whole bunch of mixing going on there, isn’t that interesting?*wiggles eyebrows*….

    and something sturdy and strong rises on the crumbled sands of the past….

    Love you!


  4. kellyred February 13, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    What you wrote about him being a confident Dom,not too over the top yet not apologetic, and about how he handles your anger…I’m going to ask W to read your post. You so frequently put into words the things I try so hard to say. Thank you.

  5. aisha February 13, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    @Mick {laughing} yeah, it was a real blessing today…

    @Sin – Cool – can’t wait to hear what Master of Sin says… and yeah, I think my comments about anger are intersting, and am curious as to what you found interesting! I mean, I know why it’s interesting to me – but not sure what struck you.

    Heaven knows I got some issues – and anger’s an area with a lot of room for growth. I’ve been working on it for a while now, seems like a lifetime…

    @’Nilla – Omigosh, you should read the rest of it! You’d love it.

    Yeah, we’re doing something signifiant, he and I are. It scares me and I’m not sure I understand it and it scares me, but there it is. Not scares me because I think he’s psycho killer, scares me cause he might be – well, never mind. It’s too late in the day to think about it. I like your brickyard analogy a lot.

    Thank you.

    @Kelly – cool – borrow my words anytime you like – hope it starts some good discussion with him and that he hears what you need him to hear, in your voice.



  6. Ally February 15, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    That’s the best kind of guy, the one who takes it in stride, isn’t reactive. I have a guy friend like that and I appreciate that so much about him. It actually makes me less jumpy about things that bother me bc I know I can just say what’s on my mind and not worry about how he’ll react.

    • aisha February 16, 2011 at 4:26 am #

      @Ally – yeah, I think you’re right. I’ve never “had” one like this – so it’s strange and exciting…

      Thanks for reading, and for taking the time to comment!


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