Missing the kink

10 Mar

i had no idea that my strange little fantasy yesterday would get such a strong reaction – i mean, really, if i’ve squicked out ‘Nilla, i think i should get some kind of prize…  {laughing} 

So my internet’s back, and because i’m so happy to have the universe back, i’ve spent my writing time catching up on OPB’s.  Nice way to spend time, not so good for my blog.

Got this from Donna last night:

and thought i’d share it here.  Classic Donna, right?

{Mick – there’s no conflict of interest here, right?  i know you’ve got her on your masthead, but you don’t have an exclusive contract, do you?}

MoR didn’t get the house He was chasing yesterday, so the hunt continues…  We’ve barely communicated still, thanks to Him being busy and me not having internet yesterday.  Although, i was able to download g-talk on my iphone for the future, but by the time i got it done, it was my bedtime.

And look at this post – where’s the kinky sex?

No where to be found.

i don’t mean my blog has to be about sex all the time – obviously not.  But you know, here i am and – o, never mind.


One hand in my hair, He pushes me over the arm of the couch.  His hands are firm, insistent.  He rubs my ass.

And releases me.  Steps back.  i can feel a pocket of cool air around me – He had been heating me, now i gasp with shock.

i can hear Him, busy with something.  i hope it’s something for me, waiting here, ass in the air.  i feel like crying – doesn’t He know i need His touch?

And then – at last – He’s back – His hands rubbing, touching, fingers sliding deep into my pussy, feeling the wetness waiting there for Him.  i wiggle, trying to impale myself deeper on His finger. 

He laughs.  “That’s it,” He says, “Can you talk another?” but the next finger is inside me before He’s finished asking, and i moan, omigosh, yes.

Then, fingers still inside me, He begins to smack my ass, alternating cheeks, slowly at first, then faster, building speed as He goes.  

i am squirming, then struggling, but the fingers inside me hold me firmly in place.  There is no escape.

And, dismayed, i realize that i am getting wetter all the time.  That through the fiery pain on my ass, my arousal is clear.

i don’t want Him to keep spanking me, truly i don’t.  He shows no signs of letting up, it is a fierce spanking, and i’m whimpering first, then crying out – O- and finally –

i begin to say, “O, please stop – please – that’s enough  – please, Master, that hurts, that really hurts…”

And He continues, each smack landing exactly where He wants it, since with His fingers inside me, He can move me the way He wants… and He does, He raises my ass to meet His hand as it falls on –

– each smack makes me cry out now, and i plead with Him… until – quite suddenly –

i reach that space where i relax into it again.  It still hurts – make no mistake about it – it hurts, but i can reach for it, offer it instead of fighting it.

i relax and He can tell that i’m in that other space…

He doesn’t stop there, He doesn’t stop, but the slaps on my ass feel different now, and i moan and whimper with a different tone.  i want this now, want to be His, want to belong, want Him to do as He pleases with me…

“Who do you belong to?” He asks.

“You, Master, i belong to You.”




4 Responses to “Missing the kink”

  1. Mick March 10, 2011 at 6:38 am #

    excellent meditation, AIsha. and no, Donn does not ahve a non-compete…. clearly sloppy record keeping on my part. Mick

    • aisha March 10, 2011 at 6:33 pm #

      Well, thank goodness, I was afraid there might be some litigation involved, and I wouldn’t want that.


  2. Donna March 10, 2011 at 12:05 pm #

    Oh Aisha, I’m so pleased you enjoyed the lovely picture of Nurse Pussy that I sent you. And yes dear, if you can make ‘nilla flinch I would say you have reached a new level of weirding people out. Welcome to my world! I’ll have to check the prize box at Nurse Pussy’s office and see if she has anything appropriately inappropriate for you for being such a good girl.


    • aisha March 10, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

      Thanks for the affirmation on my ability to get to ‘Nilla. It may be the high point of my week! As for Nurse Pussy’s “prize box” – um, Donna – I don’t know – I’m a little skeptical about what might be in there… But thanks for the “good girl” – I’m taking those anywhere I can get them!

      hugs back,


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