14 Apr

“Come here,” He says.

i stand in front of Him.  It’s late, and i’m tired.  i try to put some enthusiasm in my stance.

“Take off your robe,” He says.  i slide it off, letting it pool at my feet.  i am naked.

His gaze is steady on me.  Then ~

“Come here,” He says, holding out His arms.

i crawl into His lap.  Curl up in His arms. 

He snuggles me close to Him. 

Strokes my hair.

Softly, close to my ear, He says, “I think you need to be spanked.”

A shiver runs through me that shakes my body. 

My pussy clenches. 

The rest of my body begins to relax.  Yes, yes i do need to be spanked.

“Here,” He says, and He helps me stand up.  He moves to the couch, sits down, and helps me arrange my body so i’m lying face down, draped over His lap.

i sigh.  It feels good just to lie here like this.

Then He raises one knee, and i become more aware that my ass is poised for a spanking.  i feel the roughness of His jeans against my body.

He rubs my ass, and i sigh with pleasure.  Ahhhhhh.  He could do that for days, and i’d be perfectly happy.

His hand slides between my legs.  i am already wet, His fingers slip inside me, and i whimper, moan.  Press myself back towards him.   Ohhhhhhh.  Nice….

Fingers withdrawn.

There is a pause – that moment – when i know His hand is rising, hovering above my ass ~ that breath-holding moment before ~~


it lands, His hand lands on my right ass cheek – O!!!

Waves of sensation ripple through my body. O, i can feel that through my legs, all the way to my feet.  O.

i sigh, i can feel my body letting go.  When the second one lands, i welcome it.

He settles into a rhythm, rubbing lightly, then smacking hard.  i know my ass will have His hand prints.  The thought makes me smile.

In a minute, i will begin to squirm.  i’ll begin to want Him to stop again.  And i know that He won’t.

He won’t stop until He’s ready to. 

Mmmmmm.  i settle in.  Wrap my arms around His thigh.

He continues  ~ rub ~ spank ~ rub ~ spank, but the rhythm has picked up speed ~ the rubbing is less, the smack, the stinging smack follows quickly.

i whimper.

And then there is barely a rub between the smacks, His hand brushes my ass as He raises it to bring it down again ~


My legs are moving, squirming, trying to push ~


My thoughts stop ~ there is only sensation, the stinging, burning heat of my ass ~~~~  

~~~~ and as His hand lands yet again, and i think i may not be able to take this, this may be too much ~~~~

He says, “Breathe.  Breathe now,” and

 i let my breath out, inhale deeply – O – yes, i had stopped, stopped breathing, this is better, yes… and my body goes limp as i welcome the pain, breathe into it, breathe through it….

and He stops.

“Good girl,” He says.

His hand strokes my ass, tenderly, tracing the welts, the marks of His fingers.

“Can you get up?” He asks.

i consider.  My legs may be a little wobbly, but i think i can.  “Yes, Sir, i think so,” i say.

“I want you to get up,” He says, “and go get ready for bed.  I’ll come tuck you in, in a minute.”

i stand, a little shaky, but He steadies me.  And then ~ i can’t just walk away.  i feel ~

~my body feels ~ tingly ~ i feel satisfied ~ so satisified, as if i’ve had a half-dozen orgasms.   And i can’t just walk away ~ i want to tell Him, and i can’t find the words.  But i turn to Him ~

~ He is standing too, i look up at Him, and i say the only words i can find, “Thank You, Master.”

He just smiles, fists His hand in my hair, and turns me toward the  bedroom.

“Go,” He says.


4 Responses to “Tired”

  1. vanillamom April 14, 2011 at 8:41 am #

    this was so beautiful, so powerful…

    thank you,aisha…breathtaking in its simplicity…acceptance, need, submission, and so yet so powerful, too.

    Trust, and pain, and obedience…sensual rather than sexual.

    i really loved this.


    • aisha April 14, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

      Thank you, ‘Nilla – you do the most lovely descriptions of things. I appreciate that so much


  2. xantu April 14, 2011 at 9:09 am #

    Mmmm… bedtime spankings… nice.

    • aisha April 14, 2011 at 9:36 pm #

      @Xantu – Yes. Wishing for one tonight too…


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