Sin’s Challenge

16 May

“World Naked Gardening Day,” i mentally roll my eyes.  “Wonder who thought this one up?”  It doesn’t matter who did,  the professors in the training school are enjoying it to the max.

Today, we are allowed to wear gloves, to protect our hands, and shoes {not heels} but are naked otherwise.  It is an odd sensation, not unpleasant, to be working in the nude.   The sun is shining, and it’s warm and pleasant. 

i don’t usually even work in the garden; i grin remembering YS last night whispering in the shower.  “i’m a house slave,” she said, “i don’t do yards!”    

But today we are all being sent out to pull weeds, to dig and plant flowers in the garden that surrounds the school.  A high stone wall encloses the gardens, but any visitor could drive up and see us scattered throughout the yard.

The professors enjoy this day immensely, and bring lawn chairs so they can relax as we cut grass and trim the hedges.  It might not be an all day job, but they interrupt often ~~

“Come here, slave, you need to put more lotion on your ass.”

“Come here, slut, i need my cock attended to.”

“Come here, slave, let me see if that pussy is wet.”  They like to just check, thrusting fingers inside me, and yes, of course i’m wet, knowing that i may be used at any moment.

i don’t mind the gardening ~ or the finger-fucking, for that matter.  Since i don’t have any skills, they’ve put me to cutting the grass.  i’m using the reel mower instead of a power mower, so it’s a long slow process, but good exercise for sure.  And i think they enjoy watching my naked body, muscles tensed as i push my way up and down the yard.

i like the feeling too, there’s a heightened intensity to everything.  Feeling the sun on my skin, my awareness of each movement ~ my breasts, my arms and legs straining to push the mower, my ass flexing with each step.

As i push, my mind drifts.  My training is proceding on schedule; Professor C tells me so, and that makes me very happy.  i have only been there a week, and am considered competent at using my mouth and tongue.     

Just last night…

We are at dinner, and there are guests.  For the first time, i am allowed to service one of  the guests, an honor usually reserved for the more senior girls.  Professor C observes me, which puts me even more on edge, since i love to please Him.  When i am finished, being sure to swallow, and ask permission to clean his cock with my mouth, the guest rates my skill level at 4.6 out of a possible 5.

That’s not good enough, but it’s not a bad beginning.  Of course there’s a spanking after ~ we’re expected to achieve a rating of  5.   But Professor C spanks me Himself, while the visitor watches.  He turns me over his knee, and uses his hand til i can barely hold my position.

The memory is sweet.

Then Professor C lets me practice on Him too, an honor i appreciate greatly.  He could have given me a dildo and sent me to the corner to work with it, but instead i’m allowed to kneel in front of Him and worship His cock.

He rates my effort a 4.8, which is better, but still earns me another spanking.   Before He sends me off to bed, He lets me kneel in front of him one more time.  He says:

“You did well.  You may have an orgasm tonight.”  

i am grateful for that, because the taste of cock, the stimulation of my mouth, followed by the spankings, have left me hot and wet beyond description.  My pussy has been sadly neglected all evening.  

i know that’s the standard at this point in my training.  i know i’m supposed to be learning the value of pleasing rather than being pleased.  i know that at this point, each orgasm has to be earned.  But it’s still difficult.  

The prospect of an orgasm thrills me, and i’m smiling with delight.

“Thank you, Sir,” i say. 

“We are moving you to the next level of training” He says.  “You still need to practice using your mouth, of course, but it is time to begin training your ass.”

This sends shivers through me.  i can’t speak.

He raises an eyebrow.  “Did i hear you say, ‘Yes, Sir?’  Or ‘Thank You, Sir’?”

“O!  Thank you, Sir,” i say, as quickly as i can.  i know it’s too late, and He shakes His head.  

“Get me the cane,” He says sternly.

i hurry to get it, not wanting to be in more trouble.  As i hand it to him, i kneel.  

He holds the cane to my lips and i kiss it lightly.

“What am i caning you for?” He asks.

i hate this part.  But i say it, “For being slow to express my willingness to obey, Sir.”

He nods.  “Three.” He says.  “Give me your ass.”  

He helps me get in position, a hand in my hair.  He turns me sideways so he can swing the cane freely with little effort.  He doesn’t need to tell me the rest of what i’m expected to do.  

Ass raised, head down, i’m prepared.

He brings the cane down quickly, hard.  It burns, stings, and i gasp, but i’m quick to say, “One – thank you Sir.  May i have another please?”  

The second one feels harder, cutting above the first, and i know there will be welts.  But i mange to respond, “Two, thank You, Sir, may i have another, please?”

The third one makes me cry out, and it’s a challenge, but i say it, “Three.  Thank you, Sir,” and then, because i know better than to stop, i force the words out, “May i have another, please?”

Mercifully, He laughs.  “No,” He says, “not right now.”

He lets me get back up before i kiss the cane again, and He hands it to me to put away.

Then i am kneeling in front of Him again, and He says, “So we’ll start ass training tomorrow.”  He takes my chin, slips His thumb into my mouth, presses it firmly against my tongue.  

“You know the taste and feel of cock in your mouth,” He says.  He’s right i do – it’s as if i can taste Him all the time.  “you’ll continue to have opportunities to serve us that way.” He goes on,  “you should always feel that your mouth is open and receptive to any of us at any time.”

Of course i feel that way, and i’m sucking his thumb without even thinking about it, 

He smiles.  “When i get through training you, your ass will be just as open and receptive as your mouth is now.  Is that clear, slave?”

i nod, still sucking His thumb.  With Him in my mouth, even just His thumb, i feel secure, like i can do anything He wants.

All this is going through my mind while i cut the grass, naked, out in the yard with a bunch of other naked slaves, pushing the little mower up and down, trying to keep the lines straight.

As i move close to the spot where Professor C has been sitting, He stands up, and motions to me to come closer.  i hope He is going to play with me.  But ~  “Good job,” He says,  “Just a few more rows to go.”  He folds his chair.  

“Come inside when you’re done, Slave. You are due an ass fucking.”

8 Responses to “Sin’s Challenge”

  1. Mick May 16, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    AHHH… great job, Mick.

  2. striving for peace May 16, 2011 at 7:20 am #

    Well done!


  3. sin May 16, 2011 at 7:42 am #

    Nice. I love the elegance of the way you write naughty stuff.

  4. vanillamom May 16, 2011 at 9:35 am #

    OH…i love this school. i’m so glad we’ve returned to peer into the windows once again!

    Wonderful use of the phrase….beautifully braided into the story (and the backstory!)



  5. ewoman88 May 16, 2011 at 9:40 am #

    this is almost a proper english boarding school…. 😛

  6. Donna May 16, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    Very good chapter.


  7. k May 16, 2011 at 5:20 pm #

    Aaaaa wowsa you got it d-o-n-e aisha. 🙂



  8. aisha May 16, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    Thank you all so much, Mick and Sfp – I appreciate the kind words.

    @ Sin – Thank you – I love that you think it’s elegant!

    @”nilla, Thank you, Ma’am! {O, wait a minute, we decided not to do that, didn’t we?} Um, thank you very much though – I can’t wait to read yours!

    @ewoman – laughing… it kind of feels that way to me too. It might actually be in England!

    @Donna, You are too kind… thank you very much!

    @K – laughing… thank you too!



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