The Essay

13 Jun

“Come here,” He says.

i gasp.

He is behind me, right behind me, His voice in my ear, His hand in my hair.

i’d been sitting there naked forever, writing the essay He’d assigned.   Thank goodness, i’m finished.  

His hand in my hair guides me, away from the table, into the living room.   He stops me in front of His chair, a hand on my shoulder presses me down to my knees.

My pussy is throbbing already.  All this writing about spanking, thinking about it, thinking about my mouth on Him, His hands on me…  i am so wet already.

i kneel the way He likes, my knees slightly spread, back straight.  One hand rests on my thigh, palm up.  To my surprise, i’m holding the essay in my other hand.  

He laughs.  “I see you’re prepared.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say.

He takes the pages from me {yes, pages} and settles Himself in His chair.  “Let’s see how you did with this assignment,” He says.  “Because you know what happens to school girls who don’t do their work well…” and He looks at me in the way that makes my heart beat faster, makes me wetter, makes me hope beyond all reason that i’ve pleased Him.

“Yes, Sir,” i say.

“What happens to them?” He asks.  “Naughty school girls, what happens to them?”

“They – they get punished, Sir,” i say, and my pussy clenches, a shiver runs through me.

“That’s right,” He says.  “In front of the whole class, maybe.” He’s smiling, His voice is light and pleasant.  “If you were in My class, I’d make you come to the front of the room and bend over.  I’d have a bench and you’d have to bend over with both hands on the bench.

“Then I’d make you lift your skirt and pull your panties down.  Not all the way down, just to your knees.  I’d make you spread your legs just a little bit.”

“Yes, Sir,” i say, a little breathless.

“And then, while the rest of the class watches, I’d spank your ass.  How many licks should you get?”

“How – how many, Sir?”  i stammer.  “i – i don’t know,” and i know that’s the wrong answer, so i say, “Ten!  i should get ten licks.”

“Good girl,” He says, grinning.  “Ten is a good number.”  He looks at the papers in His hand.  “If your essay is good, I’ll give you ten licks.  At least ten.  Maybe more if it’s really good.”  And He chuckles.

“Now be quiet,” He says, “And let me read.” 


4 Responses to “The Essay”

  1. k June 13, 2011 at 11:14 am #

    My eyes glistening with delight. O I’m one hungry puppy. * Sighs smiling *

    • aisha June 14, 2011 at 7:57 am #

      Thanks, K! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it!


  2. Mick June 13, 2011 at 1:31 pm #

    This brings me back to the nasty, sometimes violent, nuns I had in elementary school. and a kind of flirtatious one I had for AP English in High School. She should have tried this approach.

    • aisha June 14, 2011 at 7:58 am #

      Goodness, Mick. Yikes. That’s a whole different kind of fantasy, isn’t it?


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