Here She Is (Part III)

4 Jul

Once i take a seat in the van, the woman who had gotten in behind me takes the seatbelt and pulls it over me, locking it into place.  A shiver runs through me.

i notice that my heart is still racing, and that i’m squirming against the seat.  i think that my pussy is wet.  The seat belt had brushed against my breasts, in fact, i think she might have done that on purpose.  My nipples hardened immediately, and are still tingling.

i want to tell the women, “O, no ~ no, see i’m not interested in women, not the least bit.”   i just want them to know.

But they are so reserved; they are like guards.   The red-haired one is sitting next to me, the other one is behind me.  The van has low-backed seats, almost like padded benches, and i wonder if The Major is using an old paddy wagon to transport me.

 So i look at the one next to me, and i can’t imagine saying anything.

We’ve barely started moving when the one behind me, the one with dark hair, leans forward.  Speaking quietly, she says, “I have a blindfold to put on you.  Of course, you may choose not to accept it, and we will stop and let you out of the van immediately.”

Then silence, and i think, “i should say no, say no right now,”

but i don’t want to stop now, don’t want to be put out of the van,

and then i feel the blindfold ~ really a mask, like one of those sleep masks people wear ~ it covers my eyes, the elastic fits snug around my head.  The darkness is ~~


i thought it would be frightening, but i like it.  It is as if i’m alone now, just the rhythm of the van and traffic noise outside.

But i’m very aware of noises, and feelings, so when the woman next to me shifts on the seat, and i hear ~ i don’t know what, movement?  

And she says, “Handcuffs, of course, give me your wrists, please.”

My brain is screaming, “NOOOOOO ~ handcuffs?  Are you insane?”

And i hold my arms out in front of me, close to my body, but out in front of me. 

What am i doing?

The left cuff goes on first, the wrist that is farther away from her, she grasps it firmly and the cuff wraps around it and closes.   It’s loose, but i feel it tighten, getting tighter til it’s snug, but not painful.

It clinks into place, there’s that sound as it closes, and locks.  It is as distinctive a sound as the closing of a jail door.

Her hands are firm but not rough.

She takes my other wrist, slips the cuff around it, pulling it closer to the first wrist as she does so.  Again, she tightens it.  And i hear the clink.

She lays both my hands in my lap and lets go.   

A shiver runs through me, my pussy clenches, my body almost jerks.  i wonder if they can see it.     

i am blindfolded, handcuffed, in a van with two women i don’t know and The Major ~The Major who is so hot, who even from a distance makes me hot ~  The Major is driving.

i squirm a little bit at the thought ~

~ and realize that i am not wearing panties.  i wonder if i’m going to leave a big wet spot on the back of my skirt.  

How embarrassing would that be?



Sfp and i had a lovely relaxing day yesterday.  i’m back on collarme,  although i don’t think it’s going to last long.   But it’s fun while it lasts, until i get burnt out ~ fried ~  and have to hide my profile.  It’s really nice to have Sfp here to run stuff by too.  And to tear me away when i get too locked into it.

Last night we went to see Shakespeare in the Park, but got rained out, so we went to the movies ~ Midnight in Paris instead.  That was actually my kind of movie.  

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.  Hope you’re having a safe, fun holiday!














8 Responses to “Here She Is (Part III)”

  1. Striving for Peace July 4, 2011 at 7:44 am #

    I’m starting to feel a bit disappointed we haven’t had the opportunity to get into any trouble here at where-you-live — you make getting carted off sound like quite the adventure


    • aisha July 4, 2011 at 7:52 am #

      Ok, Sfp, we still have a day left, ya know – well, two really. My on-call for jail actually starts today.

      Recently, an attorney was found sneaking contraband into one of the jails I go to, so I’m sure they’re being careful with visitors. Maybe we could figure out a way to work a strip search into your experience here in Where-i-Live…


      Okaaaaay. Just trying to be a good hostess.



  2. thesubmissivebf July 4, 2011 at 8:20 am #

    You two are having way too much fun!!
    Enjoy the fireworks!

    • Mick July 4, 2011 at 9:03 am #

      That was a cute movie, wasn’t it. wish we could get someone to make a movie of your carted away fantasy.

      Have a good 4th guys, get into trouble!

      • aisha July 4, 2011 at 9:38 am #


        Yes, that would be a fun movie to make – honestly, I can totally see it in my head.


        Youall have a good 4th too – enjoy those indoor fireworks!


    • aisha July 4, 2011 at 9:15 am #

      Thanks, Sbf – hope you’re enjoying the holiday too!


  3. vanillamom July 4, 2011 at 10:03 pm #

    late to comment once again…had to ‘sneak=-read’ all my fav. blogs, since wife has been home since noon on Friday… Been a good and productive weekend here, and fun too.

    Glad you two have had such fun together.

    That fantasy is getting hotter and hotter…and speaking of hotter and hotter…isn’t Saturday just getting closer and closer?? *laughs*…


    • aisha July 5, 2011 at 4:23 am #

      Hi, ‘Nilla,

      Sorry you had to “sneak-read” but glad you got here. Can’t wait for it to be time for you to come visit!

      Um, Saturday is getting closer, my fantasy is getting hotter, my feet might be getting a wee bit colder… but that’s to be expected, right?


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