Here She Is (Part XII)

15 Jul

Diana moves toward me then.  

i’m on a padded platform, round, maybe 8 feet in diameter.  It’s raised so that i am at a level a little below The Major’s hips.  This allow Him ~ or anyone for that matter ~ to touch me without having to stoop over.

The right level for Him to fuck me standing up if He chooses.

“Here, sit up,” says Diana.  

The Major settles back in a chair, watching.  

Diana helps me sit, lets me have another drink of water. “Do you need to pee?” she says.

Embarrassed, i start to say no, only to realize that i do need to  Dropping my eyes, i nod.

She looks at The Major, eyebrows raised in question, and He nods.  i wonder exactly what He’s giving permission for.

Watching Him, i barely notice that she has a leash in her hand, until she’s fastened it to my collar.  I hear the clink as it attaches, feel it pull.  It is a simple dog leash.

With a tug on the leash, she directs me.  i scoot my body to the stairs, and  down from the platform.  i’m afraid she’s going to make me crawl, like a dog, but instead she says, “Heel.”  i’m not sure what she wants, but i position myself, standing slightly behind her, to her right.

i have not heard Selena enter, but suddenly she is there too.  She adjusts me, positioning my body the way they want it.  She shows me that i should be about the length of my forearm behind Diana, and about the same distance to the side.

“Once you are well-trained to heel,” she says, “you’ll be able to walk with The Major anywhere and maintain the right stance.  Don’t worry,” she adds, we’ll make sure you get plenty of practice ~ on the leash and off.”  She’s holding a crop in her hand, and taps it against her leg, calling my attention to it.

Wide-eyed, i look from the crop to her face.  She shrugs, “I know, we’d never use a crop a train a dog, would we? But then,” and she smiles, reaches out with the crop to caress the curve of my ass, runs it down the inside of one thigh and up the other.  i shudder. “But then,” she says, moving to caress the tips of my nipples with the tip of the crop, “you’re not really a dog, are you?”

She’s watching my face, and i realize she expects an answer.  “No ma’am,” i say, and am shocked to hear myself call her ma’am, but with the crop still tapping my nipples, i figure it’s not a bad idea.  

My nipples are still bright red from the rouge, and quickly becoming hard and extended with the crop tapping them.  i’m watching, fascinated.  

Selena brings the crop up under my chin, tilting my head up, then moves it to between my legs.  She taps my pussy with it, as she had been tapping my nipples, not real hard, but hard enough that i’m focused on that and nothing else.  i am not sure if it’s ok to move my head, so i don’t.  i stand as she’s placed me.   

“Have you whipped her yet?” she asks.  The Major chuckles, “No, not yet.  Diana’s taking her to piss.”  His voice is warm and i feel the affection between them, wish it were directed at me.

“Well, then,”she says, and nods to Diana, “Let’s do it”

“Heel,” says Diana, starting to walk away.  i follow, trying to match my steps to hers.

Selena uses the crop to direct me, guiding me to hold the position. 

“Parade her first,” says the Major, “Just for a minute.  I enjoy these first stages, watching her struggle to do it right.”

So they parade me, which is exactly what it sounds like, walking me back and forth a short distance in front of Him.  The turns are difficult, and Selena says we’ll work on pivoting later.

At last He nods, satisfied.  “Take her away,” He says

8 Responses to “Here She Is (Part XII)”

  1. Bill July 15, 2011 at 9:22 am #

    Very well done, I can visualize the entire scene in my mind, love it!

    • aisha July 15, 2011 at 8:35 pm #

      Thank you, Bill! I’m so glad. aisha

  2. vanillamom July 15, 2011 at 10:41 am #

    You’ve gone and done it again…each chapter just that much better, more enticing, than the last…and now i will spend the rest of my day all turned on an it’s all your fault…*laughs* …


    • aisha July 15, 2011 at 8:36 pm #


      I’m so glad you’re liking it, and that it turns you on!


  3. Lady P July 15, 2011 at 11:31 am #

    Will this tale never end??

    I’m past deadline and still have that damn report to submit. But I keep coming back for more….

    The blogosphere is very addictive and your blog is one of the really dangerous ones…

    Lady P

    • aisha July 15, 2011 at 8:37 pm #

      Dear Lady P,

      I’m kind of afraid myself that it will never end. Every morning, I start writing and expect to get further than I do.

      And what a lovely compliment – I’m delighted to think my blog is “one of the really dangerous ones!”

      {Smiling happily}



      • Lady P July 16, 2011 at 6:23 am #

        Maybe I should start an AA-group (Addiction to Aisha’s) for blogoholics?

        Anyone else care to join me?

        *smiling smugly*

        Lady P

      • aisha July 16, 2011 at 12:16 pm #

        @Lady P,

        Actually, I love the idea of a 12-step program for my blog, except, um, it would be sad if youall got over the addiction.

        Then who would read me? 😦

        Maybe you could just cut back?

        Hopefully yours,


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