Here She Is (Part XIII)

18 Jul

In the dining room, only three places are set.  i wonder for a second who is not going to eat – until i am led to a blanket on the floor, next to the head of the table.  She makes me sit there, my leash attached to a ring set in the floor.  The Major, of course, sits at the head of the table.

i am close enough to His chair that He can reach down and absently stroke my head. i feel humiliated, and a wave of longing sweeps through me.  i want to be closer to Him, would like to wrap myself around His leg.  A desire to kneel in front of Him and take His cock in my mouth is almost overwhelming ~ maybe i am chained to prevent me from doing that.

My pussy is wet and throbbing.

Diana serves the meal, bringing in food from the kitchen, i suppose.  There is a bottle of water on the floor with me, and i’m allowed the use of my hands to drink whenever i like.

The Major feeds me, offering me bites from His hand.  i am not allowed to use my hands to take the food.  It’s a messy process, and periodically, He presses an empty hand to my face and allows me to lick and suck His hand and fingers clean.

The food is exquisitely wonderful.  Several kinds of vegetables, broiled, and a bit of fish, taste delicious.  He allows me a sip from His wineglass twice, three times, but mostly i drink water.  Diana refills my bottle when i’ve emptied it.

There is fruit for dessert, a lovely cantaloupe.

When we’re finished, i have eaten my fill, and savored it.

While we’re eating, they chat among themselves, The Major, Diana, and Selena.  i can hear them of course, but it seems very distant and doesn’t pertain to me.  They talk about the food, and the garden, things they’ve done, and things they need to do.

Diana clears the table, and Selena unhooks my leash and leads me to the bathroom.  i’m allowed to pee and wash my hands.

There is a full-length mirror in the bathroom  and she stands me in front of it.  “Look carefully at yourself,” she says.

i see a woman, not young, but not too old, too heavy, but not unattractive.  Naked, shaved bare, my hair tousled, i am clearly sexual, clearly a slut.  i smile at myself, just a little.  It’s not a bad way to look.

Selena pinches my nipples, making them hard, and i watch my face change, becoming more sensual, more open and receptive, even as i feel my loins stir with heat, my pussy throbbing at her touch on my breasts.  My nipples respond immediately.

She smiles.

“See what you are,” she says.  “Don’t forget that.”  She freshens my lipstick, my mouth, my nipples, my pussy.  

“Pretty,” she says.

Then she leads me out of the bathroom.  We don’t return to the dining room; she takes me down a hallway to a room i haven’t seen before.

It looks like a regular family room, a sectional couch, even a big screen TV, but one wall is mirrored.   She attaches my leash to another ring in the floor, loosely this time so i can stand and move a little bit, but not loose enough for me to sit on the furniture.  

She adjusts the overhead lights so that one shines directly on me, the rest of the room is dim.

“Don’t worry,” she says.  “We’ll be close by.  When you hear the bell ring, know that He is about to enter the room and assume First Position.  Until then, you may relax.”  

She went on, “You are not to cross your legs, however ~ i mean, you may sit cross-legged, that’s ok, but don’t sit so that your pussy is covered, or touch yourself.”

i watch her leave, not wanting her to go, but wanting the next thing to happen right now.  

Instead, they leave me alone for i don’t know how long.

In the silence, i relax, and sensations from the day swirl through me.  i want to touch myself, my pussy has been wet for hours, i think.  But i’m afraid they can see me through the mirror, so i don’t dare.  

i wonder what would happen if i disobey.

i decide not to find out right now.

i count the ways this experience reminds me of Story of O, and all the ways it doesn’t.

i wonder why this is happening to me, and why i’m so glad that it is.

And at last, just when i think i might fall asleep, the bell chimes.

Startled, i move quickly to get into First Position, not sure how much time i have.  The door opens almost immediately after i’ve arranged myself.

The Major stands before me.  i notice He is holding the riding crop, and think it is the same one the women had earlier.  

“Open your legs just a little wider,” He says, and i obey quickly.  “Good,” He nods.

“Now bend forward, press your forehead to the ground.”  

i bend, not sure what to do with my arms, and He says, “You can put your arms out in front of you.  Yes, like that.”  He laughs a little, “My dear slut, in order to put your forehead to the floor, i think you will have to raise your ass,” and i realize He’s right~

~ if i want to make this work, my ass has to come up in the air, exposing myself to his gaze.

He places a hand on ass on my ass to arrange me, touching me here and there to adjust my posture.  

“This is Second Position,” He says.  “Tomorrow, you may practice getting in position with a little more grace, but for now, stay where you are.”

i can’t see Him now, but i hear Him move something  ~ a chair maybe ~ up behind me.  If i turn my head to one side, i would be able to see Him in the mirror, to know what He’s doing, but i don’t dare move.



4 Responses to “Here She Is (Part XIII)”

  1. vanillamom July 18, 2011 at 7:44 am #

    oh, hawter and hawter….i’m kind of behind in posting comments, busy nilla weekend, but i’ve been reading…will go back and catch up…

    …anyway…this is really really good, aisha…keeps me poised on the edge of my chair, yearning…

    and i smiled at the lines “i wonder what would happen if i disobey.

    i decide not to find out right now.”

    that’s a struggle i deal with every time i am with Master….i want to find out…but i’m not *quite* ready to find out the ramifications…and the simple way you stated just that….both amused, and comforted me…i am not alone in my deviant, deviant behavior (is the end result of being deviant with deviance then termed….’normal’??….*laughs*)

    and i can hardly wait for more!!


    • aisha July 18, 2011 at 7:44 pm #

      Thanks, ‘Nilla – I do love your comments, and miss them when you’re too busy, but I understand how busy you are too!

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying this!

      And can picture you wondering “what would happen,” and choosing the wiser path!!

      Yes, I think deviant with deviance must equal normal – that’s as good a definition as any other…



  2. Bill July 18, 2011 at 10:15 am #

    You have kept the story line just under the reveal stage,very well done, just keep it coming!

    • aisha July 18, 2011 at 7:45 pm #

      Thanks, Bill – cranking it out steadily! hugs, aisha

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