The Major (Part X)

8 Aug

{If you’re just now joining this fantasy, it actually starts here, as “Here She Is” and goes on for a really long time before becoming “The Major.”  But you can probably enjoy it just as much starting here.}

He leads the way into the house, and turns to face me.  “Kneel,” He says.  “As if you were getting into First Position.  Yes, like that, but put your hands out in front of you ~ that’s right ~ lay the switch across both hands, yes, like that, and offer it to me.”

Following His directions, i offer Him the switch.  He takes it from me and whips it through the air a couple of times, making that switchy whistle sound.  My heart races.

“If it’s something like a switch, or a whip, or impact instrument of some sort you’ve offered,” He continues, “then once I’ve taken it, you need to move into Second Position right away, and offer your ass.”

Even as i’m doing it, bending forward so my head is on the ground and my ass raised high in the air, i wonder why i’m accepting this so readily.  Why it’s so easy to follow His instructions.

Why it makes me so incredibly hot to know that He’s going to use that switch on me.  i know it’s going to hurt.  And my pussy is throbbing and aching, juices running down my inner thighs.  

“That’s it,” He says.  “Good girl.  I always like to test an implement.  We’re not going to carry out your punishment right now, I just want to test the switch.”  He leans over to rub my ass gently, stroking it; it makes me shiver, a wave of pleasure running through me.

He laughs.  “No cumming you know,” He says, standing.  Then i hear the switch ~ hear it whistle ~ omigod ~ and it lands on my ass, a sharp, biting sting that makes me cry out.  It is all i can do not to jump up and run.

But i don’t.  i stay in position, whimpering now as the sting spreads through my body, finally dissipating, and i can breathe again.  

Trembling, afraid He’s going to do it again.

The muscles in my asshole have tightened around the butt plug and i’m more aware of that invasive presence.  Sometimes, it seems like it’s just become part of me, that it’s natural to have this thing inside me.  Other times, i’m acutely aware of wanting it out.

“Up,” He says.  “You’ve chosen well.  The punishment will come later, at the end of the day.  Go to the bathroom and remove the butt plug, wash it up with soap and water.  Diana will show you how to clean it more thoroughly later.

“Then come here, we need to work on your life inventory.”

He seats Himself in the recliner, and i go to the bathroom.  With great relief i remove the butt plug, a little disgusted to hear the noises emanating from my asshole as i pull it out.  i wash it quickly, leave it to dry on the sink.  i am relieved that it’s gone ~ and surprised that i feel so empty.

He allows me to kneel at His feet.  First Position ~ back straight, breasts thrust forward, knees slightly parted.  My hands rest, palms up, on my thighs.

He pinches each nipple, hard.

“Tell me about your job, what you’re doing now, and what you want to do.

So i do.  i talk for a long time.  Some of it is good ~ i’m self-supporting, i have a job that helps other people.  i do it well, for the most part, as well as anyone could, i think.  If i’m overwhelmed a lot, i’m pretty sure anyone would be under the same circumstances.

It’s a little uncomfortable to confess how many times i tell myself i’ll do this or that at home over a weekend to get it out of the way, and end up on Sunday night with none of it done.  But i tell Him.

When we move to “what i want to do,” i begin to squirm inside.  There are so many things i want to do, need to do.  And i make so little progress on any of them.

So when He says, “So you’re telling me you have a book half written, and haven’t looked at in months?  That it’s maybe more than a year since you even tried to work on it?” i hang my head.  

“Yes, Sir.” i say.

“And you’re telling me you were looking into a possibility that might get you out of your current job, and you haven’t followed through on it?  Is that right?  That you haven’t managed to send another email?”

i’m really squirming now, i can’t look at Him.  “Yes, Sir,” i say, noticing how small my voice is.

“Well,” His voice is kind, “I guess you spend a lot of time doing things around the house.  What kind of projects have you got going on there?”

And i have to confess, hardly anything.  A basement that needs cleaning out in the worst way, and weeks go by without me doing anything that would be progress.

i tell Him about hours spent on facebook, hours spent looking for new posts on my favorite blogs.  i want to sink through the ground.

“Slut,” He says, “Look at me.”

Reluctantly, i lift my eyes.  Tears threatening to spill over.

He leans forward.  “This is why you’re here,” He says, his voice light, and kind.  “You lack discipline.  No need to be ashamed.  I’m here to help you.”

The tears fall then, hot tears, and He pulls me to Him, lets me rest my head on His thigh, strokes my hair, tugging it gently at the nape of my neck, while i sob.

When i am finished, He hands me a kleenex.  Makes me blow my nose.

“First position,” He says, and i sit back on my knees, arrange my body as He likes.  “Arms up,” He says, and i raise them, hands locked behind my head.

He holds my breasts, stroking and caressing each one.  Pinching the nipples, hard enough that i whimper.  They are still sore from the clamps earlier in the day.

“Discipline,” He says.  “You do so well with direction.  I can see that.  You just need more structure and support.  Do you want that?”

He releases my breasts, sits back.  i am left, open and exposed.   My pussy throbs, so hot and wet.   Nipples ache, and long to be touched.  My asshole is stretched and sore, and yet i want to be filled again.  

“Structure and support?” i say.

He nods.  “For a week, I want complete control of you.  Want you to stay here and give yourself to me. Completely, without reservation.”

He smiles, “Do you agree?”

8 Responses to “The Major (Part X)”

  1. sin August 8, 2011 at 7:29 am #

    Some days I love the soul searching, other days it makes me defensive on your behalf. I think today is one of the latter. Don’t be too hard on yourself – or perhaps I should say don’t let him be ( write him?) too hard on you please.

    • aisha August 8, 2011 at 7:41 am #

      Thanks, Sin, I hear what you’re saying. Yes.

      Right now, I’m trying to trust him not to be too hard on me… we’ll see.



  2. thesubmissivebf August 8, 2011 at 7:46 am #

    This is feeling a little like therapy – mine

    • aisha August 8, 2011 at 8:29 pm #


      laughing… no doubt, you and me both!


  3. vanillamom August 8, 2011 at 7:58 am #

    ohhh….somehow i think the Major will be WAY more intense than flylady!!!!


    oh, aisha…how i love your Major….and you!


    • aisha August 8, 2011 at 8:31 pm #


      Laughing.. yes, indeed. I had to google flylady before I remembered who she was, but yes, definitely less intense. Plus, I think The Major will be more, um, sexually involved than flylady.

      And I love you too, ‘Nilla. I bet the Major does too!


  4. Bill August 8, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    The Major seems to be the Dom of your dreams, maybe you can transfer the fiction to reality!

    • aisha August 8, 2011 at 8:36 pm #


      Do you think I could maybe do that by changing the tag and category I’m using? Maybe i’ll just quit marking it fantasy and see if He steps out of the pages…laughing… i’m definitely willing to give that a try!


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